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The Clique

posted 1/14/2007 2:22:26 PM |
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it seems lately that there is a group of people that have self proclaimed themselves as gods of the blogs..

they seem to think they are all knowing and that what they say counts and whatever anyone says doesnt and is hateful and angry. at some point - one has to look in the mirror and say IF the problem isnt EVERYONE else - then it must be me...

though i dont believe in censorship - one can dismiss what they say by coming in after them and putting something like - "ohh its part of the "clique" - guess it was time they chimed in" or something of the sorts - to let everyone know that this group has had their run and the majority is taking over and dismissing them for what they are - a clique.. one that cant keep their comments out of everyone else's blogs. one that makes a comment and by the time they have finished patting each other on ther back - they have hijacked the blog. these people must be very insecure as they seem to need a LOT of reassurance from their clique members.

we all know who they are.. no names need to be mentioned...

take care people! as I keep saying - this site is supposed to be about fun!!! not all this garbbage that has been going on recently..

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Jan 14 @ 2:27PM  
Ah shit. This isn't going to end well. But on a side note, I do see where he is coming from and I'm slowly starting to accept this point of view more and more.

Jan 14 @ 2:35PM  

Jan 14 @ 2:41PM  
Well, I was wondering when you would actually surface on here since it's been a while since I have seen you on here in the blogs. First of all, I know you're one of the few people on here that has also resorted to name calling. You "hijacked" one of my other blogs on here and did the same cheesy ass thing someone else did this week. Forget about all the light humor in my blogs I do, go on the attack like you did and trash people. Says more about who and what you're about than me...

Jan 14 @ 2:55PM  
There is a click here? Darn, how come I haven't heard it? Do I need to turn my sound up?

I have to be honest here. If you are complaining about the behavior of others don't you think that maybe your behavior should be above reproach? If your behavior is no better than the person you are complaining about aren't you as guilty as the person that you are complaining about and isn't that a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Simply because you don't like something that someone says doesn't mean that they are "wrong" and that you are "right". Doesn't mean that they are "right" and you are "wrong" either. What it means is that you have a difference of opinion. Big deal. If I chose to blog about everyone that I ever had a difference of opinion with we could be here for months while I typed it all out.

Oh by the way if you are referring to a group of people who stick together it's spelled "c-l-i-q-u-e" and not "c-l-i-c-k"


Jan 14 @ 2:55PM  
hmm - does anyone else see the anger in the last 3 posts?

wow... even though i havent said any names - it looks as though some people feel i'm talking about them... well - of course i'm not going to say any names or indicate in anyway - who i was talking about. think i'll just let this one grow..

Jan 14 @ 2:57PM  
hey shadow - thanks for correcting me on - Clique... it's GREATLY appreciated!!

Jan 14 @ 3:08PM  
Clique??? how about just a large enough group who think the same bout respect and how others SHOULDN'T be treated? i'm surly not one for the men who bash IF i come to their aide does that mean i'm in one??? clique..?

Jan 14 @ 3:08PM  
I agree completely,,,which has made the blogs become boring, tiresome, and all together redundant..

Jan 14 @ 3:14PM  
we all know who they are.. no names need to be mentioned...

No, we don't. Perhaps one of them is you?

they seem to think they are all knowing and that what they say counts and whatever anyone says doesnt

In the same way you seem to think what you say should count and what they say shouldn't?


Jan 14 @ 3:15PM  
Well, this seems to be inevitable at this point, but before this war starts to really take off, I want everyone to remember back when it was Canu (and crew) vs CaptainJanuary (and crew) and how much that sucked. Lets try not to go there again. Please.

Jan 14 @ 3:19PM  
I believe while his phrasing is too combative and confrontational, the question is valid. Is there is or is there isn't a clique?

Jan 14 @ 3:23PM  
here's the thing - if someone calls me a name - i dont go off the deep end and get my clonies to go a crush the person.

this blog wasnt posted to stifle free speech or creativity - as ive said before - i encourage it. i just want the clique to treat others with the same respect as they feel they are entitled. but from a few of the posts - guess that's not possible...

the group of people in question try to run people off. they take over their blogs. they act like children if every comment in their blog isnt along party lines. and if anyone sways outside of those narrow lines - that person gets crushed.

do i think i'm better than anyone else? hell no.. neither should they.

guys - if you cant take the heat - time to get out of the kitchen... i notice a couple of blogs have been written within the last few minutes in attemt to bury this one.. people - are you that insecure? are you that incapable or taking any type of criticism? its very sad!

Jan 14 @ 3:24PM  
I want everyone to remember back when it was Canu (and crew) vs CaptainJanuary (and crew) and how much that sucked. Lets try not to go there again. Please.

Good point Carrie. That was about the time I joined and posted my Cpt. Kangaroo blog. If people who gather to banter, debate, educate, and support each other are a "clique".... well I guess there could be worse groups to be a part of.

Jan 14 @ 3:34PM  
To gather and share thoughts and feelings is one thing,,,but to gang up and attack someone as a group is another,,opinions will not always be the same and the ability to see another opinion and accept it,,maybe even change your point of view is the difference...I am not always right,,but I have never called out other opinions to defend mine..then new bogs on this one are rediculous,,,fear this may become popular and a shot to thin the comments...its shameful..I've said my peice,,,

Jan 14 @ 3:37PM  
Oh I see, hang on. You appear to be operating under the false assumption that a group of cronies coordinate an attack? I don't see that happening....

Jan 14 @ 3:38PM  
Excuse me, but I was one of those "last three" that you (at least in my case) falesly accused of being "angry". There isn't much in my honest opinion that is lower than someone who lies. False accusations are lies. (By the way I am still not "angry". When this redhead gets "angry" you will know it!)

Hate to be the one to tell you this but there is a huge difference between "anger" and "honesty". In the first place I would have to care about you and what you have to say before I could possibly become angry about something that you did or said. I don't care. You are just another nameless, faceless person sitting on the other side of a computer somewhere in the world as far as I am concerned and you don't have what it takes to raise my ire. Now if ya told me that you are a child molester or that you prefer sex with your mother... you might could raise my ire a smidge.

In the second place anger is the choice of the person who is angry and to put not too find of a point on it I am indifferent where you are concerned. You have neither inflection or tone of voice to go on so exactly how you reached the conclusion necessary to falsely accuse me of anger is beyond me.

I tend to say exactly what I think and in this particular instance what I think is that you are having a difference of opinion with someone (or several someone's) and chose to attack me because I didn't agree wholeheartedly with you. Sorry, Gemini that I am I tend to see both sides of an issue. I have seen you make completely inappropriate comments in blogs and I have seen the owners of those blogs make inappropriate comments back. Sorry but what you did with this blog is the pot calling the kettle black.


Jan 14 @ 3:48PM  
shadow - nice try... please - you are welcome to try again - IF you so choose..

Jan 14 @ 3:53PM  
actually sir, I eluded to this, now I will say it out right. Your blog is written to be combative and confrontational. I think your point has merit, I would like to see it discussed in a non aggressive manner. This topic deserves at the very least to be treated with respectfulness buy all members and discussed at great length, not written in a way as to start another round of fighting. Fighting amongst themselves is a hallmark of the plain dating site here, many join this side as refugees to that. There has been enough name calling and sabre rattling for a week sir, it just died down, I hope you seriously do not wish that to start all over again.

Jan 14 @ 3:53PM  
what is really funny is - i havent said one name.. i havent referenced anyone (in the original blog) nor have i indicated to whom i'm speaking of but there are a few people who 1 think im talking about them and 2 people coming to defend them.

very interesting... though the people who think im talking about them - may or may not have posted in this blog - but IF they had - it would only prove my point...

im not going to say names as i dont want to be accused of slander or picking on someone...

and guys - i can give as good as i get... you wont run me off and i will speak my mind. im not like ladymara or some of the others that you have run off or tried to quelch..

Jan 14 @ 4:01PM  
Are you having fun yet?

By the way... on the record and for the record simply because you appear to be another person whose reading comprehension skills are sadly lacking (read my blog if you don't understand that comment): I'm Shadow's Angel. I'm not "Shadow" but rather his Angel. I sign my posts with "Angel"; please have at least enough common courtesy to refrain from calling me a name which isn't mine.

By the way; I'm not part of the (so-called) "clique". Merely someone who wandered in and who you insist on treating less respect than one would treat the average whore with. Tell me something... Would you treat your wife, mother, sister or daughter the way that you are me? Would you appreciate someone else treating your wife, daughter, mother or sister the way that you are me?

Jan 14 @ 4:02PM  
Let me say that I have made many friends on here in that last few days and many of them Are nice active community members. Like everyone else I am sure that these people and myself include have at some point said something that people did not agree with. I am sorry if that Makes these People a Clique. However to be fair and honest, If you were my friend and someone said something rude and offensive to you I would say my piece on it just as well. That is what friends do.. I don't want friends that are going to turn their back on me when, oh what was the term you used, oh yeah when the fire gets hot. Let me tell you I can handle myself.

Now I am sure that you have friends on here as well, that is what we are all here for, except maybe those who write the one line hey you wanna fuck blogs. Now have one of your friends ever commented on a blog in your favor when you have been wronged by somone else? Does that mean you are in a Clique? You condemn people for wanting their friends treated fairly and with respect. And hey I have seen you comment on blogs written by some of these so called clique mebers. Are you afraid saying their names will mean you can't comment on her blogs anymore?

It sounds like you and a few others only support freedom of speech when it makes you right and you think what you have to say is important. And when friends seperately comment on unfair treatment of somone then it isn't freedom of speech anymore but a unionized Clique designed to opress the masses and chase off anyone who doesn't want to join the union.

People please grow up and let all this bullshit die and lets get back to some humore and start having some fun. You feel much better if you laugh at yourself once in a while.

Jan 14 @ 4:05PM  
Oh this is about LadyM?

She was unsubbed for constantly advertising her personal pay site. I can't speak for all, but I tried to get her to think about phrasing things in a less combative manner.
Sound familiar?

Jan 14 @ 4:15PM  
Ok... let me try this a slightly different way.....

does anyone else see the anger in the last 3 posts?

The three posts in question were made by myself, Straddle and Hrrrr. While Straddle and Hrrr may well have been angry, I wasn't "angry" then and I still am not "angry".

In my next post I explained that I wasn't angry and was called a liar for my efforts by the OP when he said
shadow - nice try

After canu posted the OP stated

what is really funny is - i havent said one name..

I guess "shadow" isn't using someone's name.

The problem that *I* am having here is that you appear to be "reading into" what I have said and come to the conclusion that what I said and what I meant to say were 2 different things. They weren't. I said what I meant to say, the way that I meant to say it and responding in the manner that you have merely shows that your intent with this blog wasn't to start civilized discourse but rather to piss people off.

You have a nice day.



Jan 14 @ 4:20PM  
. I said what I meant to say, the way that I meant to say it and responding in the manner that you have merely shows that your intent with this blog wasn't to start civilized discourse but rather to piss people off.

And that is why I reworded your blog as my own sir, to promote civil discourse, not civil upheaval. I am still dubious as to your motives for this blog... I know they will not be forth coming, it's a shame, when you aren't being confrontational, you are articulate, you could make lots of friends if you applied yourself differently.

Jan 14 @ 4:21PM  
this blog wasnt posted to stifle free speech or creativity - as ive said before - i encourage it. i just want the clique to treat others with the same respect as they feel they are entitled. but from a few of the posts - guess that's not possible...

There's a sentiment I can agree with. Unfortunately, as with so many internet forums, people will be people. There are people from all walks of life poking around here. Some will be friends with others. Some of those will defend their friends. Most often the original point they're arguing will be lost after the first 3 posts.

Such is life on the internet.

As far as the blogs go though, I think anyone should feel free to limit comments on theirs to ones they consider non-disruptive. If someone has a problem with it, they can always post elsewhere, as many seem wont to do.


Jan 14 @ 4:38PM  
You know what guys, I really hate all this controversy, can we not all just try and get along, there is no use for all this bickering. Some people get really offensive and I can hear the tension in there blogs. Just be respectful of others blogs when commenting, I really don't see what the problem is. If you come across a blog you do not like for whatever reason PASS IT BY!! Damn how hard can that be. We are all grown ups here, and I think we should all start acting like one. I am not going against anyone, and I really hope no one take offense to this. I love this site, and I really love all the friends I have made here, you are unique and special every last one of you in your own way, and hope to make many more. Lets all blog peacefully


Jan 14 @ 4:42PM  
Well, I will be the first to admit I was a little put off with your blog referring to me. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. And for you to act really innocent with the comments in your blogs really insults peoples intelligence. I don't get angry like some people do on here, because I can actually debate back without calling people names. You may want to remember that next time before you take a shot at someone else's blog next time by calling them a name. That's pretty childish. You're still welcome to post a comment on my blogs, but no name calling, I won't tolerate that from you or anyone else! Okay, people, lets have some fun damn it!!!

Jan 14 @ 5:00PM  
Well said zena.....And good for you Stradd

Jan 14 @ 5:12PM  
You know I think Hank jr said it right in a song

I'm for love and I'm for happiness
I'm for if you don't like it can't you just let it pass.
I'm for turning off the news and turning down the lights
I'm for nothing else but me and you tonight....

Jan 14 @ 5:38PM  
hey looking...are you having fun over there??

Jan 14 @ 5:43PM  
hey looking...are you having fun over there??

Having a great time here, actually! You should have seen what we were doing in the restaurant before we were asked to leave! Oh, I think you meant here on this blog...nah...people still amaze me...

Jan 14 @ 5:46PM  
nah...actually I was talking about your lunch date today!
I feel like shit and need some good ol' fashioned luvin to make me feel better. omg...are we hi-jacking this blog?

Jan 14 @ 5:48PM does anyone here wanna fuck?

Okay, I'll comment seriously later! (BTW - Looking tastes like chicken! :)

Jan 14 @ 5:50PM  
hey sxze don't forget my video. hope yall are having a great time.

Jan 14 @ 5:58PM  
Hey Looking, can I have a taste?

Jan 14 @ 5:58PM  
hey looking tell me about what was happening in the resturant cant wait to hear it

Jan 14 @ 6:05PM  
Funny...when there is no chaos, someone stirs it...


Jan 14 @ 6:08PM  
I was thinking about doing a blog in brail but don't know what to say in it. I still remember life before spell check... I hade to through away two monitors because of witeout..

Jan 14 @ 6:08PM  
I guess I just don't understand, why we can't all get along, but I guess it ain't about to happen.


Jan 14 @ 6:26PM  
That's the thing Zena...we do get along! We (and that includes you Zena)are friends who exchange ideas and post comments and discuss and debate...and even welcome new members! For some reason...we are expected to take abuse from people who come here and immediately want to start a fight just because they don't agree with something we've said...and when we take exception to thier combativeness they accuse us of censorship and closing ranks. We are NOT trying to run anyone off...why would anyone think we have that kind of power? People leave or get unsubbed for various reasons...but we can't "run" people off.

Jan 14 @ 7:22PM  
This place is just like real life. When you go someplace new, you sit back, observe and learn. And when you feel comfortable, you contribute and interact. Not charge in full speed as soon as you hit the door and try to cause chaos and controversy (of course, that is some people's-not to mention any names-idea of a good time). If your "fun" is not their "fun" then find another group.....


Who's up for a boobie rub??????

Jan 14 @ 9:57PM  
Oooooh pick me! Pick me! I'm always up for a boobie rub!

Jan 14 @ 11:00PM  
I like the way " openmindedguy " put. I have been on this site no more then three
weeks and have made some good friends. And in doing so met some very inteligent people. I believe that respect should be shown to everyone. But in turn
if you wish to be respected ? You must earn that respect. Bad behavior or slaming
somebody's blog does not get it. Niether does name calling or creating problems.
Most of the people I have met here. Try to show respect to every.Unless you do not deserve it. I belong to no clique that I know of. And if I do not agree with a post. I try not to respond to it.Or I do so in a friendly manner. We can agree to disagree without causing problems.
And now that that is said.

HEY "SXZE" I wanna

Jan 14 @ 11:35PM  
Who's up for a boobie rub??????

Err.. the way things have been going lately here, that would result in a massive discharge of static electricity. And I know how you women are about your hair.

So, I'll have to pass.

Jan 15 @ 3:06AM  
Okay, a serious response now. I've actually been thinking about this quite a bit and talking about it with one of my AMD friends who is visiting me...

I have always seen a clique as something negative - a group of people that feels it is elite, but which also doesn’t want to let anyone else into its circle. Given this definition, I’d have to say I disagree that there is a “clique” here, and that I take offense to the reference - for myself and all of my friends…and for this reason: not only do I not feel I am in anyway better than any other member here, but we (my friends and I) actually welcome people to the site and invite them to join in and participate. I, personally, have sent countless “welcome” emails to new (or newly participating) members. I know others who also do this (and have recently noticed even new members doing the same in the Introduce Yourself forum). So, by my definition here, this does not make this group of people being called a clique a clique.

Jan 15 @ 6:34AM  
[QUOTE](wanna fuck...myself and all my friends and I...I'm so a Rona Barrett...on and on and on) I'm really trying to be impressed...nope not happening and I don't apologize. I sent you a personal email stating simply you should be a paperback writer. Your reply was:I am a writer! You're never going to get laid by anyone from this site and I have a hot date saturday night and you don't and on and on......My reply..."really"...."unless he decides in the first 5 minutes he has to be at work early sunday morning and calls it off and probably should if he has any sense." There was more but it was just more R. Barrett,self absorbed drivel. The rock you speak of for slithering and crawling under,you should do the same after you make a complete ass of yourself,which is most of the time,I think. After all, In your own words [B]"I'm a bitch" my words "And a beast" So queeny,you have set the criteria and expect everyone to follow it to be a part of your elite social circle...No thanks...If it was up to me [B]Your are Fired,Deleted,Back Under the Extra..Extra..BIG ROCKYou may slither or crawl.

Jan 15 @ 8:53AM  
ok guys - what i find funny here is - there are a few of you who feel that i'm writing this be cause I have been wronged or someone has done something to ME.

this is not the case. i post very few comments and i have only written maybe 4 blogs. this has nothing to do with me or any altercations i may have had with you. especially straddle.

straddle - for some reason you think i am picking on you. IF you are part of this clique - you would be an extremely small part of it. dude - your blogs, though i read very few of them are at times humorous... sometimes - well its just not something i would take time to read, but when i wrote this - i wasnt picking you out of the group. its much deeper than that. its people who are mean and vicious. its people who want control and though this is just a blog area of an adult site - its wrong.

really the point of this is - instead of bashing or trying to crush people - why the hell dont you (the clique) bite your tongue. the only time you ever have anything positive to add is if its one of your own... you are all extremely negative and basically - you suck! i think i read a blog in here that was titled - mean people suck - that's true. yeah - free speech - sure but why in the fuck cant you have something positive to say once in a while? you talk about anger and crap - but you guys are some of the most bitter people i have come across in here. sure - we ALL have a bad day, but damn people - you sound like your having a bad freaking 6 months (couldnt say year as it is only 15 days into this one and its been going on a LOT longer than that)...

new motto - if you cant say something nice to everyone (not just your friends or clique) at least part of the time - keep your mouth shut!

Jan 16 @ 12:58AM  
I'm not part of the "cllique", if that means the people who write & comment on most of the blogs. But I do enjoy the banter between the regulars. Are you just feeling left out?

Jan 16 @ 1:04AM  
Hey Looking, can I have a taste?

Um, no.

Jan 16 @ 7:00AM  
yourfacefits - no - i'm not feeling left out. i've never been part of a clique, nor do i want to start being part of one now. as i stated in the comment just above the one you wrote - this is not about me being wronged. its about a few people who want to act like elitists. who want to try to dictate what is written about (blog police), who want to run the people they dont like off, who - if you disagree with one of them or one of them feels threatened by one of your comments - they try to crush you. they surround the waggons and make a coordinated attack against you as a person.

if you dont think it hasnt happened - read through some of the more controversial blogs... and what is funny - some people jumped in here 1st and started the negative posts, a couple more people wrote their own blog to try to take away from this one (which is totally cool, but it also shows just how sad some people are).

here it is in a nutshell... yourfacefits - if you want to write a blog - you should be able to without harrasment. im not saying you shouldnt get any negative posts but what i am saying is your blog shouldnt be hijacked with meaningless bs. you shouldnt start getting hate mail, you shouldnt get a corrdinated attack just because one (or more) person of a group feels either your not worthy to post, you "threatened" one (or more) of them in the things you say or for whatever reason.... you should have the right to post what you like and they should have the respect and common decency to let that post grow on its subject matter.

again - this site should be about fun - not the bs that's been going on lately.

Jan 17 @ 12:06AM  
Yes, let's remember the FUN, people!

Jan 24 @ 10:22AM  
Only one comment based on what someone said: This is a public site. It someone joins right now and wants to comment on a blog right now then it should be fine...even if you don't like what they say.

Feb 27 @ 6:09PM  
I don't know any of you well enough to comment so just let me say ...Nice girth

Mar 10 @ 2:20PM  
Oh why cant we all just get along??

Mar 12 @ 4:36PM  
Oh...Oh Can I join a clique

Mar 17 @ 10:33AM  
new motto - if you cant say something nice to everyone (not just your friends or clique) at least part of the time - keep your mouth shut!
i have to say i am pretty new still and not part of any CLIGUE or GROUP or anything else on here
and i have read this whole thing
and all i am getting out of this is...someone that should take their own advise.....let it go .........get over it ........everyone else on here seems to have...
so if your for real and your not just bull shitting and whining
then grow the fuck up .life is to short........LET IT GO
take your own advise

Mar 20 @ 12:12AM  
Sorry I misread ..I thought it said "the clit" Now where did I leave my reading glasses?

Mar 22 @ 2:12AM  
Can't the people on this site grow up? I have only been on here for a few months and I don't come on that often because most of the people on here seem to want to fight or act completely immature. Are we in high school again? Did I miss something? Now I remember why I don't come on that often, more petty BS. This blog just added fuel to the fire.

Mar 22 @ 8:58AM  
this blog was written about 2 months ago and since - things have calmed down. or atleast - they seem to have. i got both positive and negative feedback from it.. the negative mostly came from those who's toes i stepped on. i never said any names, nor would i - however at the time - it was something that needed to be said.

Mar 22 @ 7:32PM  
CLIT!!! Did somebady say CLIT .

Mar 23 @ 2:30PM  
The same thing has happened in the chat rooms too....
Just as in the blogs, there is a 'group' who think they own the site...
They have their own self-proclaimed 'God' just as in the blog realm.

Unfortunately, it is human nature to be the center of attention, irregardless if the attention is through negative or postive behavior/comments.

So what was once a fun site for sex talk, is becoming just another boring site....

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