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Its Party Time!!!!!!!!!!!

posted 12/11/2010 4:39:30 AM |
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tagged: party, christmas

Ho Ho Hooo............. Merry Christmas!!!!
Lets start this off by Listening to "The Christmas Song"
Well..everyone here knows...Santa Is Coming to Town.. today! anyone gonna have a White Christmas..this year?... Ok ok....enough of all that!!!
Lets Get to the Gift Giving!!
Casuallylooking: OK little Girly...lets see what Santa has for You!!! When I saw this..Your came to Mind!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Hog77297= Your gifts were easy man! I hope you like this! and This!!!! Merry Christmas Man!
Lets see....Ms. bunny629 is Next!!! I have sumfin that I would really love to give this Lady!!! Buttttt I guess...This will have to Do!! I hope you Like!!!
SugarandSpice005...OK lady...I hope you like your gifts also!!!Check this out!!! This one Too! Plus a $30.. gift card to Wally world...for Dog Food..or Treats!!!! Wow what a Food bill you must have!!!
Girl country....hmmmmm I'm hoping you Will like this!! I'm sure you Hubby will get a Kick out of it!!! Plus heres a Bottle of my Home Made Apple Wine!!!!
Lunanegra, Your gift was Pretty Easy!!!
Zaralyon......Hmmmm Here's a ACMoore Gift card for your Craft needs! and a Little something...Just for You!!!
PinkToeNails...well lets see what Santa can find for you little girl!!! was on sale!!! Please take the Padding out...God knows you don't need any!!!

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Dec 11 @ 4:40AM  
I hope these help keep ya warm Ms. pinky!
KitKat25....Hmmmm now this May get good!!!! Lets see young lady! I hope you like this!!!
Princesskissy.......hmmmmmm I have Just what is needed....for a lady that don't get to see her man but 1 time a year!
Straddlemynose...Oh yeah!!! I Picked up extra Straws at McDonalds just for you man!!! and how about this..I hope they fit! and everyone knows how you love these on for size!
the Skwirl.....Heres something you..Talked about yesterday!, To help you get one each of these!!!
LadyRamRod..... I would like to give you...Ummm OK...Lets see....This one Rams itself!!!
aftershox........Heres something that just screams You!! Its not the Quaility you are use to..but hey..its The thought that counts..right? Do you have this gift yet? Merry Christmas!!!!

Dec 11 @ 5:28AM  
Soft_Touch938....Hmmmm something for You and your Friend!!!! Pick one!!!
PeachyKeen......Well lady....I hope This helps you out!!!
blondie_779....well lets see if i can find something for this sweet lady!!! I got $10.00 off..... I hope you Like!!!
DangerousCurves999....Oh I have something that i would Really Love to give You Also!!!!!! I hope you Like!!!!
Luvrgrl......OH my...what to give this sweet thang! How about this!!!!
Ynot.....Hell this was too easy!!! BTW I found out Why,.. Ynot loves Bacon so much!!! Here ya goYou are Now in the bacon of the Month club!!!!!
somnium...well damn....this shouldn't be Tooo hard!!!!!
OK OK.....I hope you don't already have this!!!
I'll be adding more later on...Gotta give my eyes a little Break!!!!
This is my Grown up Christmas list!!!!

Dec 11 @ 6:11AM  
Is this one of Sugars Doggies?

Dec 11 @ 6:40AM  
Awe Toady thanks darling for the teddy bear with heart and wings.. I love it!!!

And Peachy what a wonderfully thoughtful gift for me. 50,000 Airmiles so I can get to an AMD get together somewheres.

I am still up sewing(2.40am) and will be posting my list here shortly.

Dec 11 @ 8:05AM  
Good morning everybody!

I hope you all enjoy your gifts as much as I did shopping for them!

It Must Be Santa Claus! - Brave Combo

Merry Christmas... Ho, Ho, Ho!

Dec 11 @ 8:09AM  
First of all everyone gets one of these, pick your flavor ...

Dec 11 @ 8:27AM  
Thanks Peachy...I Love it!!!!
DC..I see that all the Men are sold out!! Go figure!!!
I'll be back after I try out My New Wife!!!
I still have a few more gifts to give out yet!!!! It will be a few mins though!!!!
There's Plenty of Coffee and Donuts for everyone! I'll break out the wine this afternoon!

Dec 11 @ 8:35AM  
First of all everyone gets one of these, pick your flavor

That is hilarious

Dec 11 @ 8:37AM  
Here's my list... I only went over budget on one gift, but I couldn't pass it up. Merry Christmas everyone!

OneHornyToad69 -A nice, cozy place for the winter

Casuallylooking - [URL=]A pretty way to remember your friends

Hog77297 - Just what a cool Harley dude needs

1bunny629 - Have I got a wiener for you... LOL!

SugarnSpice005 - Now, it ain't heavy!

girlcountry - For the woman who loves action...

Lunanegra - Something pretty for you and the girls!

Zaralyon - Yarn Meter

PinkToeNails - Best Garden Plants for Tennessee:

KitKat 25 - Happy stargazing!... you have to supply the fella!

PrincessKissy - Here's a BIG one just for you!

StraddleMyNose - Umm... something for your nose!

TheSkwirl - This one is just for YOU!

LadyRamRod - $50.00 Cash to place on next trip to the Phillipines

AfterShox - The perfect accessory for a sophisticated occassion!

Soft_Touch938 - Relax... lose yourself in the moment... all 45 of them!

blondie_779 - A bit more allure for the woman who already has it goin' on!

DangerousCurves999 - Transfer 50,000 air miles to use to fly anywhere you please.

Luvrgrl - Like it spicy?

Ynot7769 -A touch of class for a classy guy!

somnium - Enjoy!

Dec 11 @ 8:51AM  
OK..this gift goes too..RNJ lets party man!
RJ.....gets a Fresh brand new...$50.00 bill!!!! Hurry back Lady!!!
WoW gets...Steaks
Flavor gets....this in case the Gas gets really Bad!!!
I'll add more later!!!
Here's another Christmas song..
All I want for Christmas is You!

Dec 11 @ 9:32AM  
I just dropped in real quick....I'll be back later...I'm in WV with the grandkids while mommy and daddy are in FL....I'll get the list done then...Love to all!!

Dec 11 @ 10:36AM  
How did I miss WoW on the list?
You already gave his steaks... so now what do I do... huh...? I know. be back later tonight...

Dec 11 @ 11:47AM  
Christmas light frog I was looking for a fake one to give you so can see & avoid stepping in dog poop reaching for the holiday cheer beer from the outdoor fridge then I saw this. Merry Christmas man !!!

Dec 11 @ 1:09PM  
Thank you, Alex- how'd you know?

Thank you, Peach- just what I needed!

I'm not all that creative with gift giving, but I am making some e-cards for download for everyone. Its the best I can do for my AMD pals BRB.

Dec 11 @ 1:27PM  
that was cute...thx Flavor!!

GC!!!!! See ya when you get back!!! Be safe!!!

I'm busy with heater wood...but Ill be in and out most of the day!!!!!
They are calling for us to get Freezing rain, sleet and snow this evening!!!! Anyone else getting or suppose to get that mess?
Jon Bon Jovi, Please Come Home For Christmas!
O Holy Night

Dec 11 @ 1:39PM  
They are calling for us to get Freezing rain, sleet and snow this evening!!!!

It is supposed to fall down below freezing tonight and the low Sunday night will be in the low twenties so my fireplace is loaded up and ready to go with a good supply on the hearth.

Dec 11 @ 1:45PM  
OMG...I can't believe how detailed ya'll are.... I don't surf the net enough to know how to find all the stuff you guys have found. Sooooooooooooo.....

Right now I have to run to town to pick up a prescription I've been chasing around for a week. Thursday Walgreens called me to see when I was gonna pick it up and I said I didn't have a clue it was was suppose to be called to WALMART.....

When I get home I'll see what I can do but I may just have to sit back and enjoy everyone's creativeness...don't know that I can match anyone's.....

Dec 11 @ 1:46PM  
Uumm !!! That let it snow tune with the weather outside being frightful & the fire inside being delightful cant go wrong. Well it doesn't make me sad when away from family at this time . I guess you can say it gives me a happy medium.

Dec 11 @ 2:08PM  
Wow Alex! You really went all out. I have never seen such an array of dildo's for many in my life. Boy if we were all gathered around the tree and opening packages together the fly on the wall would be having a buzzing good time!
Thanks for my realistic uncut dildo! It is charming to say the least. Peachy, ya might of thought it was a joke, but that's the kind of weiner I prefer! You are very kind.
I love presents!

Dec 11 @ 2:24PM  
...okie dokie Toad Man...These are just what you need!
...."silent."..maybe these will help with the smell.... ...I just gave my first present! Merry Ho Ho!

Dec 11 @ 2:28PM  
Awww thanks sweetie!!!!

Dec 11 @ 2:35PM  
...quick...someone give Toad a pocket pussy....I think I made the wrong choice....

Dec 11 @ 2:41PM  
Ok Straddle is easy... 2 tickets in the end zone any Bengals game he chooses.

Pink Toenails gets custom embroidered pillowcases with pink long stem roses.

Lady RR gets the complete home detective whodunnit kit complete with trench coat, Magnifying glass and Towel with dead body outline... to save your place by the pool etc.

Couldn't resist this one for Bunny along the "wiener" theme [URL [/URL]


Dec 11 @ 2:43PM  
Where are you? Faith Hill
Mary.... Did You Know?
Jingle Bells, by Jingle Dogs

Dec 11 @ 3:04PM  
A pair of Big Girl panties for all the ladies... specially grown by our very own Professor Borty

This one is for CL... the neverending Margherita ... one tequila, two tequila, ... FLOOR! ALREADY?????

Dec 11 @ 3:07PM  
For Princess Kissy.... have run with these... Run, Run as fast as you can... you can't catch us we're the ...........

Dec 11 @ 3:24PM  
For Softie... a pair of these in every color. Have fun, stay warm, make a fashion statement

Dec 11 @ 3:41PM  
Everyone gets these as stocking stuffers...

Dec 11 @ 3:48PM  
For Sug and WOW

Dec 11 @ 3:48PM  
Holy cow! What a Christmas Party!

PeachyKeen.. I love the ankle cuffs with 2 buckles.. Thank you! can't decide between purple or classic black. It is nice to have a choice. Here is a little something I got you:Back latex garter belt

I got a little basket of goodies for our very horney host:
Santa's Coming basket with Finger Fun Massager, Silicone Love Ring, Love Plug, Edible Body Paint, Warming Massage Lotion, Love Beads, Vibrating Bullet, Santa Pen, Condom Lollipop, Toy Cleaner, Keychain Lube, Lock & Key and Satin Love Mask.

I think Luna would look adorable in this:
School Girl Outfit

I found this for KSK:
Inflatable Cock

I think Sugar and Spice would like this:
Sexy Black Lace Corset and G String

Oh and when you go shopping, You always end up finding something for yourself.
O love glass dildoes, and think this stainless steel one would be fun:
Stainless Steel Dildo

KitKat would a terrific hostess wearing this:
Sexy Holiday Red Velour bra and thong]Velour Holiday outfit[/URL]

I even got a little something for Whapper:
Remington Manual Typewriter

I will post more when I do more shopping. This is hard work. Need to take a break and have some hot buttered rum with a friend...


Dec 11 @ 3:57PM  
Another little stocking stuffer i couldn't pass up for all.

[URL] ]/URL]

Dec 11 @ 3:59PM  
Ok, I'm back and as promised- some Holiday cards for everyone- those of whom I didnt send a real one to...sorry. Anyway, they're made by me and downloadable from my file share account. Hope you like them.

Holiday Cards! (if it doesnt work, let me know..)

Also, I might come back and dump some wallpaper from my wallpaper folder or share some albums from my music folder, who knows? (and by "who knows", I mean, will I get in trouble? )

Dec 11 @ 4:00PM  
Here is a fun one for Toady to play with.

Dec 11 @ 4:10PM  
Awww Thank you..... luna, DC and aftershox!!!!!! Looks Like I'm gonna have some fun!!!!

Dec 11 @ 4:53PM  
Okaayyy... this wasn't easy but, here 'goes! Merry Christmas everybody!

OneHornyToad69 - Something extra for horny toads.

Casuallylooking - For the casual looker.

Hog77297 - How about a traveling companion?

1bunny629 - Does size really matter??

SugarnSpice005 - For those really heavy snow storms

girlcountry - Free body building lessons for the active lady on the prowl

PinkToeNails - Just a little something to 'spice up' your gardening pleasure- the men will appreciate it- I know I would.

KitKat 25 - Something for your sweet tooth besides KitKat bars.

StraddleMyNose - Something you'll find useful- I think LOL

TheSkwirl - All you'll ever need LOL

PeachyKeen - Thanks for the subscription and my gift to you is: RT ticket to a place of your choice!

LadyRamRod - 1 & 1/2 RT ticket to the Philippines Islands- sorry, ran otta money!


Dec 11 @ 5:57PM  
Thx som!!! That was cute!

Dec 11 @ 6:31PM  
This is hard work.
this wasn't easy but
(I'm sure that is why "Most" Men..choose to sit this out!! )
Yeah tell me about it!!!!
I Started last night...and got over 1/2 done and saved it to Email!!!!
Well,.... I have Learned(this am!) if you copy the Blog part of a post and paste it to email...You loose your Links!!!!
So I had to redo Most all of it!!!!
But yanno..I really enjoyed doing it!! Hell it was Fun!!!
I have had a Couple tell me that they were having a Blast doing it...!!! That makes it all worth while!!!!

Dec 11 @ 7:01PM  
I am going to try this with dial up. So here goes.

This basket should have a little something for everyone

Gift Basket

Add a bottle of my wild cherry wine and some venison and buffalo jerky to that


Dec 11 @ 7:21PM  
Am in the process of cookie making with the kids....this may have to wait until I get home on Tuesday! Y'all are so detailed...damn!

Dec 11 @ 7:26PM  
Here is a song for those who have family members in the military or just have people we wish were here for the holidays.

I'll Be Home For Christmas


Dec 11 @ 7:29PM  
Its all about having FUN!!!! So please..don't Fret about it!!!
I'm a Virgo...I think that we are givers, Well, I know I am!!!!!
I could Never be rich!!! Because I would give it all away!!!!!!
Just have fun!!!
BTW...I would Love to see You Dressed up in that Outfit I gave ya!!!

Dec 11 @ 7:31PM  
Thx RJ!!!!! Damn good one!!!!

Dec 11 @ 7:33PM  
Oh heck!! How fun is this!?!?! Great idea Alex! Better than I ever imagined!! You guys know me so well!! Love the nighty!! Love the book idea Peachy! I could use that for sure! And DC!! LOVE the pillowcases!!
Right now tho... I think I broke my toe going thru my bedroom in the dark so I'm in a little too much pain right now to think... maybe I need a cast! LOL OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the gifts so far seem to be appropriate for everyone! We have a great group of people here who take into consideration the things we like and/or need!!

I'll be back later after the pain has subsided!

Dec 11 @ 7:38PM  
Damn Pink..sorry about your toe!!!
I would ask ya... if you had Ice..but all you would have to do.. is stick it outdoors!!!!
Get well soon Sweetie!!!!

Dec 11 @ 7:39PM  
Dangerous C -- Those were good ones from that site. I liked the Weener cleaner and the Scult ptasutra clay figures..

I think Skwirl would appreciate this piece of art:
Handsome Squirrel fella painting Wouldn't we all want to know what is under his tighty whities besides his nuts?

What to get Som, WoW and Straddle... Guys are soo hard to shop for. And then there's Bunny , Dangerous C and Softie.. still need something for them.. I keep finding stuff I want. Sigh. This is tuffer than I thought.

Dec 11 @ 7:57PM  
RJ....Thanks for the Baskets !
They look damn yummy!!!
Hell the Breakfast Basket gives me a woody!!!

Dec 11 @ 8:12PM  
For OneHornyToad and for Blackie For OHT, For Blackie

CasuallyLooking For those cold winter visits with Lil Griz

Hog77297Hope ya like it

1bunny629Little something for Tallulah,Can cuddle up with Tallulah wearing this

girlcountry for outside

luna A little naughty fun

zaralyon gift certificate

PinkToeNails It's pink!

KitKat25 It's cute

PrincessKissy If I could, I'd give you a one way ticket to be with your hubby. the meantime....all I've got is this: Sing away!!! hell...just get him a years supply of McDonald's straws! Or, he can just Do some browsing lol

TheSkwirl For your enjoyment, And some more

Ok...I've gotta take a break for a few! Will continue either later tonight....or tomorrow.

Dec 11 @ 8:33PM  
Thanks Sweetie...The gifts were Awesome!!!
Hell, All of them have been!!!

I have gotta get blackie what you sent!!!! Cause...that looked to much like him!!!
But then again..he would chew it up!!! He is a chewer big time!!! My bad I'm sure!!! Thx again!!!
Yall rock!!!

Dec 11 @ 9:55PM  
I'm tardy to the party.. I'm sorry.. and I didn't get linkies so maybe I can get that goin tomorrow.. but for tonight..

I'm gonna say thank you so much to everyone.. I Love the bubbles and the nuts and the tree and the TONKA! The painting.. hmmmm he's packing.

I had the strangest thing happen today. Seriously just blows me away.. someone I hardly know.. have only talked to for a month ish.. has done something amazing for me and sent a large amazon gift card.. I've been like .. tipped over n shit.. I dunno what to do other than say thanks .. so I did.

So, you know me.. I got one gift for each of my family members and then one gift for each of three other people that I know aren't having a very merry Christmas too.. I'm not sayin who.. they know. Payin that forward as it were! I'm one incredibly blessed Skwirl to know you people.. all of yas.

Wow.. so anyway.. tonight's gifty from the Skwirl to all y'all is Love. I love you creatures and people and other perverts. Tomorrow I'll try and do the itemized listy thingy for yas.

Dec 11 @ 9:56PM  
Luna!! Your cards are awesome!!!

Dec 11 @ 10:17PM  
Thanks Ms Brushtail. Seems like the one with the pretty lady in white with the hat got the most downloads. Won't lie, that one's my favorite.

Thank you to everyone who got me something. Like I said, woefully lacking in creativity for gift giving, but mosey over to my blog cuz I gots presents, too.

Dec 12 @ 1:16AM  

Ok is one of these for each of size fits all...enjoy....

To you each of these to inflations required....

Oh yes!!!!

And to everyone, a very Merry Christmas.... and a Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

From Softie

And thanks Alex for thinking of me and my friend..... but I don't think I'm ready for these things but if I ever am, I know who to ask for help in finding them

'N thanks DC for the toe remembered about my cold feet!! That is awesome....

Dec 12 @ 1:18AM  
I like this Christmas song from 1984

Thanks to all for the gifts.

Bruce: I got ya a ticket to a Cowboys game this season.

Som: A ticket to the Inventors Club of America in 2011.

Dawn: A ticket to see your Lions play at your last home game.

Alex: $50 in gas money to go see Pink in Tennessee this Christmas.

Pink: A $50 gift certificate at Olive Garden for two. You and Alex.

PeachK: A trip to the Cleveland Rock & Roll Museum

D.C. : I will set you up with a visit to Sarah Palin's house where the family with show you hospitality and a very nice dinner.

Luna: A trip to Orlando for a day filled with fun

Kat A very nice bra collection in black, red, blue, white, pink, and purple colors.

For everone else that I haven't mentioned, I send a great Christmas dinner with their loved ones.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Dec 12 @ 1:27AM  
Ummmm Straddle... Sarah the sellout is not that popular in Alaska anymore.

Can I perhaps regift this one... she only lives 300 miles from me.

Dec 12 @ 1:32AM  
Ummmm Straddle... Sarah the sellout is not that popular in Alaska anymore.

Can I perhaps regift this one... she only lives 300 miles from me.
You don't like her? Well, setup someone you would love to meet and I'll see what I can do.

Dec 12 @ 3:47AM  
Thanks Straddle...but...ummmm ms. pink prolly has other plans!!!!
I'll just take the money and run..OKies?

Thanks Everyone for Playing along, Yall rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 12 @ 4:36AM  
...I am completely taken back by the participation of this blog and the idea behind it. I don't need anything because when I realized I was successful it was all because i finally figured out...all i want is what I need...and that is very little. Thank you for your gifts, be they funny or small...hell...Large! HA!..everyone knows I like them large...but...seriously...I guess some peeps were blessed by those that care and can...and I am very happy about that.I am not sure who gave what, but I know there were some gestures made that really helped others know...people do care
Hugs to all that don't know...but are all loved and we all kids are my favorite people.
All I really want is prayers for my Mom and I to be together soon. I won't say anymore...but please...I need your thoughts...I will give back what I can...but I need you to pray...she is getting to the point...that I am scared...and I love her more than life...she is my everything...nothing matters without her...I don't ever ask...but this time i am...thank you. Murph

Dec 12 @ 12:35PM  
Shawn, what's in Orlando? Unless you mean I can stop by and hang with Sunshine- sure

Dec 12 @ 3:57PM  
Shawn, what's in Orlando?
Walt Disney World of course

Dec 12 @ 3:58PM  
I posted this on Shadowmale's penis size blog, but thought it was a kewl gift to post here, without directing it to anyone in particular,as it might be a good gift for guys with size and or erectile support concerns.

Fluttering cockring with size enhancing features

I think it could offer a good time even for gals that prefer more girth and hardness than nature and performance anxiety might allow a guy to have.

Dec 12 @ 4:50PM  
Here is a little something for LadyBootScooter so she can tell everyone what a bad person I am Alphabet Gag Gift

Dec 12 @ 4:54PM  
Walt Disney World of course

No thanks. I'm sure admission to Ripley's Believe it or Not museum is cheaper and I'd be comfortable with the freaks I already know because I'd be expecting them.

$6 for a soda, get outta here...

Dec 12 @ 6:34PM  
Here is something for HOG: Woman's Leather HARLEY Halter Maybe if he has the sexy leather biker chick halter, a suitable biker chick will appear to fill it...

I know I already got something for KitKat, but here are some refrigerator magnets that are adorable stocking suffers:
"Home is where the Chinchilla is"
Will work for raisins
Chinchilla Chingle Bells


Dec 12 @ 7:02PM  
My sincerest apologies for not taking care of this in a more timely manner. I have had an emotionally draining weekend and haven't been online much. I promise I will work on this in the next couple days, and post gifts on Tuesday.

Thank you all for the thoughtful gifts!!

Hugs to all.


Dec 12 @ 9:39PM  
Awesome blog Toady!!!

Aftershox... so pleased you like your ankle cuffs. I LOVE my latex garter belt... how did you know?!? Thank you so much!

Luna... Your cards are wonderful. I'm one of those who can appreciate them all, yet I'm like many of the others who love the lady in the window. Just looking at her brings all kinds of stories to mind... a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks!

Som... a RT ticket to anywhere of my choice? I'll be using it right after the new year and I'm wearing my new black latex garter belt! Thank you.

RJ... the buffalo and venison jerky is delicious... thanks!

Thank you everyone for fun, thoughtful and unique gifts from your hearts and imaginations. It's turning out to be a wonderful Christmas
after all.

Merry Christmas to one and all and many 2011 bring you all you need and more! Love & hugs, Peachy

Dec 13 @ 10:14PM  
OneHornyToad69~ for you, Toady, I've purchased a lovely warm lily pad slippers

Casuallylooking For CL a tank of gas for a road trip to her Honey Bear.

Hog77297 For Hog a cover for his baby.

1bunny629 For you, bunny.. just a quick smile to let you know.. you matter. and something to keep you up nights.

SugarandSpice005 For Sugar something to really make the doggies crazy with.

Lunanegra Two things for Luna also.. a nice warm coat and a great big hug.

Zaralyon For Zara.. some clean wool to spin.

PinkToeNails For Pink.. well of course.. Something in pink..

KitKat 25 For Kat I want to send her choice of cartridge.. hopefully she already has the machine?

PrincessKissy Crissy, I can't afford what I want to send you.. cuz I want to send you a Brit.

Soft_Touch938 a cute christmas tree

DangerousCurves999 I'd like to send you a hug

Ynot7769 Y.. I reckon I better build an outfit for your unit.. so that's on the works.

somnium 365 days of facts and fiction

For anyone I may have left out.. A very merry.

Dec 14 @ 1:03AM  
...thank you Swirl! Big hugs to you and yours! Love you !...

Dec 14 @ 7:08AM  
warm lily pad slippers
aww Skwirl!!! They are so Pretty!!!! And Warm!!!! Ty ty ty ty ty......

Dec 14 @ 3:32PM  
You don't like her? Well, setup someone you would love to meet and I'll see what I can do.

Pierce Brosnan! Drool........

Dec 14 @ 4:07PM  
Darn it !!! I got the moose shirt.

Dec 14 @ 5:22PM  
Love it Ms Brushtail, and my kinda color too.

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