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E-mail Bombing and idiots who do it.

posted 12/8/2010 4:21:20 AM |
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It's because of morons that do things like this that I have an email to nowhere when I sign up for these sites. My hotmail account is hot hot hot for the last few days with 1000's of emails hitting it from this site as someone tries to log into my account here which automatically generates an email from AMD that sends me a reminder of my password. This person is obviously using a program to do it as it is usually rapid fire bursts for 3 minutes generating 300-500 of the same response per minute.

This I am sure is rather annoying to the mods at AMD as their computers are kept rather busy sending mass email to my bogus email in response to this attempt to login and request my password to be sent to me.

Said idiot is not trying to hack my account... just be a nuisance by creating so much traffic my server (hotmail) has to deal with. I have been logged in there laughing at his futile attempts to rattle my chains.

If this has happened to you and you had your real email address on here don't panic just redirect your email from this site to a spam mail account to deal with it.

I found this handy little article on the web that expalins it all.

E-mail bombing involves sending several thousand identical messages to an electronic mailbox in order to overflow it. E-mails are stored on a messaging server until they are picked up by the owner of the messaging account. In this case, when the owner collects his mail, the latter will take way too much time and the mailbox will become unusable...

To protect yourself from e-mail bombing, do as follows:

Have several mailboxes: a main mailbox you give only to people worthy of your trust and another one you care less about and that you use for example to sign up for online services;

Install an antispam software program that will keep you from receiving several identical messages over a short time period.

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Dec 8 @ 4:31AM  
Yeah most of the Reg.s here have had that happen!!! Most everyone has done like you have!!!
Its prolly the same fool that runs up the views to some of the blogs.....100's and 100's of views!!
Its been soooooo long since I have checked that account..!! I'm sure I will have 1000's of PW requests...waiting on me...when I check it again!!!

Dec 8 @ 4:38AM  
I know Toady... just a shame some people have nothing better to do. Just think of what he could do if he spent all that time seducing a woman and having sex.

I know which option I would choose..... Hmmmmmmmmmm be a loser or get laid DOH!

Dec 8 @ 4:44AM  
it happened to costs lots to get it all straightened out..just
keep e-mail address secret. i am now, rather anti-electronic revolution.
e-money too easily many sites are totally devoted to electronic
theft..laundering etc.. the whole control data, computerization not a good idea.
soon, androids will do all the work, homo sapiens, no longer needed and
dispensed with rapidly.. the ultra ultra green party stage of
evolution, homo computerus..they have plans in georgia on the books.
ten thousand homo sapiens at maximum to the slaves, have androids
do all the work..might as well. going back to living in the jungle, i tried
that, i was too socialized to the scientific modern life... couldn't adapt
to 'jungle living'. the asphalt jungle is bad enuff, but living in the forest
and eating pinon nuts? never again..

Dec 8 @ 4:51AM  
You know Whapper that comment is the only one I have been able to make the most sense of yet. Well done

Dec 8 @ 5:32AM  
well i guess if they've only got a lil dick they've gotta do something with their time.

Dec 8 @ 5:43AM  
I have my thousand-plus-per-day Password request emails directed to my Trash folder so I don't see them.

I have emailed brenna at her matchdoctor_dot _com email addy to ask her do do something about this. I urge EVERYONE who has this to politely do the same.

If they can;t track down the source, they should be able to limit the number of times the request response will be sent to a user email.

This probably does cost a measurable amount to matchdoctor and adultmatchdoctor because of the sheer volume.

Dec 8 @ 7:23AM  
It has gone on for about a year. It freaked some people out as they thought it was threatening when in reality it is just a pain in the ass.

Dec 8 @ 9:25AM  
Mines been set to go to spam for awhile now. If it costs amd then dam I'm payin for it! Dem fukrs!

Dec 8 @ 10:28AM  
Like the others have's happened to a lot of us here....and we have set up ghost accounts for that very reason.

I was accused Whapper of it, who wrote me back telling me it wasn't Whapper, if I didn't apologize before...I do now.

I figure it's one of the more "vocal" trolls that got kicked out of here by AMD....and is still holding a grudge. It's pretty childish really. Though, now that I think about it...I haven't checked my ghost account in a while....

Dec 8 @ 11:09AM  
I haven't checked my ghost account in a while....

I never do. In fact I posted a bulletin or blog about it offering it to anyone to use. It is willieslippin at you who and the password is scammer1.

Dec 8 @ 1:55PM  
Thanks for the comments guys. I posted this as information for those that may have freaked out if it happened to them.

You can also filter it by logging into your ISP server and put AMD on a block list too. That way you don't get charges for the traffic because it doesn't get downlaoded.

Dec 8 @ 2:23PM  
...all I did was uncheck the alert button so that no emails I get from here go to my personal email. I did that years ago. I can check in here to see if I have mail, I don't need to be alerted.

Dec 8 @ 5:34PM  
all was well after i put all of AMD in spam box............stupid idiot spent all that time fillin up my spam box..............and it only takes me a sec to empty it

Dec 9 @ 10:08AM  
Looks to be someone with too much time on their hands.

Dec 15 @ 9:51PM  
AMD and Matchdoctor could take the incentive out of email bombing by restricting the number of times any user gets their password sent. I would think once per 24 hours would be sufficient.

With all of us routing our email bombs to spam and trash folders, no one hardly notices any more. Yet I have to believe it wastes a significant amount of resources for a site like AMD.

I wonder what would happen if someone who is an EMAIL bomb target at AMD directs their mail elsewhere, like to Brenna? Do you think that might make her notice the magnitude of the problem. I dunno. Probably not worth trying...

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E-mail Bombing and idiots who do it.