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I've often wondered....

posted 11/28/2010 6:04:46 PM |
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How did we get to a point in life where everything is rush, rush, rush? I watch people one, and I mean NO ONE, does the speed limit, at least here in Michigan they don't. Not even on city streets. Speed limit through most city streets ranges 25 mph to 30mph with the occasional 35 or 40mph...and everyone is doing at the least, 10 mile over the posted speed limit. And the expressways around here? OMG!!! Most have a posted speed limit of 70mph, unless going through a business district, then it drops down to 55mph. Let me tell try to drive 70mph on I 75 up here, you're gonna get ran over!

And it's so different from when I was a kid. It seemed so much more laid back back then. Car rides were relaxing, and if someone was speeding, sooner or later, there was a state trooper who popped out from nowhere to pull the speeders over. Today..nope. Lucky to see one cop on the road. Or unlucky depending on how ya want to look at it. Even in the grocery stores...WOW!!! People are barreling through there as if they are late for an appointment! And then there are the gossipers who stand in the middle of the aisle, blocking other shoppers to yap their jaws...and look at you like you're the one who is rude for saying, "excuse me". Now, if I REALLY wanted to be rude, I would say, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU GOSSIPING HENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bet that would get their attention!

And with today's technology, I see it all the time, people walking or driving, with a cell phone attached to their ear. No wonder people today have high blood pressure! Getting out of the house to get away from daily stresses follows you all over the damned place because of that little cell phone, yet, we don't dare walk out the door without it. Never know when the car might break down, or the kids might try to call to let you know if they're going to be late getting home....or someone from work has to ask that question that just can't wait till the next morning. I gotta ask.....How in the hell did we survive WITHOUT cell phones????

Don't know about where the rest of you grew up..but I remember as a kid, we never stayed in the house...we got up in the morning, threw on our clothes, had a bowl of cereal, and we were out the door for the day. Riding bikes, skateboards, playing at friend's houses, exploring in the little patch of woods nearby, and all of us kids knew...when the street lights started coming was time to head home. Family dinner was at the kitchen table. That was always fun...Dad didn't think so of course. My sisters and I, for some damned reason, we'd get the chuckles at the table and not be able to stop. Then Dad would get frustrated with us, and one of his favorite lines was, "stop your hee hee's and ha ha''s time to eat not goof off!". Well, that would hit our funny bones a good one, and we'd be and Dad would just roll his eyes and exclaim, "I give up!!!". And, of course, when dinner was done, Mom had us 3 girls help her clear the table and do the dishes. Then it was off to the living room where we would watch, and yes, I can remember this, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie, M*A*S*H, Three's Company, Adam12, Emergency, Starsky and Hutch, and The Mod Squad. Those were the shows Dad liked to watch, Mom like Kojack The Night Stalker, and she LOVED Sci Fi Theater on weekend nights.

I look around today, I don't see that "laid back" family anymore. I see people rushing all of the time...and I can't help but wonder........What happened?

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Nov 28 @ 6:29PM  
Alabama sang about this very thing..years ago!
We have become so........Material.... that Life just passes us by!!!
Run, run, run!!! Its the American way!!!!

Nov 28 @ 8:39PM  
Let me tell try to drive 70mph on I 75 up here, you're gonna get ran over!

That's how you know you're in Michigan, soon as you pass the MI/OH border going into MI.


Nov 28 @ 10:09PM  
People just always seem to be in a hurry anymore..... until you're the one in a hurry and everyone else has alllllllllllllllllll the tiiiiiiiiiiiime in the world!


Nov 28 @ 11:32PM  
You know, I'm retired and I still have trouble slowing down. I've been doing better this last year. I stay busy but I don't drive like a maniac anymore and I'm really getting good at reminding myself that what I don't get done today will still be there tomorrow and there isn't anything that is so important that it ruins my ability to relax and enjoy life.

I really watch the speed limits as I'm determined not to waste money on a big fine just because I wanted to save myself 2 minutes getting somewhere I didn't have to be at any given time.

I could've had so much more done around here than I do but I spend a lot of time with Susie and my sisters and lovin' it.

Cell phone? I don't use that much either. I'm getting a land line only because it comes with my cable package but I doubt that I use it at all.

Good blog....cookie rollin' your way....

Nov 29 @ 12:56AM  
My college buddy from France used to always say "You Americans are strange, always in a hurry, you live to work instead of work to live and never take the time to really enjoy life"

When I look around I see she had us pretty well figured out. I am working on slowing down but still do not have the hang of it yet.

Nov 29 @ 10:25AM  
yup, seems like no matter where we live, people are in a big hurry to go nowhere. why, i have no idea, but in various commercials on tv when they tout these gadgets, there is always some reference to getting more done. yeah like pissing the person off behind you because you are weaving all over the road and running about 15 miles an hour slower than the rest of the pack.

and i remember when week ends, and during the summer, i spent very little time in the house, unless i had a book to read. saturday mornings i might watch a few cartoons, then i was out the door and gone.

today, i'm retired, don't have to be anywhere until i get there, but i still like to get there within a reasonable time frame.

Nov 29 @ 6:01PM  
Yeah, this is pretty sad to where people don't take the time to enjoy life these days it seems.

Nov 29 @ 7:09PM  
People are crazy busy around here...and I absolutely hate it.
Rush...rush...rush. This mentality reeeeeeeealy gets on my last nerve.

People have anxiety...and they're giving it to their kids. I see so many kids over-scheduled these days because their parents think they should be busy every second of every day.

I'm also routinely seeing kiddos who have no idea on how to handle themselves when they're not scheduled...or how to take part in imaginative play. It's really a sad state of affairs IMHO because kids really need to posses these skills.

Kudos on a great blog topic Ms. Sugar.

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I've often wondered....