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Gas Prices!

posted 12/1/2010 7:48:12 PM |
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Every now and then a few of us will post a blog inquiring about gas prices across the country and in your neck of the woods. And so I decided to do one since it's been a while since one has been done.

How much is gas a gallon in your area?

Here's it's $2.89 at the local BP gas stations, and $2.99 at the New Boston Marathon gas station.

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Dec 1 @ 8:01PM  
Most of the gas stations in my area range from $2.92 to $2.95 Which really ticks me off because just a couple of days ago, prices were $2.70 a gallon.

Dec 1 @ 8:06PM  
I stopped and got gas on the way home from work... paid 2.69 for it. It was 2.53 about a week ago when I got gas. It'll never be under 2 bucks a gallon again! Gone are those days!

Dec 1 @ 8:09PM  
Hell, I would like to know why gas prices are always so high here than other areas across the country.

Dec 1 @ 8:22PM  
Last time I saw it, it was $2.76/gal but that was last Monday, probably higher now!

Here's a link anyone can use to locate the cheapest price in their area!

Gas Buddy


Dec 1 @ 8:22PM  
Seems the average around here for regular is between $2.57to $2.69. I bought fuel last Friday at $2.47.

Dec 1 @ 8:24PM  
Gas is $2.79 here as of yesterday. Last week and during the Thanksgiving holiday week end it was $2.63. A 14 cent increase in one day. I sure can not figure it out. Guess we are at the mercy of the oil companies

Dec 1 @ 8:24PM  
Looks like someone really REALLY admires me. I have a fan. My view count is now over 250.

Dec 1 @ 8:35PM  
Gas has been staying around 2.79 in my area, on the interstate it runs around 2.89. to 2.99

Dec 1 @ 8:46PM  
In the area I'm in...its Dropping! it was $2.69 Sat. and today's price is $2.64 ! A few miles up the was $2.55 Yesterday

Dec 1 @ 9:28PM  
Guess we are at the mercy of the oil companies

Oil is a commodity, same as gasoline, natural gas, currencies, sugar, beef, poultry, corn, etc.!

Commodities are traded 5 days a week through the buying and selling of contracts in Commdities exchanges, that's why gasoline prices vary from day to day and not on the weekends!

These "winfalls" that politicians just love to use as a way to 'show' that they are working for the citizens... are bullshit!!! When oil prices zoom up, so does all other petroleum based products- also when oil prices zoom up, the "winfall" that the oil companies make sometimes, is the difference between what the oil companies paid to get the oil out of the ground maybe months or even years ago and what they are paid for their product in today's prices! Commodities prices are affected by world events! Every time I hear politicians flat out lie like that, it makes me want to take a 2 X 4 upside their heads!

The price of gasoline you pay for at any station, is what the gas station owner paid for it to have it delivered, the day they ordered it and add just a few cents, if that, to the cost/gal! Ask the station owners what they make on gasoline. They make money through volume and other things you can buy at the station, including service! As usual, the one who really makes out, is your Unky Sam, for doing absolutely nothing!



Dec 1 @ 9:55PM  
Straddle quit your bitchin! $3.96/gallon for the cheap stuff here in Kodiak.

$5.66/gallon for propane for the hot water. Now I am buying an on demand electric heater in the new year.

$3.30/gallon for heating fuel for the furnace. looking at electric wall heater as our new wind turbines and plans to add another hydro turbine are bringing down the cost of electricity here.

Dec 1 @ 10:09PM  
Around $2.65 here.

Dec 1 @ 11:23PM  
3.14 is cheap right now with 3.19 average

Dec 2 @ 12:24AM  
Seems to be hovering around $2.65 this week, although I lucked out over the weekend to fill up at $2.59. Recent travel to other states I saw a range from $2.75 - $2.99 plus one place at $4.01 out in the middle of nowhere.

Dec 2 @ 2:24AM  
About $2.89 around here. Could be worse. My daughter-in-law is visiting her family in Poland while waiting for the government to get off their ass and give her the visa so she can come back here. You don't even want to know what they are having to pay for gas. Needless to say she is driving as little as possible over there.

Dec 2 @ 2:54AM  

Dec 2 @ 3:03AM  
...I have my own gas...why do ya think Tassies buddies don't spend the night!

Dec 2 @ 5:53AM  
Gas jumped from $2.69 to $2.89 this week.

Dec 2 @ 5:04PM town made a Lier out of me....again today!!!! The Price of reg. gas went UP.........19 Cents overnight!!!! WTF!!!!

Dec 2 @ 5:19PM town made a Lier out of me....again today!!!! The Price of reg. gas went UP.........19 Cents overnight!!!! WTF!!!!

Well OHT, guess your town was feeling a little left out and decided to join the rest of the country.

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Gas Prices!