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Something Missing!!! (Please read the whole blog!)

posted 11/26/2010 7:46:50 AM |
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tagged: love, sisters, brothers

Back a couple of weeks ago...when my Baby Sis died....and we had to go make all of the Funeral arrangements ....We all met at my Moms house....and then went to the funeral home.....but the whole time...from the Moment....we left the House.....I sensed something was Missing!!! I kept asking my Bro...are we forgetting something? He said...Yanno...."I feel like we are leaving something out...and I can't put my finger on what it is"!! I told him..yeah me too!!!
So all of us went 2 Sisters, bro, and sis inlaw, and myself...
We had to pick out the Casket....and all that BS..that Noone wants to do at a time like that!!!! The whole time...I'm wondering what it is that we were forgetting!? Well, we got thru all that... after 2 hours ......and went back to Moms house........
They told us we could View the body...around 4 pm,the next day and they would call us when she was ready!!!....So the next day we all hung out at Mom's house till then.
They we all went back...still wondering...what it was that we were Leaving behind!!!
We go in....and to be honest..I didn't want to see my baby a Coffin!!!
But I/We had to make sure that the peeps at the funeral home had dressed her according to our instructions!!!
Yanno....I saw her just 2 days before she died..and she did not look like the person I had Hugged before I left her house!!! But that was my Baby Sis!!!
While I held her hand....It came to me...what it was we were Missing!!!
IT WAS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya see....when ever someone else in the family died...she would always Ride with us to where ever we needed to go!!! But this time she was Waiting on US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said all Say this!!!!...........

This blog is Not a Vent...well maybe it is...but in a Different Way!!!
Ya see...... as I read the blogs....I feel like something is Missing HERE!!!!
We have several Peeps that are gone, because..of conflict's with other peeps....
Some were driven away...., some just got tired of the Above! BS!!!!
Tell me this Please.....? What Makes one persons Opinion...better? Right? More so than others?
Can't we forgive anymore?
There's room here for everyone....
This Place is like a big family...yeah..I have some in my family I'm not crazy about being around...but yanno....I still love them, I just givem space!!!!!!!
If we really think someone Don't belong....Then maybe we need to Re-think....our Attitudes!!!!!!?
Come on Peeps.....We all have Needs, Don't we?!!!
For all you perfect Ass Holes out there...
Guess what....YOU ARE NOT PERFECT!!!!!!!
Its OK to disagree!!! Lets Not Make Our Opinion "Law", please!!!!
My 2 cents!! With Love!!!!!

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Nov 26 @ 9:45AM  
I haven't been here Hun because I've been working my ass off getting settled...and then I'm so tired I'm almost sick. I've slipped in to read a few blogs but haven't commented...just too tired to type.... So I don't know what's been going on here...I'll have to do some catching up. I'll blog in a while once my coffee kicks in...but you're right...there's room for everyone here, for sure.

Nov 26 @ 10:34AM  
Checking ones attitude at the door when entering AMD's blogs, would be a welcomed relief and go a long way to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone!


Nov 26 @ 10:47AM  

Very good blog, and extremely well put. I agree with you on all of this. It would seem that some seem to think their opinion is the right one. But whether it is or not. You shouldn't try to force it on others. Different people were all raised in different way, with different thoughts, ideas, and values. And we should respect that. And accept them for who they are. A friendship lost is a hard thing to rebuild
and in a lot of cases can not be rebuilt.

Green cookie for you Alex.

Nov 26 @ 11:06AM  
Mitakuye Oyasin

That is a term in Lakota that translates into We are all related. It means that all human beings are one family. I think if people would remember that then things would be better for everyone. That goes for this site and the rest of the world as well.

This was something I was taught at an early age by my father and his family and has helped me deal with the less than desirable behavior by people through the years. They may be crazy or have an attitude or get on your last nerve but in the end we are all one family.

Nov 26 @ 4:01PM  
I left a greenie for you darling. Couldn't have said it better myself. That's why I came back. I miss everyone and the kick I get out of reading the blogs.

I am happy with a very sweeet man and far toooooooooo busy for my own good. (Makes a note to slow down or I might end up talking to myself or listening to the voices like Whapper)

I am thankful I got to know some of the most dysfunctional wonderful people who hang out here.

Nov 26 @ 5:33PM  
I am right there with you ! Hugs for being so forth right but in a very genuine way. There is room for everyone. I remember a time when there wasn't room for me...I had to kinda slip in with ease. Kudo's to you and bless your heart!

Nov 26 @ 6:19PM  
I'm leaving a kudo for this blog. It is so true!!! This site, this blog page is provided to us, free of charge, to put our thoughts out there. All of us should be adult enough to realize there are going to be blogs that don't interest us..and that is fine. There is not one person here who has the "authority" to decide who can or cannot blog here. That decision should be left up to those who run the site. (whenever they decide to log in and check things out of course. )

Thank you for a good blog.

Nov 26 @ 7:36PM  
Well put Toad, I find the peeps just want to vent once in a while and I don't really think we allways think before we type!
Greenie for the post!

Nov 27 @ 7:43PM  
I use to believe that it was not realistic to hope that everyone gets a long............probably still is.........but I have come to the conclusion that things are never better when someone is gone..........nor are they worse...........things are just different.............I don't know that anyone can truthfully say they never took part in trying to get rid of someone..............myself included..........but I have found that some i wished were gone.........I now wish were here........although we may not have always gotten along and agreed on least they made the place a bit more interesting for me............JMO

nice blog.....

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Something Missing!!! (Please read the whole blog!)