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Two things.. a thank you and a story.

posted 12/10/2010 4:52:24 PM |
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First thingies first.. I just had someone knock at my door, after fighting my way through the animals to the door, There was a pretty lady and a younger man standing there.. with the most gorgeous Christmas Tree ever! Thank you so much DC. That's a beautiful gift! Now soon as I make some room in the house for it.. we'll put it up and make it all decorated! Thank you sweetheart for a lovely, thoughtful and heartwarming gift. I has tears.

And now, a story:

The Great Tonka Truck Races, or It's Amazing I Survived Childhood.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I grew up in the sticks. Boondocks, puckerbrush, way out of town. There are a lot of things that country kids learn that city kids have no clue about.

Yes, dear reader, I am a hillbilly and darned proud of it. My neck is red and unbowed before the "upper crusties".

And so our story begins with, I am born. No, just kidding. I'm not that freaking pretentious.

Living on what basically amounted to a homestead farm, we kids learned a lot about animal life cycles. Birth, death and the stuff in between. Sure, we made pets of the animals but we also knew that eventually, the cows and pigs would be food. So they were named appropriately, especially the pigs. Bacon, Ham.. Breakfast.

We had a Shetland Pony that had been raised in a Kiddy Karnival. He knew how to go in circles and that's pretty much it. Charlie Horse, as he would come to be known, was brought up to Oregon in Uncle Pinky's van. Yup, inside the van. That had to have been quite the trip. Anyway. Charlie was an ornery cuss like most Shetlands. He wanted nothing at all to do with being ridden, however he did want attention. And Boston Baked Bean Candies. He loved those things good.

Charlie would follow you around and woe betide you if you were wearing a straw hat or had something hanging out of your back pocket because Charlie was on the case. It seems like Charlie was always stealing Dad's hat or his back pocket bandana/handkerchief. Then he'd laugh his ass off.. yeah the horse, not Dad so much.

We had an antique Orchard on our place, with loads of apple trees, plum and pear trees too. Do you know what happens to fruit that has been left on the tree and gotten frozen, then thawed and frozen a couple more times? It "Jacks". You've never seen anything so funny as a little black Shetland Pony staggering down a hill because he's almost too drunk to stand up. Then he'd lean against a tree and have a nap.

The Deer used to like to get in on that action too, though their favorite was the jacked plums. They'd stagger around unable to really remember where their feet were. It was hilarious.

As I've said previously, we grew up without TV. In the 70's even, when all our friends were watching comedies and such.. we were making up our own stories.

We had to occupy ourselves. There just was no way to run into town to play with the other kids. It was just my Brother and I, and sometimes our Cousin and a friend or two who came up to spend the day.

You could only spend so much time 'tipping' the pigs. That's scratching them with an old spoon and they'd lean into it til they tipped over. Chasing the cows was a no no and there was no riding Charlie. Believe me, I tried. Worst bucking off I ever experienced. The Chicken coop was fun, but only until my Brother started eating the er.. residue. Yeah,that's what we'll call it, residue. Must have worked though cuz he grew up to be over 6' tall. Maybe I should have tried some?

My little Brother had an amazing collection of Tonka Trucks. You know, back when they were made of solid steel and could withstand being played with hard. Our particular favorites were the two big old Dump Trucks. Oh we loved those a LOT. Not only could you play in the dirt pile behind the house, but they could be ridden! The Grader was cool for the dirt pile, building roads and stuff, but it wasn't much for riding.

That's right! The road into the place from the upper side was rutty, steep and just dirt. We'd take those trucks up to the upper fence and ride them back down. First one to the burn barrel wins! I often felt badly for my Brother and Cousin as my legs were short so I almost always won. I had no drag! As I look back on those rides, it's probably amazing that we didn't get more banged up than we did. Or perhaps it's just that kids back then knew how to take a tumble. But I remember that being the BEST TIME EVER! Just imagine, flying along at the great speed of a Tonka on a dirt road! Hey, it felt like great speed when you were on them.

When I had kids, I wanted to get them some Tonka Dump Trucks too. Imagine my sorrow when I found that they are now made of plastic. Plastic? What good is that? One trip down that rutty dirt road and they'd be toast. So, my girls didn't get to ride Tonka Trucks down the road. I feel very sorry for them.

Nowadays kids want to sit on their butts in front of a television set and play video games. They'll never know the joy of a Great Tonka Truck Race, or playing with the animals or even taking your Red Flier sled to the top of the Orchard and whooshing down til you hit the stream bed then flying off to land face first in a snowbank.

I love technology, don't think that I don't. But we've sure lost a lot of our simple joys. I'd like to have them back.

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Dec 10 @ 4:53PM  
I'll post pix as soon as it's all done up!

Dec 10 @ 5:14PM  
good to read, mouse, country mouse.

Dec 10 @ 5:27PM  
Hormones on the attack again..thats so sweet what Curves did for you auuugh!

As for the story, kids are soft these days, I agree. Back in maybe 1989 or so, there was hard freeze- were talking icicles and sleet kinda freeze, which was rare-ish for Florida in my opinion. In my neighborhood, there was a playground before playgrounds were plastic with ground up tires so no one's precious little snowflake would hurt themselves while playing. Anyway, frozen wood and frozen metal slides, slippery platform you got up on to slide down and us little project kids, slippin and falling on the icy sidewalk/street, punching the frozen sheets on the clothes line, breaking off big icicles to play with....


Busting your ass as a kid gave you character; it was all apart of growing up. Never had the trucks, but did have the hard freezes. Gud storeh

Dec 10 @ 5:32PM  
It really is sweet, Dangerous Curves.. very sweet.. and hopefully next year I can pay it forward. Thank you so much!

Dec 10 @ 5:35PM  

I love technology, don't think that I don't. But we've sure lost a lot of our simple joys. I'd like to have them back.

That is so true!!!!! And I well remember the days of sledding down the hills and landing in that cold creek!!! But it was so much fun!!!!!!! Besides, Mom always had the hot chocolate ready for us when we got home. And a hot bath. Video games to me and my friends were riding our bikes, or, walking, to the arcade. We didn't sit home in front of the tv. I remember when Dad brought home fascinated us kids were with that...and today's kids would yawn at it. Even when my parents bought the Vectrex systems, (they were like little tv's, only for video games) Vectrex System My sisters and I played on it in the evenings when we weren't allowed to be outside. A couple of years parents got the NES, Nintendo Entertainment System, for us. Again...we really didn't play it during the day, but at night when we were in for the night.

And now.......That is just so wonderful what DangerousCurves did for you!!!! That is one sweetheart of a lady!!!!!!!!

Dec 10 @ 5:45PM  
I lubs ya Skwirl

I told ya the answer was in the blogs.

Oh yea... now ya gotta wait for the mailman... hehehehe it's not over yet.

I remember tonka trucks.. the metal ones were indestructable.

One of my favote things to do was go grass surfing. You find a big cardboard box... banana boxes worked good for little kids or a washing machine or fridge packing carton and you hauled them up to a steep grassy hill at the local park... you know the ones where it was too steep to mow and they just let it grow...

We would get in our boxes and race down the hill or open up the fridge carton and about 3 of us could sit on it like a sled pulling the front up and hanging on with the help of a push from other kids we would fly down and all spill like skittles at the bottom if the hill then back up for anothe turn.

We would also lay sideways across the hill and roly poly down to the bottom then laugh when we tried to stand up all dizzy. Wasn't much fun if someone puked on the track though.

We had "Grass Wars" right after the city turned up with the big tractor mower... the let it get about 6 inches long before they mowed it. The neighborhood kids would decend on the park with rakes and then split into 2 Armies and each build a grass "FORT" about 50 yards apart with the open space "battlefield" in the middle.

The rules were simple you draw straws to see who goes out for the first battle, it was handful on handul combat trying to stuff grass down someones shirt, in their mouth etc... if you had no grass left in your hand then the other team won and then you had to try to get to their fort to steal more grass for battle. Once they won they can yell charge and attack your fort to steal your grass... We played this for hours...days... moms hted us.. grass stains all over.... parks dept hated us... cause the big grass piles left everywhere.

Then there was Bullrush... All the kids would line up by one fence on the battlefield and one in the middle. The one in the middle got to pick who would run to try to reach the other side without getting hit, tackled, stomped on... etc. If you chose to take the sissy card they were only alowed to tag you... if you didn't the beating you told your parents you got hurt would be worse. We all manned up.. even the girls. If you got tagged you were in the middle and got to choose the next runner... normally the weakest got picked first so there were more in the middle to dodge. If you got through everyone runs to reach SAFE on the other side. This went on until there was 1 champion and they got everyones pocket money for icecream. Had soo much fun outside.

Dec 10 @ 6:01PM  
Thank you.

I went down my own memory lane with this post.
BIG difference, what seperates RedNecks with Hillbilleys, is that Hillbilleys
make their own booze and ammo.

Dec 10 @ 6:10PM  
What an awesome thing to receive! I decided to eat mac and cheese every day this week and buy myself a cheap little tree. I am so glad you got one my friend!!

Dec 10 @ 6:26PM  
That's totally Awesome about the tree!!! DC is a Sweet, Giving, Lovely Lady!!!
I knew if I Snoozed... I Loose!!!

@ your story!!!!!
Yeah..I've lived all that...!!! How in the hell did all the shit that we did as Kids and still be Alive....?IDK!

Dec 10 @ 6:38PM  
All I can figure, Toad, is that we knew how to take a hit and still stand up. I look at some of the little pussies around today who would die if someone bloodied their nose on accident or they fell down and scraped all the skin off their hands cuz they were riding their bike too fast on the pavement.

Dec 10 @ 7:40PM  
I too grew up on dirt farm in the middle of nowhere, but there ware several families within walking distance. We played all day in the woods and on the red clay banks of a gully and had many a battle and loads of fun.We had dammed the creek enough to make a nice swimming hole so we would steal us a watermelon and put it in the creek to cool while we swung from a rope swing into the swimming hole.
The house had no running water so it was the outhouse if you had to go. We heated with a potbelly stove and also had a wood burning cooking stove, so there was always wood to be carried and stacked on the back porch .
It was hard but we didn't know it., I kind of hate it's not that simple today.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
A green cookie for the memories!

Dec 10 @ 10:33PM  
Awwwwwww That is so sweet of DC! I'm happy for ya girly!

Now as to metal Tonka Truck own baby boy was four when we moved from the mostly flatlands of NE Texas here to the edge of the Ozarks. Those of you familiar with the Lake of the Ozark area know the "hills" as they are known in MO hillybilly speak are more like mountains compared to NE Texas! Our backyard went down a good 75 feet at a good 60 degree angle. My ex tied a rope on the front of my son's big Tonka Dumptruck so he could pull it back up the hill. He would spend hours riding it to the bottom, to crash and "dump" himself out all over the ground! He'd roll around a few minutes giggling like crazy then hop up and pull it back up to the back steps to do it all over again! Those are some of my fondest memories of his younger days!

Dec 10 @ 11:01PM  
i did a lot of my growing up in south san francisco, differnt town south of the big one. we had hills with grass, and there was always cardboard up there, so yeah, done that, got my first bike and week ends i was gone from early morning till sometimes after dark. never did have a tonka truck. and i had my share of spills on the bike, along with the usual recess calamities. like running up behind one of my class mates just as he swung at a ball. he got the ball, and me too. hmmmmmm, maybe that is what is wrong with me today?

yup, childhood was alot different lo those many years ago. and i think probably a lot more fun, and educational in general. we learned or we got hurt.

Dec 10 @ 11:17PM  
Great story !!!

Dec 11 @ 12:06AM  
just droppin by to say

Dec 11 @ 5:04AM  
psst, Aussie kids still have dinky-di STEEL tonka trucks, my tinlids have three out back right now as i type this in a big ole sandpit.
to buy one new these days cos $50 though
but admittedly they do last. each of our boys have been lucky nuff for that dude in the red suit to drop em off.

so you grew up on a farm huh
is that one of them places where as a kid you get the compulsory unwanted horse that no-one can ride or hasn't been near for years. someone once told me if you lead them into a dam or lake and slide on their back they can't buck you off .
well it sounded good at 7 yrs old , but they lied and I damn near drown that day !
is that where you re-build all the straw bales in the barn so you have awesome tunnels to crawl through one after the other until the one in front yells snake ! and you always seem to be the last one back out after everyone has scrambled clean over ya in the mass evacuation...
or how the way you were taught proper respect .... pa usually said once;
you put your finger gently under here and hold the pressure plate when you have your rabbit trap set and slowly backfill the earth over it .
and if you wasn't paying attension it was YOUR finger you were looking at and howling in amazement at just how darn fast that damn thing could go off !!

nope, dunno what your on about , got no idea what it was like , and we're not even gonna mention the home made tarzan swings off the river banks into the drink

but yep, life was a whole lot simpler back then. ironically we all couldn't wait to finish school and move out of home and be 'free' ... remember ? we never did realise just how easy we had it back then huh
greenie baby for the reminesing

Dec 11 @ 7:58AM  
That is wonderful on the tree. Growing up in a rural area would be quite different. As I have noted before, I was a product was a product of suburbia and it snowed once while I was growing up.

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Two things.. a thank you and a story.