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Crocus for Grandma

posted 12/4/2010 8:32:51 PM |
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I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing lately. I suppose that’s as it should be when one is forced to face their own mortality. I don’t know, maybe everyone does it at some point in their lives?

I’ve been reviewing my childhood with freshly opened eyes. No, it was not an idyllic childhood. There were good times and bad, just as it is for most everyone. There were some pretty horrific things going on, but I’ll leave that alone for another blog one day when I feel like dragging you down. This blog is about happy things.

When I was a little girl (and I mean little, I was still wearing Toddler sized clothing in the 1st Grade), I had a very deep fondness for flowers. Not just any flowers, mind you.. only certain ones.

I suppose that as a child, I did not realize the extent of my selfishness. No, I know that I did not understand that concept at all. In fact, it’s taken a lot of years to recognize that trait in myself. After all, we are all perfect in our own worlds, aren’t we?

My Grandparents lived near the end of a small rural town, beside the river and the lumber mill. In those days (man I feel old saying that) there were no video games, Pong hadn’t even been considered yet. There was no Children sitting in the house glued to a television. It was unheard of. You got up, you got dressed and you headed out of the house for the better part of the day. Unless it the weather was bad, and then you drove your Parents mad with whining about why you couldn’t go outside. So I spent a lot of my time outside. Catching Skippers (water beetles) in the river, throwing rocks into the water, chasing around, running, climbing… kid stuff.

Grandma always had lots of Spring bulbs around her yard. There were Daffodils, Narcissus, Tulips and my very favorite of all.. the Crocus.

I remember checking, every time we went to Grandmas (which was often in those days), to see if the Crocus had come up yet, if they were blooming yet. As soon as they bloomed, I’d go on a picking spree. But not all three of the colors she had growing. I left the purple and yellow ones alone. I coveted the white ones.

I don’t even remember, now, what I did with the ones I picked. Did I take them inside to be put in tiny vases? Did I pack them around til they fell apart? I don’t recall. All I know for sure is that in my child mind, I had to have them ALL! Every last one.

Grandma teased me later in my life about having to pick all of her white crocus. How I’d completely erase their existance in the yard every year.

I look at these stories from my past now and wonder at how I could hav been so selfish? What was it about the simple white Crocus that I coveted them so much?

Not the scent, surely, as they had very little scent at all. Scent is why I loved the Lilacs. Roses and Mums were much more showy, and dandelions were pretty and could be used in games. So, what was the attraction?

I’m a whole lot older now, and I think I’ve finally got it. Somewhere in my little pea brain was a correlation. In our area, Crocus was the first thing to bloom. Fresh new life. The white ones, to me, sombolize a purity that nothing else has. A brand new beginning after the long cold Winter. A sign, if you will, that the cycle continues and that nothing lasts for ever, not even death.

So, while I was e-shopping for a Birthday/Christmas gift for my Grandma who will be 91 on 12/16, I came across the perfect gift from me to her. A little satin gift box filled with white crocus bulbs in bloom. She let me take all of hers, for so many years. She gave me so much without ever asking for repayment.

I thought that maybe this gift would say, “Thank you, Grandma, I get it now.”

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Dec 4 @ 8:50PM  
That was beautiful skwirl!! I bet they bring a tear to her eyes.... a tear of joy as she remembers how much joy it brought to you to pick each and every white crocus bloom you could find!


Dec 4 @ 9:21PM  
heartfelt and touching.i am glad you have this childhood memory to hold on to:)

Dec 4 @ 9:38PM  
Skwirl I really enjoyed you letting us enjoy your memories with you. I"ll just bet your grandmother will love her gift,and the memories it gives her!!

Dec 4 @ 10:25PM  

Dec 4 @ 10:36PM  
That is a beautiful story. A well deserved kudo.

With me it was the purple crocus which became a princess when I was playing in my grandmother's garden.

Dec 5 @ 5:17AM  

Dec 5 @ 5:35AM  

Dec 5 @ 5:45AM  
most women like roses, cos the thorns remind them which prick sent them

good blog though sweets, here's a kudo'z fo' u stash

Dec 5 @ 8:30AM  

Dec 5 @ 9:10AM  
VERY nice blog Skwirl Give your grandma a hug and wish her a 91st Happy Birthday for me!


Dec 5 @ 9:40AM  
Now that is a memory bring me to my knees

Dec 5 @ 11:33AM  
Remember Sammy a couple of years ago when I spent a lot of time mulling over my mortality? I think it's just a natural occurence as we travel farther down the path of life.

I love these kinds of blogs, hearing other's thought and memories....

As a kid, I loved tulips. Grandma 'n Grandpa Mac had the most gorgeous tulip beds but it was a look/don't touch thingy. I don't remember Grandma very well but she was kinda cross (I later realized that was due to strokes) and she woulda had my hide if I'd have picked her tulips.

Thanks for a good story...baked you a kookie...enjoy...

Dec 5 @ 6:39PM  
A kudo for a wonderful look into your life as a child. I read this, and I remember my Grandma had a apple tree in her backyard that she could never keep me out of. Whenever I was over there, I was up in that tree munching on apples, and they were always so sweet too!!

All 4 of my grandparents are gone now....and yeah, around this time, I really miss them. But, I don't let it get me down, instead, I reflect on the joy I had with them..and I cherish every memory...on my Dad's side, (that's the one with the apple tree btw), Grandpa (who passed away when I young) always sat in his rocker chair with his pipe and told us kids stories all night while Grandma, Mom, and the Aunts would be in the kitchen playing Yahtzee. Over at my Mom's parents, everyone gathered together, talking, while my cousins and I would be playing..and it never failed, Grandpa had to do, or say, something hilarious to get us kids laughing, and it was even funnier if it annoyed Grandma enough to sternly call his name.

Yeah, I look back at my childhood, and it was fun. Like you, there was no sitting in front of the tv all day...we got up, we had breakfast, (that is if Mom caught us in time.... ) and then we were out the door for the day. Unless the weather was really bad..or, if in the winter, it was extremely cold.

Memories are great.

Dec 6 @ 3:39PM  
We would have gotten along great back then...cuz I so would have been picking all the pink tulips since they're my fav. I'm just saying'...

Kudos on a wonderfully touching story.

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Crocus for Grandma