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I've got an idea.

posted 1/14/2007 1:18:16 AM |
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I'm kind of sick of the massive influx of crappy blogs we've seen recently, so I have a little idea that might cut down on it a little. I'm probably just blowing steam and suggesting something that wouldn't actually work if indeed it was actually made and implimented, but what the hay, I might as well throw this idea out there. Since there are now blog rules and most of the new bloggers simply disregard them if they read them at all, why don't we make new bloggers pass a little quiz about the blog rules. This would force people to read the rules before being able to post a blog, making them aware if not actually educated and self conscious of what is and is not allowed and would likely make many of the new people think twice about what they are posting. Also, this would discourage if not eliminate many of the wanna fuck blogs as it would take too much work for many of those people and they would just give up before they post their waste of space blog. Just an idea.

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Jan 14 @ 1:37AM  
When you say recently I'm not sure if you're talking about tonight too. But it hasn't been bad with blogs on here tonight.

Jan 14 @ 1:52AM  
Honestly, though, the term of "crappy blog" is subjective. I've gotten lots of e-mails telling me that my blogs are boring, that I talkt too much, or that my ideas are offensive.

To be honest, that's acceptable to me. While I do think the "education" idea has merit, I just really like the idea of the new "report abuse" link next to the kudo button.

Obviously, in a free speech environment, rules are meant to be broken (like my blog on net neutrality) so we are all going to break the rules from time to time. But there will be pattern abusers who do it frequently. It will help to identify them and shut them down.

Still, I agree. I'm just as sick as anyone about seeing the "Any horny females in...?", "Holla to my peeps...", and "Why won't anyone fuck me?" blogs.

Jan 14 @ 2:18AM  
Allthough I agree with the idea I doubt seriously it would be effective. However with the advancement of genetic science I think that there is a way that we could alter thier genes to make them more compliant to our standards. We have just this kind of cutting edge stuff going on at the Cellar. If you would care to visit I'm sure that you would be impressed.

Jan 14 @ 2:27AM  
Straddle has a point. I have only seen two or three today. But that could be do to the weekend.
I totally agree with what Dominus is saying though. And we all at one point or another post something to that effect. either in a Blog or a comment.
There's not a whole lot we can do. For every one we chase off two more show up.
It would be an endless battle. I have hit the report abuse button a about three of them and nothing was done. So I just quit doing it.

Jan 14 @ 2:47AM  
Realy, another great way to stop the madness. Why don't we make people get breeding licenses. Only intelligent thoughful people can get the license to breed thus cutting down significantly on stupid people being born. without stupid people, we wont have stupid blogs......

Jan 14 @ 2:48AM  
it's the same thing they say about someone entering prison. If you go in all loud in the mouth about how tough you are, and how big your grape-fruits are, and what decrepid gang you belong to....

..yeah. You'll get respect. In fact, you'll get so much of'll be coming out of your A (pun intended)


Jan 14 @ 3:06AM  
oh geez, and here I was talking about the blogs being good tonight, and now look what pops up at the top of the blog list, a oneliner sex blog.

Jan 14 @ 3:12AM  
[/QUOTE]Honestly, though, the term of "crappy blog" is subjective. I've gotten lots of e-mails telling me that my blogs are boring, that I talkt too much, or that my ideas are offensive.[QUOTE]

I'm reminded of song by GnR

"My words may disturb but at least there's a reaction"


Jan 14 @ 3:14AM  
be careful, these posters of crappy blogs may have the memory span of a goldfish.... there one minute, gone the next...

just makes you wanna hit your head against things in frustration huh Perhaps it would make it easier to stomach them, then again the loss of inteligence would be a shame

Jan 14 @ 3:56AM  
A new scientific report from the Cellar explains the "one line sex blog" It is a known fact that we use only 10% of our brain power, and since everone knows that mens brains are "south of the border" we at the Cellar have found a direct correlation between cock size and the 10% rule.The ensuing result of this is the "one line sex blog"

Jan 14 @ 5:25AM  
Looks up now I see where my 99.99 goes and well worth the price. A group of scientist always on call to answer the most irritating questions we can come up with. To the cellar we're not worthy

Jan 14 @ 5:39AM  
I got a better idea lets all go streaking!

Jan 14 @ 5:49AM  
or orgy! who votes orgy raise your ummm well raise something!

Jan 14 @ 6:08AM  
he said orgy.......

Jan 14 @ 7:11AM  
bet ya'll didn't know my vocabulary was as big as my er a ego lol.....

Jan 14 @ 12:12PM  
LOL we are not in kindergarden.....

Jan 14 @ 4:13PM  
I am not an expert here however, there will always be flaming "Dick Brains" here as in most sites. There is a site called "Stockings HQ" it's a U.K. site for lovers of nylon stockings of which I am indeed! The point I am making is, when you go to the site and use the Chat Room, there are nothing but a bunch of people, mostly young that are talking about nothing! It's like reading "Seinfeld" instead of watching it! No one is talking about stockings!! I hate that! I wanna talk about stockings dammit! Anyway, look up at the top of this page. It states "adult dating & swinger community" The adult part does make it seem that it is okay to say something like "How about us fucking?" it is also a swingers site. I don't know about any of you here however, I would imagine going to a swinger's party has nothing to do with "Swing sets" per se. Get the jist?

Jan 14 @ 7:17PM  
Briefly let me state that blogs are the vien of the community. Though i do agree that they should not enlist the need to fuck, or not to fuck,but should be used to communicate sutle stories of experiences to capture a woman or mans attention, whichever it is. Then once you have that person in a one on one situation you both can let each other have it. But Fuck Use Some Fucking Tact (watch this) What Bitch wanna give me that sticky icky!!!! Take all this Meat!!! I mean really look at that font. Would you want some asshole hollering at your mom like that, damn anybody doing that is definetly getting no where with the ladies, so why waste the time and the space Player,playa!!!

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I've got an idea.