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Taz: the little ball of fluff that could. (another pet story)

posted 12/20/2010 8:05:59 PM |
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Rememberance of a fall evening.
by Bennita Comini

Way back in the year nineteen hundred and 74, the family moved into an unfinished house in a gulch out away from the local village. This house had all the outside walls up, windows, doors and a roof that didn’t leak. Had a fire place too. What it didn’t have was interior walls but that just made going from room to room that much easier.

It was the custom of the family to read books in the evenings so Ma and the kids lined up on the couch and comensed to begin reading the child hood tales. I really don’t remember how far we got into the stories but we began to have visitors that must have liked the sound of reading. First there was one little brown mouse and then there two and then there were a bunch right there in the middle of the floor by our feet. They were having such a good time that Ma forgot to read from the book and the kids began to giggle and laugh.

However, it really was the final straw and Ma put her foot down and said, “That’s it! We are getting a cat even if Pa isn’t fond of cats. This really can’t go on.”

Well, Sam I Am, that leaves you tell the Taz story.

Everyone Needs a Tazzie Cat.

As you can read, by my Mom’s preface here, the mousey situation was getting out of hand. Sure, they did enjoy a good story but they were not good about not pooping on everything and Mom had issues with that. I guess I had issues with it as well. But I was 11 so it was funny at the time.

Aunty Ellen, who isn’t our Aunt but just as well be, had a nice litter of kittens just ready to be going to their new homes. So with or without Dad’s blessing, off we went to pick out our new kitten. He was a cute little bugger, more tail than cat, and black as the ace of spades; I don’t think there was a white hair on that boy, and he had enormous lamp green eyes. Being kids, my little brother and I had plans for kitty. He was going to be a new toy. And, in a sense, he was.

We tried to find a fitting name for this tiny bundle of go, and settled finally on Taz. Yes, of course after the Tasmanian Devil of cartoon fame. That kitten could go thirty directions in under a second. We constantly had to rescue him out from under the refrigerator and he liked also to get up in the rock-work on the fireplace and hide in the flu holes.

One sunny afternoon, my brother and I were out back building roads on the 14 foot dirt mound behind the house. (remnants from digging out the foundation.) Taz was kittying around in the weeds and sometimes coming up to see what us kids were doing and get a love.

All to once, Taz’s play got really serious. He’d cornered an enormous rattlesnake, Mom will tell you it was 20 feet long and at least a foot in diameter and she wouldn’t be exaggerating too much.. well.. a little. It was about 5 feet long and over 3 inches around. Here’s this tiny kitten, probably about 8 or 9 weeks old, leaping in toward the snake and making it strike while he leapt backwards just out of reach. Mom came barreling around the side of the house with an enormous concrete hoe and joined in the fray. You had to laugh because not only was she bouncing this hoe off this tough old snake but she was having to keep putting the kitten out of the way. Eventually Mom managed to make snake bits out of that mean old bugger and all was well with the world.

This, however, was a portent of things to come with Taz. He was a snake killing genius! Many is the time we’d drive down the road and see a snake fly up into the air to be caught by that cat who would then whip it around and flip it back up into the air, over and over until he killed it.

He didn’t stay a cute little ball of fluff for long either. What had started out as more tail than cat became something akin to a cross between a mountain lion and a house-cat. He was HUGE. I’m betting at his peak he probably weighed in at about 20 lbs. (that’s massive for a cat.) He never did outgrow being a big baby though. Especially when he would pin my Dad, who “hates cats” to the chair and suck on the buttons on his shirt til Dad’s shirt was soaked. When I say pin.. I don’t mean maybe. There was no getting up til Taz was done with his suckles.

He had a strange sense of humor also. One day when I was in my teens and sunbathing on the deck, nude cuz we lived in the sticks so who was gonna see?, he dropped a still squirming but eviscerated ground squirrel in the middle of my back. I don’t believe I’ve ever moved faster in my life. He left us lots of presents. Squirrels, birds, snakes, rabbits.. anything he could take down. I’m glad he didn’t get any bigger because we’d have had a hard time explaining the dead deer on the porch.

He was a real traveler. We’d often see him several hills over hunting. It wasn’t often that he came home without a nice kill to ‘share’ with us either.

We had a deck on the front of our house, and the kitchen window was just off the end of the deck. With probably a twelve foot drop to the ground. Taz loved to leap, spread eagle on to the window screen to let us know it was time to let him in for his daily lovins and to suck on Dad’s (who hates cats) shirt.

One night, our parents went out for the night, leaving my brother and I with a High School girl as a babysitter. All was well til about 10 PM when said High School girl came screaming upstairs to our bedrooms. She was hysterical, finally it came out… “There’s something on the kitchen window!” I laughed so hard. I know, it wasn’t nice, but I laughed all the way down the stairs and let the cat in. Strange, we never heard from her again. It probably wouldn’t have been quite as funny if her boyfriend hadn’t been there and was also too afraid to go see what it was.

While Taz was a good natured monster, he did have a line.. and you’d better not cross that line. If Mom yelled at one of us kids, Taz would growl at us. If she had to yell a second time, He’d lay his ears back and growl. Gawd forbid she yelled a third time… cuz if she did.. Bam! The offending party was on the ground with a big black angry demon on their chest. So, we’d better listen the first time if we didn’t want kitty toenail holes dug into our ribs. My Mom will try to tell you she’s not a Witch.. but I don’t care if she wasn’t, Taz was most definitely her familiar in that respect. Don’t push the Momma.

I still miss that big old kitty. He was the best ever. He wandered off one day, as kitties do and we never saw him again. We had loads of other cats in our lifetime.. but none like Taz.. the little ball of fluff that could.

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Dec 20 @ 8:14PM  
i miss perky, snoopy, and starlight and starbright. the four cats we had.
persian, black and white, black and white, black and white.. their descendants
are many, somewhere around like james 'garfield' the cat..a tabby cat i think.
the lyins share in the lair of the lyin.. daniel in the lyins den??? like hear no
evil, see no evil, think no evil...??? but skwirl it is your day, the 20th, and tomorrow is the solstice of skwirls everywhere who have saved their nuts for winter.
bravo that you did.. squirreled away. well done heroine of heroines...

Dec 20 @ 8:36PM  
Awwwww... well now I miss Taz too!

Taz loved to leap, spread eagle on to the window screen to let us know it was time to let him in

My cat thinks there's a doorbell on the roof............. He always jumps up there RIGHT before he wants to come in....

Cute story sweetie!!! ..............

Dec 20 @ 8:47PM  
That was really a nice story Skwirl, i enjoyed that very much

Dec 20 @ 9:25PM  
Great Story!!!!!

Dec 20 @ 9:32PM  
For a minute..I thought this about Tassie

Anyway, everyone loves a good story about pussy.

Dec 20 @ 9:39PM  

My little Skwirl writes such lovely stories. Don't ya just love her.

OH: okay.... here's a green animal cookie.

Dec 20 @ 11:26PM  
I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

Dec 21 @ 4:53AM  
anyone with a name like taz would have to be pretty adorable.

jus' saying

Dec 21 @ 6:05PM  
Taz loved to leap, spread eagle on to the window screen to let us know it was time to let him

My sister had a cat that used to do that too. She was staying at our parents, and I was visiting, sitting at the kitchen table talking with my sister and my Mom when I heard something on the window behind me. I turned around and saw this calico cat with big green eyes hanging on the screen meowing that she wanted in. I laughed my ass off. Cats can be fun critters.

Here's a kudo for sharing Taz's story with us.

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Taz: the little ball of fluff that could. (another pet story)