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Anyone Have an Extra Good Thought or Prayer To Give Away?

posted 12/8/2010 7:01:42 AM |
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Have you ever noticed that, with most of us, when something is going bad in our lives we pretty much know that it will pass and things will eventually get better, but let it happen to a loved one and we feel completely useless?
How do we fix it or make it better... what do we do to heal their broken heart?

I have a very good friend of many years that I hurt so badly for right now....

While I was in Mn with Griz ( ) during Oct I spoke with her most days, especially since she had been away from home for 2 months driving semi and would get bored, so she'd call and we would talk about anything...or nothing.
She was on her way home for the weekend right before Halloween and called me on her drive home to let me know her sister had just called a squad to take her mom to ER. Called a short while later, her mom had had a heart attack and wasn't doing so well. She was life flighted to another hospital.
Later that night slipped into a coma and stayed there for over a week.She did wake up for a day and a half and then slipped back into the coma. She died on Nov. 6th.

In the meantime while her mom was in the first coma, the company she had just started driving for told her they needed her to come back...she told them she wasn't leaving her mom's side, so they pretty much told her that they had to let her go since her probation period wasn't over and they needed her.

After her mom's funeral she didn't look for anything because she said she just wasn't ready to be out there with nothing but time to think and risking everyones life on the highways.
And her dad had asked her to not go out quite yet.
(Yes, there are brothers, sisters, lots of grown grandchildren, neices and nephews around also.)

This last Sat she did something to her lower back and is in extreme pain. she said as soon as it gets better there are a few companies she was going to check with and get back out on the road....bad thing is, she has 2 speeding tickets---due to come off in spring.
She was hoping Monday would be a productive day for her.

Fwd to Monday morning, Dec 6th.... (I forgot to mention she moved back in with her mom and dad a few years ago to help them since they were both retired and she felt there were things that someone should be doing for them. Especially her mom, whom she was very close with.Plus the extra rent was helpful to her mom.)

Monday she got up and went downstairs to discover her dad wasn't out of bed yet, so she called to him a few times and then went in his room. He was still asleep, which was unusual for him and he had missed his morning medications, so she went over to wake him and when she put her hand on his shoulder she discovered he had died in his sleep.
One month to the day of losing her mom.

She went to ER later that same day and the doctor told her she needs to relax and rest and that it's going to take some time for her back to get better......due to not being able to move and the pain she missed going to make funeral arrangements with everyone yesterday. So she's feeling bad about that.

She has a sister that is ready to sell the house like yesterday......and others yelling "I want this and I want that" out of the house.
Not to mention relatives coming out of the woodwork....WTF?!!?

Are people just crazy or what?
So much for happy holidays.......

So I guess the reason for this blog is to ask, if you wouid happen to have an extra prayer...or good thought, could you send one for her please?
She could really use them right now.

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Dec 8 @ 7:18AM  
prayer granted. Adversity is always harder during the holidays.

Dec 8 @ 7:54AM  
Big hugs to you and Her!!!!
Life can be a Real trip..sometimes!!!

As far as the Family thingy goes...Ppl are Greedy as Hell!!!!!!!!!!... Times like those..will bring out the worst in Everyone!!!
They Need to give it some time...before doing anything!!!
Thoughts and Prayers are being Sent!!!

Dec 8 @ 10:15AM  
Prayers for your friend through these hard times.

I'm hoping her parents left a Will...and seriously...the others need to back off!!! OMG! That is just so...insensitive!!!!

Dec 8 @ 10:55AM  
There was no will.He had an appt this week to get one drawn up.
There are 6 kids, numerous grown grand children and a few great grand children.

Dec 8 @ 11:38AM  
One of the sad things involved when the last parent passes is how a family can really become fractured by the infighting over possessions. Often bad feelings come about that are never resolved.

Considering your friend's health, does she have anyone to look after her or help her out? She may be able to get UI if she invoked the family medical leave provisions. It doesn't hurt for her to file for UI if she hasn't already and this can be done online. Two moving violations still on the driving record is pretty much a death sentence for any decent truck driving job where unloading the truck is not part of it.

Dec 8 @ 11:49AM  
No Will? That is going to be messy. If it ends up in Probate as an Intestate Estate...and those can be a pain.

Seriously...the other siblings, knowing that your friend's health isn't the best...should really back off, especially on the whole selling the house. Good grief!!!!!! This reminds me of the b.s. Mick went through with his brother regarding their Mother...and it's just sickening that people place monetary value over the well being of family!


Dec 8 @ 12:28PM  
it's just sickening that people place monetary value over the well being of family!

Often, once the loved one passes, so does the respect for what the dearly departed would have wanted after their passing.

Dec 8 @ 1:28PM  
Often, once the loved one passes, so does the respect for what the dearly departed would have wanted after their passing.

Unfortunately, that is so true. Which was why, after what Mick went through with his brother, I begged my parents to make sure they make out a Will. I would NEVER throw any of my sisters out in the cold, nor try to sell our parents house out from under them....just isn't in me to do something that low. But, I'd rather Mom and Dad put it in writing exactly what THEIR wishes are. As it stands right now, there is myself and my youngest sister who have our own homes and have jobs...with the middle sister unemployed and living with Mom and Dad. If anything were to happen to our parents right now..there is no way I would attempt to sell their house out from under my sister. Which is why I cannot, even with my own experiences with Mick and his brother, fathom how people can put money over well being of family.

I just hope and pray all works out for Treas's friend.

Dec 8 @ 2:17PM  
You and your friend have my prayers. My thoughts are of you and she today and I am wishing for the best results.

Dec 8 @ 3:16PM  
that sucks bigtime
they say things usually happen in three's so hopefully after this is behind her and she gets over her back pain something hopefully will start going right for her
give her one of these from a weird aussie mate will ya.

Dec 9 @ 10:10AM  
You guys have my thoughts and prayers

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Anyone Have an Extra Good Thought or Prayer To Give Away?