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Who wants a Gift from Santa? (Rev.2) Date Change!

posted 12/2/2010 8:00:27 AM |
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tagged: fun, christmas

I thought it would be have a "Virtual" in the blogs!!!!
BUT....You will have to let us "Santa's" know that YOU want a gift!!!
This way Noone gets Left out!!!!!!
Each one of Us can/will be Santa!! After the List has been Established... We can Tell everyone What the Gift was that Santa has for them...and why that person decided to give it!!! The gift..can be a Joke.. or it can Be something From the Heart!!!!
Its like the old saying goes....It don't matter what the gift is..."its the thought that counts!"
If everyone agrees to it...we can Celebrate 2 Weeks Before Christmas, on the 11th(Before everyone gets to dang busy!!) Is this OK everyone?
So....who wants to "Get a Gift" from us Santa's the blogs?
Step on up...We could really have a good time with this....if you peeps will play along!!!!

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Dec 2 @ 8:10AM  
PS: it would be cool if everyone would Post about this on their "Bulletin Boards"!!! (since we all have different Friends..on our list! )

Dec 2 @ 12:03PM  
Oh come on people...someone is putting this out there to give us something to do...and to think I'm in....I'm scared....but count me in.

A, that does mean you are in too...right?

Who else ??

Dec 2 @ 12:26PM  
Ok Toad count me in!!

Dec 2 @ 1:03PM  
I will play, but I don't understand??? Who is doing the giving and/or how do I give??? I don't get it? ...but I will participate!

Dec 2 @ 1:05PM  
I want a gift!!

Count me in. Bunny's this work?


Dec 2 @ 2:50PM  
Me too!! so....esplain please! How does it work?

Dec 2 @ 4:39PM  
Thx PPLs....
Everyone That is in...Will both ..Give to Everyone...and Receive from everyone!
OK....(Yes CL..I'm in! )...lets just say us few (6)are all that's Playing...(but I'm hoping that there will be a LOT more!)
I have to Pick out a Give...all 5 of you peeps....and
Each of you peeps...will Think up a gift for the other 5 peeps...!!! (Don't forget..this is Money is No..Problem!!!! Its a"Virtual" Christmas!!!!!)
I'm thinking that there should be a Price limit....of lets say...$50.00 per gift! This will help keep it personal!
What do ya say peeps?
The reason I Said the 18th is to get more ppl in the game...but if ANYONE....has a Problem with that date....please let us know!
Input is very welcome!!! (please!!!)

Dec 2 @ 5:22PM  
I want to be....


(sorry, that blog..just...I dont even know)

Dec 2 @ 5:27PM  
ahhh I'll be brave to, despite not being around to often anymore. Count me in too.

Dec 2 @ 5:33PM  
yeah luna... did you see his forum post? chicken fingers.....WTF?? Smells like a troll.....? lol

Okay Alex... count me in too!

Dec 2 @ 5:37PM  
I'm in too. I would never turn down a chance to play Mr. Toadman.

Dec 2 @ 6:09PM  
I got nothing better to do, LOL, sure, count me in!

Dec 2 @ 6:15PM  
I'm in!

Dec 2 @ 6:16PM  
Shawn? Say NO to crusty teddy bears and used tampons.... Jus' sayin'

Dec 2 @ 6:18PM  
Shawn? Say NO to crusty teddy bears and used tampons.... Jus' sayin'


Dec 2 @ 6:29PM  
Shawn? Say NO to crusty teddy bears and used tampons.... Jus' sayin'


Dec 2 @ 6:42PM  
I want a gift from Santa!

Dec 2 @ 7:00PM  
I want a gift from mr. frog

Dec 2 @ 7:28PM  
Oh,..I will probably end up with a $50 lump of coal, but count me in.
Hopefully the gifts are VERY personal, if ya know what I mean,,,

Dec 2 @ 9:02PM  
Can I just say maybe??? I've been trying to write a blog for 2 days and all I get is interruptions. Today has been a nightmare and all I wanted to do was sort through my Christmas decorations and they're still sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor and I haven't even touched them.

So...let's just say I'll try to be in....I really really will.....

Dec 2 @ 9:30PM  
I'm game.

Dec 3 @ 3:04AM  
I am excited!!!!!! ....hmmmm. I vet get duc tape...ha!...but no...aftershox you won't get coal....

Dec 3 @ 5:52AM  

I'm across the pond,but count me in.

Dec 3 @ 11:04AM  
I changed the date to...12/ that Cool with everyone?

Dec 3 @ 12:10PM  
The new date sounds fine to me!

Dec 3 @ 2:12PM  
Whatever date you want, but if it doesn't fall sometime on a monday or Sunday I woun't have time to play....yep...looks like it is a weekend, so I will be at work...maybe I can play catchup the day after...see if everyone is cool with that...I still don't know how to play....

Dec 3 @ 4:19PM  
I know what I'm getting OHT, KitKat and aftershox...must think about the rest.

Dec 4 @ 7:58PM  
I'm in

Dec 5 @ 5:39PM  
um......k......I guess I will play..... I haven't been around not sure that I really should be getting any gifts...but.....ok.....if the big "un wrapping" party is on the 11th...I guess me n Bunny will hafta meet up after or something

Dec 6 @ 10:34AM  
lmee git this straight...a) $$$ is no object....and being on amd means i can be myself...?/ he he he i'm in

Dec 6 @ 3:57PM  
its a waste of time,
every year come christmas time I ask the missus for a blonde nymphomaniac, but do i ever get it ,noooo

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Who wants a Gift from Santa? (Rev.2) Date Change!