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Not a review.........A story for you........

posted 11/27/2010 2:21:21 PM |
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I am thinking that sugar is going to be writing a review this week so I thought I would write you a story.......well actually anyone who wrote a blog in the last few days helped........can you see where.........(I fucking put it in should be able to find it........ )

Mr.PussyGuy says Ladies I am in need for sex because my balls are blond and blue. He missed out on Miss Peggy Peon Fleming from altoona,Pa.....who use to take pool cues and the average woman and played bulls and balls.

I could be wrong about Breaking the barrier as in is this done. There are funerals around the world for men whose dick have died from not being used, but unlike those men escaping from ALaska, did you ever wonder if they ever thought it was a pleasant evening with Rebecca of bunnybrook farm instead of sitting in front of the computer looking for friends and sex......or friendly sex.

M as in mossad, use to say all these losers mantra was I want to get it in. Dildos were out and the weapon sales this season were a Christmas Tree. I am not sure how that replaced the dildo, but some say The Day After was a hassle in the castle with something missing.

I heard one man here say Thanks Ladys, gonna try my hand at this........but as any of the fifty million red army rednecks will attest to They are cumming cumming again and again and again and won't leave which I guess is understandable but how the hell do you get the pine needles out of well those spots........and Okay....who's doing the dishes.

One man had shopping tips for surviving how to fuck with a christmas tree......but the one who was in oral sex who ate the damn thig.......well when they rushed him to the ER his only words were I can't believe I ate the whole thing.....which makes me think he might be a little gregarious in oral sex and taking the meaning of eating her out a bit literally.

One died of too much of a good thing but his ghost of rangoon came back to say Whats your favorite thing? Hay Hay now ........The Mrs. will hear you talking like that...because Once upon a time she was a lady who didn't do anything on sundays but make Fry bread. Mr. Pussy came along and said I have a game for you..

Mrs. said she didn't have times for games cause she wanted to rant about her good daughter who got caught by the police in what is now called the caper of the raper of the Turkey. Supposedly she heard that was How to get a man to grow a longer penis for Christmas.

Where is everyone, Thanks.........Giving usually just a blog.....Mr.Pussy wanted the AMD Family to know he was here for the hunting. He stopped buying condoms but gave a Thanksgiving day prayer that the holiday breakfest would include conforming to non conformity........using Thanksgiving recipes of using Turkeys instead of Christmas Trees for sex.

Thanks from the bottom of my tart, says Mr. Pussy With Obama giving us new health care......if the turkey gets stuck anywhere and i have to have it removed.....well this is going to be the best sex ever.

Funnywhapper told him to each his own if he wants to be a spoiled bitch and fuck a turkey so be it.......but the CDC says that fucking Turkeys and Christmas trees is the leading cause of buring the brain cells. Perhaps Mr Pussy could go to to all krazy Kollege Kampuses everywhere and give lectures on..........well what would you call it? Oh well Whats in a name anyway.......he could just say that even if its the biggest bang most people consider it an indecent proposal and after wards they could have the final barbecue with him following up on his problem of turkey fucking...........tho I wouldn't suggest barbequing the turkeys........cause Mr. pussy may go into a sexual frenzy screaming Meeee Soooo Horny.......

Some things are just better off not done and not talked about.

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Nov 27 @ 2:35PM  
OMG...Lady You are Frigging Gifted!!!!

Nov 27 @ 4:39PM  

Nov 27 @ 5:18PM  
I am thinking that sugar is going to be writing a review this week, not this week. Been working all week, only day I had off was Monday (I think it was Monday )...but, I think about doing one next week. (Now I'm gonna run and hide )

But, I'm gonna leave a kudo for this one......just cause.

Nov 27 @ 7:02PM  
My head was spinning after reading this!!!


Nov 27 @ 8:15PM  
...Lady You are Frigging Gifted!!!!
Gifted?? Is that really what it's called, because all this time I've just been calling her special.
Oh wait... maybe that's a completely different subject after all...

Gotta admit I do not know how you do this stuff, Dayna....but you do a great job of it.
Leaving you a green cookie...hope it's not stale cause I never give them out anymore.

Nov 27 @ 8:16PM  
And the Thanksgiving was done by All... Smile...

Nov 27 @ 10:21PM  
Picture this... I'm tapping my finger tips on the table in a wave like pattern, while staring at what I just read in your blog, a speech balloon appears next to my head with the thought: (! ! !)- I realized later that: YEP... in your own special way, some how, you wrote a weekly review anyway... albeit, abbreviated but, a review non-the-less!!!

A kudo for a funny read!


Nov 28 @ 6:53PM  
As usual you do an awesome story

Nov 29 @ 8:30PM  
Oh my beloved..... you are so very creative.

Nov 29 @ 9:09PM  

Is there something (someone) we don't know about Dayna???


Nov 29 @ 9:21PM  
Wow...I can't believe I missed such a fun blog.
You definitely have an amazing talent and some incredible creative flair Ms. Sheep.
Kudos on such a witty blog.

Nov 29 @ 11:00PM  
Ewe and I have an uncommon, though lasting love. She has a hard time admitting it to the world, but she and I know the truth.

Nov 30 @ 12:38AM  
I see that Thomas has made an appearance..........long time no see.....PK finally let you out of your cage did she? and I have told you many many times...............cats and sheep cannot ever EVER have a relationship................other than friends............... are still the craziest woman I ever met in my life...........LOL

Is there something (someone) we don't know about Dayna???
Nope..........just a cat that should have been neutered a long time ago.........

Thanks everyone for the great comments.........even you thomas.............LOL


Nov 30 @ 2:25AM  
Wait. Is someone using my name in vain here? Sheesh, leave a site for months or years and come back and people are still talking about you.

Love ya, Dayna!!

(And I beg to differ, I have pics of the cat and the sheep. Don't make me out you, LOL)

Nov 30 @ 2:30AM  
Sheesh, leave a site for months or years and come back and people are still talking about you.
That;s because we still miss you so you too

and you promised that no one would ever see those pictures.

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Not a review.........A story for you........