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What does Christmas mean?

posted 12/7/2010 10:25:44 AM |
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tagged: holidays

It's that time of the year. People are driving more insane on the roads than usual, more rude and pushy in the department stores....and OMG wear a suit of armor if you're going through the toys section!!!!! Them are some rough and tumble shoppers there this time of the year!!!!!! Ok, so that's the not so pretty side of the holidays. I do love driving around town seeing the houses all decked out. Got a lady a few blocks up the road from my house who goes all out...She has a life size Santa she stands in front of her picture window...all of her trees in the front yard have lights and ornaments, she has the lawn can see her house from blocks away.

Anyway, the meaning of Christmas to me is being with my family. Yep, that simple. Yes, the decorations are pretty, gifts are nice, but, the most special of gifts is being with my parents, sisters, and niece and nephew. As some may remember, I lost an old friend about a month back when a deer ran out in front of his motorcycle...and this will be the first Christmas his two sons, 11 and soon to be 16, will have without their Dad. True, his marriage to my best friend ended rather nasty, but, in the last few years, they were on friendlier terms...and what I mean by that, they were civil to each other. Alcohol killed their marriage as he was alcoholic, although he wouldn't admit to it, and he was a "mean" drunk....could get a fight going over nothing. Anyway...I've kind of wandered here. I was talking to my friend, and asked her how the boys were doing..and she said they are trying to get through this. She told me her youngest told her that "while Dad isn't here with us, he's still watching us". I hear this, and it makes me appreciate the time I do get with my family, year round.

As a kid, Christmas was always about family. I remember going over to my Dad's parent's for a couple of hours, then over to my Mom's parent's house for a couple of hours. It was always fun seeing all of my cousins and playing. I won't fib...we all enjoyed unwrapping gifts...and playing with new toys, but, I always found it more fun seeing and playing with my cousins. Then, Christmas mornings, never sisters and I would wake up, it would still be dark out, but the anticipation always woke us matter how late we fell asleep. And of course, the milk and cookies us kids put out for Santa were gone, and in their place would be a bunch of presents under the tree. And we would go through them to see who's name was on which package, and yes, shake them. I remember the cat we had, Raggs, she was such a terror about presents, she would be hiding in them or behind them, and at the right time pounce out at us. Brat!!!!!! She was quite a cat. Eventually, the noise of us giggling and having the tv on would wake up Mom, who would come out, get the coffee started, and tell us we had to wait till Dad gets up. You a kid...that's an eternity!!!

Dad would finally get up, and it was rip em open time! I remember the year all 3 of us got saucer sleds....We drove Dad crazy all day begging him to take us into Frankenmuth to use them on the sled hills.....he finally got to a point where he said if we asked one more time, he would put the sleds up for the winter. Yep....that didn't work. We kept asking...and eventually, he took us into Frankenmuth so we could try out our new sleds. And it was a blast!!!!! I remember my youngest sister sliding right into the small creek running at the foot of the hills....and laughing about it. Yeah, laughed too soon...guess who ended up in there next. Yep, yours truly, me! And that was COLD!!!! I can still remember how that felt!!!!! But, it was such a fun day...and when we got home, Mom ran a warm bath for my sister and I....and had had chocolate with marshmallows in it waiting for us...and the usual ham dinner with all the trimmings.

continued in comments............

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Dec 7 @ 10:26AM  
Christmas today....all of my grandparents are now gone, cousins have grown up, moved away, don't really see them as much anymore, but, it's still about family for me. I know, there are those who it's a religious holiday, and I've seen a lot where it's about the amount and price tags of the gifts, but, for me, it's family. Both home, and here in my little Pervian family. I hope all of you have a happy holiday season this year....and isn't what you's how much time you spend with those you love.

Well geez!!! Got a little wordy here....had to post the rest in comments!!!

Dec 7 @ 11:26AM  
How about some rerun copy/paste comments!

Christmas has faded in its significance for me. It is much more about kids for me in hindsight, either being one or raising one. After the age of around twelve it lost its luster until I was thrust into parenthood. Then it all became fun and magical once again. I got a taste of it the other night.

My daughter was down here from Missouri visiting last week. Thursday night we went with the four your old grandson and her BFF to the City of Grand Prairie holiday lights display. It has over four million lights. It is in a park. It cost fifteen bucks a car during the week and has some free carney rides. The kiddo had a blast. Here is the link to it if you know anyone in the DFW area who might be interested, I heartily recommend it.

As a kid my fondest memories were certain gifts and tricks I played on Tommy. The things I remember that I wanted and got were relatively big ticket items: a bicycle complete with training wheels at the age of four and a half, a full size three speed bike at the age of seven and a half, and a motorcycle (Honda 65) at the age of fifteen and a half.

When I got the motorcycle a new law took effect that had a quirky loop hole. At fifteen and a half California changed the law on drivers licenses. You used to be able to get a license at sixteen, but they changed it to eighteen unless you took drivers training. The school offered it but once the law came into play, there was a long waiting list for drivers training.

However, you could get a learners permit at the age of fifteen and a half. At that time, the loop hole was that you could operate a motorcycle with a learners permit. Needless, to say that was liberation. I was able to increase my range and get a job as a bus boy to save up for a car when I finally got to take drivers training the following summer.

I think the my fondest memory as an adult was in 1984. It involved the "big box". Our daughter was nine and out of school for the holidays. I was pretty much off from work also. She and I collaborated on the "big box", a gift to my wife from Santa that was placed prominently against a barren wall in the living room. It was box that had contained a washing machine and we wrapped it wonderfully with a huge bow on it. Inside the "big box" was a smaller wrapped box, inside of it was another one, etc. I believe there was a total of eight boxes. The last box contained a note with instructions, something like "Christmas colors are green and red, you need to look under your bed!". Under the bed was a Christmas card directing her to another card. There were five or six of these. There was even one taped to the ceiling by the front door. They were aimed at leading her to the other end of the house and I at the appropriate time I excused myself to go to bathroom where I had put a TV in the shower. I then got it and put on top of our dresser. The second to last card directed her to our closet where there was a card that said nothing. She went right by the TV without noticing it, got the last card and thought it was a cruel joke for a moment until she saw the TV. She was both sheepish and happy.

Since my daughter has grown up, Christmas has faded considerably. There are some nice holiday parties. But people have moved away, often hundreds of miles away. So friends and family have become fragmented. A Walmart gift card is pretty much the gift of choice. When I was married we had around 2,000 lights out front, no more. It is something that I just don't get into by myself.

Dec 7 @ 11:35AM  
Looks like everyone is reminiscent this week.

You got disc sleds? I'm so jealous.. all I ever got was a red flier, now mind you, that sled got used to death.. but yeah.

Merry Christmas Sugar.. I hope it's a good one for you.

Dec 7 @ 11:37AM  
Oh, happy Pearl Harbor Day! Let's all celebrate by buying a bottle of sake and getting bombed!

Dec 7 @ 11:47AM  
Looks like everyone is reminiscent this week.

Yes it does.

You got disc sleds? I'm so jealous.. all I ever got was a red flier, now mind you, that sled got used to death.. but yeah

Oh yeah!! We wore those out that very winter! We got our use out of them.


Dec 7 @ 11:48AM  
Oh, happy Pearl Harbor Day! Let's all celebrate by buying a bottle of sake and getting bombed!

Shoot! I'm a wimp when it comes to drinking anymore. One beer and I feel a slight buzz.

Dec 7 @ 1:09PM  
...and wonderful reminiscing it is!...I used to love going sledding and ice skating during the holiday season. It just felt more festive than any other snow day, except for the first snow then all were out and having a blast making snowmen and have snowball fights. Yeah...I didn't always live in the south or west.
Family is what holidays are all about to me too. I do love pretty wrapping papers and ribbons to tie in festive bows, probably more than I love the presents.
I am wishing everyone here a wonderful season and a great new year! Thanks Sugar for sharing. It is always nice to go down memory lane.

Dec 7 @ 5:39PM  
Greenie for the memories....

Dec 7 @ 5:44PM  
Nice memories Sugar!

Christmas to me means being with those you love.... not buying gifts but that seems like what it's turned in to. It is rather depressing each and every year to not be able to afford to buy gifts and I know it's not all about that. This year I will be more thankful to have my Mom and my daughter Once again this year, I have my special friend.

I really am more blessed than I thought, to have those I love and are near and dear to me. I am counting my blessings!

I still wish Santa would bring me a real boyfriend though.....

Dec 8 @ 5:57AM  
now that i'm not the kid in the house and I'm th papa bear, all I know is either way this is gonna cost me

but it also means ham and mustard toasted sandwiches, johnny walker and heat waves

hey everyone has to look forward to some indulgance for christmas and no-one wants to send me a blonde nymphomaniac for christmas

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What does Christmas mean?