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A Charley Horse! (a pet blog)

posted 12/18/2010 9:26:37 PM |
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I think that I was 12 or so when our Uncle Pinky, who was neither our Uncle nor Pink made the long journey from Camel California to our home in Oregon to bring my Brother and I a surprise. I don't know if Mom and Dad knew what was coming, but as it turned out, I am pretty sure that no one knew was was going to happen.

Uncle Pinky drove a fancy Passion Wagon Van. You know the kind? Mid 70's version with the bed in the back? Yeah. Well he'd found this Shetland Pony who had been raised in a Kiddie Karnival and was a Merry Go Round Pony. The only way he'd ever been ridden was on a post going round and round in a circle. Anyway, Uncle Pinky picked up this Pony and transported him from California to Oregon in his van. That had to have been one heck of a ride. I never did hear the whole story. I wish, now, that I had.

Imagine our surprise, my Brother and I, when we saw this Pony coming out of Uncle Pinky's van? Wow, to say the least. He was small, stocky and almost completely black. Just a beautiful little beast. He had his very own tack too, a tiny black and red saddle and reins. Not that he ever had them on once he got to our place.

As with all Shetland Ponies, Charley had a mind of his own and was not at all biddable. You could lead that horse to water, but you couldn't ride him. Period. I had the worst bucking off of my life on that little jerk. I've been bucked off by bigger, but never with as much vigor as he had shown. Plus, to add insult to injury, he was a laugher. You know the kind?

The horse would curl his lips up in a huge grin and almost bray like a donkey. Little jerk. He ended up being more of a pet than useful. He'd follow you anywhere.

Charley had a penchant for playing tricks on people. He'd often trip my Cousin. Which was kinda funny. I mean, he, my cousin, probably didn't enjoy it, but he had it coming.

Charley also loved straw hats. I guess that they made him hungry or something as he'd steal them off people's heads and chew on them. Then he'd run like a wild thing laughing all the way.

He'd steal anything that dangled out of a pocket as well. I can't even count how many times Dad lost his pocket handkerchief. Leave just a tiny flap above pocket level and it was gone. Then off Charley would run.

It wasn't just inanimate objects that he would steal though. I remember us having to chase him down and force him to release the puppy he had picked up, very carefully, by the scruff and was parading around with. He'd also steal kittens from the Momma Cats. He never hurt them, but he sure did relocate them. There was a different gate in his step when he had 'pulled one off'. A sort of victorious little trot, if you will.

Charley was an adept at many things. He could herd cows, without any human help. He could steal anything that wasn't nailed down but his most amazing feat was his ability to open doors. Yep, Charley was a.. er.. Horse Burglar. He could open anything that had a knob. I don't think he ever made it to the kitchen, but He did come in the utility room a lot. Or open the garage door when no one was paying attention. He never learned to close the doors behind himself though, which led to a whole other class of home invader.

We had Charley for a very long time. I don't remember the circumstances of why he went to live with the neighbors, but he was happy there til the end of his days. He was definitely one of our more entertaining pets.

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Dec 18 @ 9:40PM  
Cute story!! I'm about too sick to comment on anything but this was just too funny.... painful to laugh and it made me start coughing my head off......

I think Charley reincarnated from human life and was someone your family knew and was a jokester in his former life.... Funny that some animals do have that instict to have a sense of humor so to speak..

kudo for the story...

Dec 18 @ 9:46PM  

I think he was me, in another life. But you can ride me now.

Dec 18 @ 11:50PM  
Wonderful story!

I had a dog that could open doors, cabinets and turn on water faucets... she was a trouble maker of the best kind. Whenever I'd catch her doing something she shouldn't she'd look straight at me with her, "why are you lookin' at me look" and then stare at her sister in an attempt to make me believe it was her fault.

Dec 19 @ 2:09AM  
Good, interesting story.

Dec 19 @ 6:02AM  
Cute story!

Dec 19 @ 1:59PM  
Awwwwwwww brought back great memories of my first Shetland Dimples. I'm not sure at what age I was when we sold Dimples, but I had her from the age of 3. We moved her from Texas to Missouri in the back of a moving truck and I had to ride her through the house there to load her as we had no ramp!
When I was 16, I was at a friends house and looked out in their paddock to see this new Shetland standing there. Lowell said his dad bought her for his little sister and when I spoke she perked her ears! They were calling her Pickles but that she wasn't answering to that all too well! When I called out Dimples and gave a soft low whistle she trotted right over! I don't know how long they kept her as we moved back to Texas shortly after that, but I know she made alot of kids happy through the years!
Thanks for bringing back those memories Sam and for sharing your own!

Dec 19 @ 2:50PM  
...My brothers name is Lowell....anywhooo...that was a great story! It would make a great book...and boots story too...maybe you kids should get together and write some horsey tails!
Hey Pink! I hope you're getting better...seems like you have been sick awhile. Did ya go to the doctor??? Hugs...M

Dec 19 @ 3:17PM  
Nice story ...

Dec 19 @ 6:04PM  
Cute story. Charley sounds like he was quite a character. Reminds me of when my aunt and uncle bought a farm..They had a couple of horses, and a pony, a Shetland. She was a cute little pony, actually, friendly for a Shetland. One weekend while I was staying there for the weekend, my cousin wanted to "show off" that she could ride the pony by herself and told her dad to let go. Everything was fine till that pony decided she wanted to trot....and my cousin kind of freaked out a little. Which, resulted in a panicky pony who broke out in a full gallop with my cousin screaming away. They went around behind the barn, and when the pony came back into cousin wasn't on her. My uncle and I ran around to see if my cousin was hurt. About the only thing really hurt was her pride...You see, she had a "soft" landing of sorts.....a big pile of manure. The stalls had been cleaned out the day before and they hadn't gotten rid of the "mess" yet. She was mad at that pony for the rest of the day.

And yes, we still chuckle over it, even my cousin will laugh about that day.

Dec 19 @ 11:01PM  
I had a jackass! No it's true, Grandpa got it somewhere and he gave it to me because it wasn't good for anything but it taught me to have patience! Stubbornest thing you'll ever see. .

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A Charley Horse! (a pet blog)