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posted 11/24/2010 2:26:43 PM |
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Right about this season I start harping on sharing what you can with local food banks and charities. This year, I can't ask anyone else to do what I am unable to do myself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not in need, but there is zero extra.

I'm not complaining.. just stating a fact that is hitting a LOT of people this year.

So, I won't harp, if you are able, donate some non perishables to your local foodbank or buy a present for the 'angel' trees. if you aren't able... I feel your suffering.

Life is hard, right now, for so many of us. It's hand to mouth and paycheck to paycheck. I pray that things will turn around soon, but in case they don't... I'll pray for patience.

May each of you, no matter how you spend Thanksgiving,enjoy a joyous day filled with lots of nice memories. Unless you are in Canada.. then shut up you yoopers.. you already had your day. (kidding geeeze)

Love, a full belly and a warm habitat to all.

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Nov 24 @ 2:34PM  
Even though my life was hard I still found it in my heart to give back...
I for one even though it might of been my last dollar gave to the Vets....They need our help and support...
Also with my childs school I gave to the food drive... I am on that believes in pay it forward...I have in the last year have had so much help that I had to give some back...

Nov 24 @ 3:23PM  
With the economy the way it's been the past few years, lots of people are in need! I will do what I can!

Have a great Thanksgiving day Skwirl- feast on all those nutz you have stored!


Nov 24 @ 3:35PM  
Sometimes we can't do all we want...........but if we do all we can, that is more than some and better than nothing.

Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie...........I hope you and yours spend a wonderful day basking in the joy of family.

Nov 24 @ 5:02PM  

I knew my Sweet little Skwirl would post something like this because she has a
Beautiful Heart. That's why I lubs her.
I myself have given to the homeless and tothe Salvation Army, and will be cooking for 11 people.
It's not a question of what you have to give. Or whether you can afford it. Any thing even a kind word. If it's from the heart. It's most welcome.

God Bless You ALL

Nov 24 @ 5:25PM  
Yup, I gave my two cans and my dollar for the feed a neighbor drive.. but that's really IT.. that's all I can do.

My neighbors and I are doing a communal Thanksgiving meal so that none of us has to bear the full cost. Everyone here is hurting. But together we can make it even better this way.

Nov 24 @ 5:32PM  
Love, a full belly and a warm habitat to all.

Nov 24 @ 5:33PM  
How much do you know about Thanksgiving and Turkeys?

I only got 12 out of 20. Hmmm.. I'm not a thanksgiving officianado.

Nov 24 @ 5:52PM  
As most of you probably bikers do alot of benifits every year all year long! I do ride in alot of charity rides and try to give to the local soup kitchen on a regular basis!
All of you have a big Thanksgiving and say a little prayer fo those with less!

Nov 24 @ 7:43PM  
you are right things are rough for all of us.but when we can we should do whatever we can to help:)

Nov 24 @ 8:30PM  
yeppers I am right there with you, my dollar is so not stretching this year and supporting two households is all I can do, will be feeding a couple of college students though so this is my share.. and that my friends is all I can do.. I do not know how I was making it better last year on less money but maybe it was that there was one more small paycheck in the mix but not really.. I dun know... But happy Holidayz even is it is gonna be so tight it squeeks....

Nov 24 @ 8:48PM  
Doing what I can, I donated to the local food drive, local Salvation Army, have helped fill up some boxes to send to the troops in Afghanistan and of course theres a box for my kiddo and his new "family" since he's far from home. Times are harder this year than most. I'm just grateful I have a job, a roof over head and the health and well being of my family and friends. We'll make it through these rough times like we have before, together.

Nov 24 @ 9:14PM  
Dear Ms. Skwirl

I just sent some stuff over to the local shelter a couple of weeks ago. People have really got it rough around there are a lot of two income families who are working their fingers to the bone...and they still can't seem to make ends any help they can get is a blessing for sure. Thanks for the reminder Ms. Skwirl.

Yours truly,


P.S. I did gather up a large stash of nuts just for you. Unfortunately...just before I was about to send them your way...a wild Toadman and a crazy Australian swiped them clean out of my hands...right there in the middle of the post office parking lot. Better luck next year Ms. Skwirl.

Nov 24 @ 9:28PM  
A couple of weeks ago I bought a few cans of veggies, a bag of flour and 2 boxes of stuffing and put them in the bin outside the grocery store.. I really can't afford to do much else but i would if I could...
A girl I work with and her family don't have much this year and her husband just lost his job so after 7 lbs of cooked macaroni and 10 lbs of cheese, I have an extra pan of mac and cheese that I'm going to take to her house tomorrow morning. I have 5 pans of mac and cheese in the fridge now, ready to bake in the morning!! ...

Nov 24 @ 9:40PM  

I almost forgot,.... I bought a new oven for the womens shelter in town so they could cook more than one thing at a time.

Nov 24 @ 9:56PM  
a wild Toadman and a crazy Australian swiped them clean out of my hands

Ok bois.. I know who you are.. hand over the nutz!

Happy Thanksgiving my loves.. see you all after it.

Nov 24 @ 11:41PM  
I wish I had enough extra to donate to those in need. But like the skwirl said, there just isn't any extra! And that sucks big time!
My department at work sponsors a family each Christmas. I have always enjoyed participating in the donation each year. But this year, I barely have enough to get my family's Christmas covered, let alone buying things for someone else. I feel guilty for not being able to donate, though. I always get real pleasure out of doing for others.
Hopefully next year will be better!
Happy holidays to all my AMD friends!

Nov 25 @ 1:48AM  
This has been a rough year.
I have managed to find some change in my purse to put in the Salvation Army kettle and found a dollar or two to donate a couple cans of food to the food bank. I donated a painting to be auctioned off for charity to raise money for wood for the elders up at Pine Ridge so they do not freeze to death this winter.

Due to some recent developements we have been hit very hard this month and will be hit even harder next month. I see it this way though. I have a roof over my head even if it does tend to leak at times and I have food to eat so I am a lot better off than a lot of people out there who do not even have that.

When I think I am having hard times I remember my people up at Pine Ridge who have lived through worse every winter and survived and my life does not seem so hard anymore. It kind of puts whatever I am going through in perspective.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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