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What one act of total stupidity stands out most?

posted 11/30/2010 10:38:10 AM |
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I'm sitting here today with my left knee feeling kind of achy. This knee has taken a lot of abuse over the years. Wipe outs on my bike, hit that damned little pebble with a skateboard, yep, landed on the left knee, just seems like my left knee caught more hell than the right knee. Although, I do have a scar on my right knee from a wipe out on my bike where a sharp stone left quite a deep cut. Anyway, I think the most damage to this knee occurred on one of my "not so bright" ideas.

I remember it was Sunday in late August. It had rained that day, and my family was up north at the cottage for the week. I had been a whiny brat that whole week, I was 17, just got my driver's license that year, and dammit...I wanted to stay home and hang with my friends at the arcade....not be up north with "nothing" to do. The nothing to do was my own doing because I refused to join in family things like fishing or taking rides. You know..the "teenage protest". Well, we got home Sunday late afternoon, first thing I did after unpacking was to call my best friend and ask if she wanted to head out to an arcade. After putting stuff away, I asked Mom if I could which she said yes, go on. I still say to this day she couldn't get me out of the house fast enough that day. Nothing like a teenage girl pouting and whining for a week. Anyway...a little background info here...with all 3 of us girls, Dad bought us our very first car when we got our driver's licenses with the condition that we have a job for insurance and gas. My very first car was a '76 Plymouth Duster. Cute car, bad front alignment though. For an inexperienced driver, that car was all over the road. I actually "practiced" with it on side streets before getting on main highways so I got the feel for when it would "drift".

My sister and I headed over to our friend's house, picked her up, and headed over to the arcade. While I was getting my tokens for the games, they had discussed taking a "ride" down a road known for it's wicked curves and steep hills. It is actually quite fun to take fast....if one knows what the hell they are doing. I got back, and my friend brought up the idea of taking a joy ride down that road. Typical teenager...I said yeah. Then, here comes the good part, my sister suggests we let our friend drive the car since she's been down that road a lot of times and knew it better than we did. Can't go wrong with that...right? Oh yeah, did I mention? Our friend was 15 years old, and hadn't taken driver's ed yet. Although...she was notorious for taking off with her older sister's Buick all the time. So....teen logic, I let her drive since she "knew" the road better than I did. So, here we are...driving up this road, it's posted speed limit is 35mph..she's going at the least 50mph...hey...gotta get some good speed going to "feel" the dips from those steep hills ya know. I remember joking we were doing our own little "Dukes of Hazzard" driving that day. Of course, that Duster wasn't the General Lee, and, I didn't know till years later that Dukes of Hazzard used a LOT of General Lee's. We got to the end of the road, stopped for a few minutes to smoke a joint, kick back for a few, then head back. Remember, it rained earlier that day, roads are still damp, plus, bad front alignment.

We were driving back just as fast as before, our friend had a lit cigarette, and the roach clip w/feathers hanging on the rear view mirror, and we took an extremely sharp curve a little too fast......and, at that time, our friends cigarette had touched the feathers on that clip and started burning. So, she's trying to navigate that curve, put out the feathers while driving on slick roads with a car with a bad alignment...and next thing we knew...instead of being on the road, the car is heading towards an empty field. Then there is this horrendous "thump", and what seemed like endless spinning. There was a small ditch that the car hit, and then flipped. My sister insists she counted it rolling 5 times. And when it stopped, we sat where we landed...our friend was in the backseat, I was laying on the driver's door, and my sister was standing.......See, the car landed on the driver's side. Our friend and I were trying to open the passenger door and my sister was the one who discovered that the windshield had popped out during the, we climbed out through there.

continued in comments.....

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Nov 30 @ 10:49AM  
No one was in pain yet....amazing what shock and adrenaline can do for someone. It really hadn't sunk in yet what happened...and we got the bright idea of just telling Dad we had been in a "fender bender". We managed to tip the car back over on it's tires, and there was simply no way Dad would ever believe in a fender bender...that car resembled aluminum foil loosely crinkled up. Then the realization sunk in...or should I say, knocked all 3 of us along side the head!

About this time, a car had pulled up, it was an older couple who saw us, and asked if they could help. So, we gave them my parent's phone number to call Dad, and my sister, not thinking, accepted a ride home with them. They took her home, but, it was later, while talking with the police, that we found out that when in an accident, ALL must stay with the vehicle for the report. Hell, we were kids, we didn't know better. Obviously. I do remember one cop was real irritating with repeatedly saying, "You're lucky to be alive" Hell, we already had that figured out! Not one of us was wearing seat belts at the time as it wasn't the law yet, and from what we heard from the police talking to Dad, the windshield had popped out on impact. And when asked what caused the accident, I told them I had panicked when an animal ran out in front of the car. I do remember both the cop and Dad getting a "look" on their faces on that one. But, they let it go. I got a ticket for reckless driving, a few points on my driving record, had to go to a class...and was out a car. The ride home was a quiet one. Dad didn't really say much, mostly he confirmed what I already had an idea about...the car was was "gone".

A while after being home, I started to realize my left knee felt like it has jelly where the joints should be. I could walk on problem, just felt like "nothing" was there. And the next day....OMG!!!!!!!!!! All three of us were stiff and sore, head to toe for at least a week!!!!!!!! Especially the shoulders..which we figured came from when flipping the car back over. I knew, even back then, that I would have problems with this left knee, especially after that day. And today, with it being cool and rainy, yeah, it's achy. Just take a couple of Tylenol's and it's fine. But, it made me look back to that day 28 years ago, and say to myself, "What in the hell was I thinking?????".

Nov 30 @ 11:04AM  
Good read, sliding a greenie.

Nov 30 @ 11:35AM  
Ahh, the blissful ignorance of youth.

Nov 30 @ 12:44PM  
"What in the hell was I thinking?????".
You weren't!
Just like the rest of us when we were that age.......
Fortunately, most of us lived to tell about it.....although some of us lost a few that we loved and will never forget.

Green cookie...

Nov 30 @ 2:08PM  
You write really well! You stories are pretty damn good! Sometimes I can't read your puppy stories because they make me cry. This one made me remember too well how easy it is to get in trouble. Fortunately for me I was too scared of my Dad to go too far and too fast or too stupid. He was relly scarey! Not sdaying I didn't do anything stupid, just saying if I did go that direction I was always thinking how much trouble I would get into and I never enjoyed the stupid fun! That made it suck. ...Kudo's for reminding me of being young and SCARED!

Nov 30 @ 2:16PM  
...Ok here it goes...How did I find out my Dad was scarey??? HA! LOL! It was 30 below or so and all the kids had gone under the bridge to get drunk...Oh yeah, I was thirteen...I wanna go! I got so fuckin "wasted" (70's term) that when I got home I took all my clothes off right inside the front door while my Mom and Dad and their bridge club watched! ...need I say more....

Nov 30 @ 4:31PM  
When I was in high school there was this hood in the library that decided to have some fun with the elderly librarian. He put a condum in a book that he left partly out so she could see if right off the bat. Well, she was in the other room at the time and when she came back in she kept walking back and forth past it without noticing it. Well, time was getting a little crucial as I didn't want to miss the look on her face when she discovered it, so right before the bell rung I pulled the condom out and said here, this was in your book., and tossed it on her desk. The look on her face was priceless.

Nov 30 @ 4:35PM  
OMG I remember a road just like that But we skipped school and was out joy riding. I also had the same mom got me a car 74 old cutlass sports V8 I got a job for insurance and maintenance (daddy did it) street oodles of curves and dips and me smoking a cigerette smelled pot and I turned around and a girl was smoking car went straight instead of into the turn and we did a nice 360 and was about 5 ft from the front door of some woman's house She came out to check on us and I was furious over pot being in the car ( I never did pot and wouldn't allow it in my car) I wasn't going to jail Needless to say I never was on that road again


Nov 30 @ 6:11PM  
Not sdaying I didn't do anything stupid, just saying if I did go that direction I was always thinking how much trouble I would get into and I never enjoyed the stupid fun!

NOT thinking about how much trouble I could get into was my downfall. I always had that "live for the moment" thing. Like the time my sister and I were playing in our room upstairs...and we got the brilliant idea to hang out of the window and just "drop". Mom said she was quite surprised to see her 2 daughter "dropping" by the living room window. After she checked us over to make sure we didn't hurt ourselves...she warmed our little backsides pretty good. I think that's about the one and only time getting spanked by Mom hurt like hell. Now that I think of it...Mom always used to gripe about having 3 daughters, yet not one of us acting "girly".

Well, time was getting a little crucial as I didn't want to miss the look on her face when she discovered it, so right before the bell rung I pulled the condom out and said here, this was in your book., and tossed it on her desk. The look on her face was priceless.

That is funny!!!!!!

OMG I remember a road just like that

Those roads are fun. I still go up and down that road once in a while. Don't fly down it like we were that day, but, still step on it a little for the hills and dips...


Nov 30 @ 6:18PM  
Damn girl! You're lucky all 3 of you weren't killed! Did your dad ever find out you weren't driving?

Nov 30 @ 6:29PM  
Did your dad ever find out you weren't driving?

And here is the irony of the whole thing. Years after the accident, my sister and I were talking about it...and Dad was in the living room. Out of the blue..Dad asked, "It was _____ driving instead of you wasn't it?" He KNEW even then it wasn't me driving that day. Why didn't he say anything then? Cause he figured with the loss of the car, not to mention the fear of the accident, we had been punished enough.


Nov 30 @ 8:49PM  
Without going into a lot of detail, let's just say my guardian spirit has had an interesting life and very little rest from about the age of 3 until now. I was born with a sense of adventure which came with more than a few hair raising experiences and I have an assortment of scars to prove it.

Nov 30 @ 8:58PM were a Bad... Little Girl!!! C'mere for your Spanking!!!

Nov 30 @ 9:00PM  
C'mere for your Spanking!!!

Can I get in that line too?

Nov 30 @ 9:10PM  
Can I get in that line too?
Oh..... hell yeah!!!

Nov 30 @ 9:11PM  
C'mere for your Spanking!!!

Can I get in that line too?

I'm next!! After Kissy!!

Nov 30 @ 9:12PM  
Looks like Alex is going to be a busy man!!


Nov 30 @ 9:15PM  
I'm next!! After Kissy!!
Hell yeah!!!!....I do Love staying busy!!!

Nov 30 @ 9:23PM  
Sometimes it's amazing that you survived to adulthood huh? Yeah, me too. I think your story trumps mine though.. probably.

Nov 30 @ 9:28PM  
And I thought this blog was about to go all to hell........................skwirl keeps it real! LOL

SOOOOOOOOOO... now I want to hear her story!!!!!!!!

Another wreckless teenager blog please!!


Nov 30 @ 10:19PM  
Sadly, I have no reckless teenager stories to tell that don't involve dating, LOL And I don't kiss and tell, so those shall go to the grave with me!

Nov 30 @ 11:14PM  
What one act of total stupidity stands out most?
I have way too many stupid and reckless childhood stories...especially during my teen years. I too asked the question...What the hell was I thinking?!?!

Let's see...
I could tell you about my journey into a drainage tunnel on a dare.,,
the time when a group of us toured an abandoned psych ward...
the time when a group of us ( was the same group ) decided to tour an abandoned school on the outskirts of town...
the many times I coasted down this huge hill on my bike with no hands. Let's just say a free Icy was involved. I was apparently a cheap date in those days.

I can honestly say I should not have survived my childhood or teen years...and yet I did. And amazingly enough...I did it without a helmet...a seatbelt...or any type of safety gear.

I guess I'm one of those bad asses you read about.

Kudos on a good read Ms. Sugar. I enjoyed it very much.

Dec 26 @ 6:05PM  
Can I call a cab or ride the bus LOL we all have done dumb things as young adults LOL mine are under lock and key LOL I was that bad LOL

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What one act of total stupidity stands out most?