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AMD Family Thanksgiving Dinner

posted 11/24/2010 12:21:39 PM |
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Good Morning Family...........I have the table with all the extra leaves in it and covered with a beautiful tablecloth. The china is set and all of you have your place settings..........because you are my I am yours. Today we will set down and remember we are family and friends fighting, no bickering, no being a poo poo head (my granddaughter's favorite name this week LOL) or you will be forced to the card table with the kiddies, so here is your job before we set down to eat..........

Tell me what your favorite dish is to make (or eat) that you would bring to our table. (also whether you would share the recipe with us if asked)

You each get one place setting for a guest so who would you bring......(they can be alive or passed away)

Which one of the other AMD family members you would most like to set by: (pick one.......we are adults here.......not a popularity contest lol) and why you would want to set by them.

And last but not least what you are Thankful for this year.....list as many as you want.

When you have done all this we will all set down and eat after Grace...........I will start it and if you want to add to it please do............

Dear Higher Being........whether you be called God, Buddah, Great white spirit, Jehovah, Allah or any of the other many names we have for you (feel free to add those names).............

We thank you for this time to be together. For our "family" to remember that AMD is a place where we come to for many various of reasons. Like all families, we laugh together, we love each other, and we fight each other). Just like all families we have our good times and we have our bad times. May you help us have better good times and lesser bad times. ...............

(please continue if you want to..)

Now my answers would be....

My dish I have to pass would be Wild Rice Hot dish........and I would give any one the recipe.........its yummy

Of all the people I have lost that I miss so much, the guest I would bring is my mother, I would love to have one more day to just talk with her.

Now there is a lot of AMD members I would love to set by, friends that I have gotten to know over the years and come to love....friends I have talked hour upon hour with, shared stuff you only share with friend..........but I wouldn't choose them this time..........I would actually choose KitKat because I really havent had a chance to get to know here and I think she would be fun to really know.

My list of Thankfuls.......that my disease was caught in time before I died, that although I am in the shape I am, I still have it better than lots of people, my children and grandchild, oh there is so much more...........but one last thing I want to mention is I am thankful for all the friends I have met here on AMD.

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Nov 24 @ 12:53PM  
i am thankful the shelter has plenty of turkey

Nov 24 @ 1:01PM  

My dish I have to pass would be the Stuffing........and I would give any one the recipe.

I would bring is my mother who I recently lost.

I would actually choose 499BLU Because we have a lot in common, and I love that man like a brother.

Or; You might put Softy, Som, and I at the card table because we are older.

I am thankful for all the great friends and people I've met here on AMD.

Nov 24 @ 1:14PM  
If I could bring anyone, it would be my Brother Lowell. He tells great stories and cracks everyone up...not that we don't have funny people here...but, just because I don't get to see him much and I love him!
I would like to sit inbetween Night and Toad. Night would be very pleasant and Toad would keep asking me why? HA! LOL! I want Whisperin to sit across from me and Pink beside her cause those two would be a riot!...better bring a barrel of wine!
My dish would be my Gorgonzola Red Potato Hot Casserole with leeks and red onions and cream. Recipe??? I just kinda wing it.
Thanks for the memories and the ones the future will bring for many.Bless the ones that have lost their loved ones and help them to keep their memories near. Keep our hearts and spirits high for our lives are all we have to share with many. Let us be grateful to share and responsible for the way we share.
Thank you for the invitation to dinner and bless you for being so kind to all !

Nov 24 @ 1:22PM  
My favorite dish to bring would be Cherry Grandmas recipe and yes, I'd share it!

My guest would be my twin brother, who was taken away from me 10 years ago...

I would like to be set near Bruce, he may be cranky, but I bet that he has fascinating stories to tell...

I'm thankful for my hubby, and through him, my extended family, my kids and grandkids, and all the friends that I've made are all so special to me in so many different ways...Thank you for being my friends!

Nov 24 @ 1:34PM  
I would bring My Mom's..home make pineapple Upside down cake!!! (If God would let her take time out to cook it!!!?) She was one of those Cook by sight recipe,... ppl also!!!
I would bring my Brother with me...!!! He was the first to my family!!! "1992"
He left our home area very early...(18 y.o.).....and I only got to see him Briefly before he died at 38 years of age!!!
I sure would love to talk to him ......!! ( are making me leak again!!! )
Hmmmm who to sit bedside??????
I will have to say "Bunny" on one side....(right beside me! ) and Chuck beside my Bro.!!!!
I'm sure we would have some awesome conversations!!!
I'm very thankful for my Family that is left, and For the Family I was Blessed to be a part of!!!
I'm thankful for having a roof over my head...Electricity, Internet, and a Phone,plus Food,...and toilet paper!!
I'm very thankful for my friends here...on AMD....and for my other friends!!!
Yall are the Greatest!!!
Happy Thanksgiving...everyone!!!!!!!!

Nov 24 @ 1:38PM  
PS: I swear...I did not see Bunnies Post, before I Posted Mine!!!!

Nov 24 @ 1:41PM  
Thanks is nice of you to reciprocate! I forgot...where to put my Brother??? Oh well...he doesn't like to sit for long anyway, he is more of the conductor type, so let's have him serve the food! ...that would be least to me...I bet he gets a crush on Kit, so whomever is sitting next to her...ya better get used to being scrunched over!

Nov 24 @ 1:50PM  
My dish would be my grandmothers ambrosia salad... She is no longer with us But to keep her in our hearts we still have someone in the family make it for every holiday get together....It is like any other recipe out there but she would use sour cream instead of whipped cream.... Yummy can't wait to have some tomorrow...

Nov 24 @ 1:54PM  
Also I would be just well Thankful to move around the table and talk and get to know everyone here.. You all are just amazing to me... So I'm thankful for all of my friends here on AMD>>>>>

Nov 24 @ 2:10PM  
My Dish would be Cranberry Relish, I think I've given that recipe to everybody already.

Who I would bring would be G. and I wanna sit between Luna and BLU! Somebody better sit between em.

Nov 24 @ 2:14PM  
I would bring my mac and cheese and would be more than happy to share my recipe... and I will here.... I add hot pepper jack, half a can of cream of chicken soup and a small tub of sour cream. Ya'll try that if you ever make mac and cheese! And it's even better the next day!

I would love to sit at the table with my Mom tomorrow. She's not going to make it to dinner tomorrow... on top of the chemo, she's got the flu, or a really bad cold... My step dad is sick too!

I would enjoy having dinner with all my friends here on AMD...... and for the day I would even be able to set aside differences to get to have dinner with a few others.

My daughter just came over! I'm thankful we're talking again!

Nov 24 @ 2:15PM  
Oh yeah.. and 3 eggs go into the mac and cheese too!

Nov 24 @ 2:19PM  
Oh what am I thankful for this year?

Miriam Soriano, MD. She has, literally, saved my life repeatedly in the last two years and has been extremely forgiving of my debts. She's written me off two years running. She's a doctor who isn't all about the paycheck. She actually cares that her patients feel good and be healthy.

My Family, both actual and chosen. I'm grateful not to have to attend any funerals this year.. only joyous occasions.

My Friends, both up close and far away. I have the best group of individuals in this world, with whom to share my joys and sorrows. I'm grateful and thankful for all of you.

That my darling Ceddie is no longer harboring cancer.. that he is starting to mend. That Chuck is still here to share his beautiful soul with us.. that Ewe is being taken care of and not having to face her hardships on her own. That Each and every one of you have overcome your obstacles enough to be here and to share your lives with us.

I'm grateful and thankful for life, for my many blessings and my hardships. For sunshine and for rain. For good days and even for surviving the bad ones. Sorry, but I can't find it in my heart to be thankful for the snow .. just can't.

love you all.. now pass the bizkits!

Nov 24 @ 3:04PM  
I don't know what i would bring, i'm not the best cook, but i'm sure my Mom would make something very special for all of us, she's a great cook, and you know who i would like to sit next to, someone who has never said a bad word about anyone, someone who has been abused, made fun of , someone on AMD who would never be invited by any of our members to join us on a holiday dinner, that someone who had been forgotten, that someone i would like to sit next to is Whapper.I wish all a great holiday.

Nov 24 @ 3:06PM  
If I have any kind of 'recipe' at all, it would be my chili I make occasionally, which changes a little every time I make it- to 'share' my 'recipe', I would have to send out monthly addendums along with it! However, my mother used to make 'killer' home made bread with a crunchy crust- eat it after it cooled off a little out of the oven, with butter- damn that was good!!

As for all the people I have lost, the guest I would bring is my close buddy I lost years ago to a car accident. He would be amazed at all that's going on in the world today and would be fun catching him up on it!

As for friends on AMD and elsewhere, I would need to rent a hall to accommodate everyone- all of the ladies would sit around MY round table, with a round hole cut in the center of it, with me in the center on a swivel chair and the all guys sitting at another table, at the far end of the hall!

My list of thankfuls... one would be that I can still 'press' 170lbs when I get up every morning- by simply 'hoisting' my 170lb body out of bed and stand up! I'm thankful that I can even begin to think I can dump my business of ten years and get into another one I can do, while traveling around the country, maybe this time next year- dunno yet but, I'll really be thankful for that, if I can pull it off!
I am thankful for all the friends I have met here on AMD.


Nov 24 @ 3:14PM  
-Sausage and apple stuffing; sure, have at- its from allrecipes anyway.

-Best friend Kyle; its like I hardly see him since his family, school and demanding fiancee all want a piece of him so frequently. I guess that's the way it goes..

-Couldn't choose...probably Ms Skwirl. She's been the most loyal and steadfast person I've ever met on here. She knows I can be a jerk but cares about me all the same.

-Grateful for small acts of kindness like a bike given to me. That unlike last year where none of us had enough $ to barely eat from using every penny to help us move, I can call my mom up and she will send me a plate..or I can opt for making meatloaf. Point is, I'm not starving. Grateful for opportunity- more for family members than me- sister's training for a better paying job which will benefit her greatly. That although everyone's tired and ailing, we're all still here. Grateful that one of my friend's family put aside their closedmindedness enough to call him family again. Grateful that it isnt diabetes, just pcos and that I'm on the right track to feeling better again emotionally and physically. Grateful for nice n shiny new cookware and knives and an mp3 player. And grateful for my latest "friend" who's coming down from Canada to see me next month. He's a special case, unlike some Ive known in the past..will see how things pan out.

Nov 24 @ 5:39PM  
LRR, I think Whapper would make a grand addition to the table. Just so long as no one lets him say the grace. Love you Whap~

Nov 24 @ 6:25PM  
I guess the only thing I could bring is some apple pie moonshine for all to sample after dinner! Can't really bring the recipe unless you have excess to some moonshine!
I would have to bring my ridding buddy Jimmy who passed away last mo.Maybe I could talk him out of his Mickey Mouse Watch!
Who to sit beside? Ireally don't care because everyone has been great to get to know a little about. So I would probably just try to talk to everyone.
Thanks guys for allowing me into Periva!!!!

Nov 24 @ 8:10PM  
I'm a little late to the party........As for what to bring...tough choice between my southern grannie's homemade pecan pie or my nothern grannie's brown sugar tarts. Hell just bring em both, they're delicious and sure I'd share the recipes. (although the family always says I'm the only one that makes them like they did, God rest their souls). As for who I would bring.....easy choice, my son. As this is the third Thanksgiving I've gone through without him. Yeah he's only been gone for two years but the last year he was home he was working for Wallyworld and having the big heart he does he volunteered to pull a double shift that day in tire and lube express so that those with kids / families could be home with them!
I might have to put him on one side of me, gotta protect him ya know, he's quite a hottie these days! As for who would sit on the other side, I'd be happy to sit next to Terry (Whapper) if LadyRamRod wouldn't mind sitting on the other! I'm pretty sure that green pic is just not doing him justice at all!

As for what I'm thankful for....First and foremost I'm so grateful that my son came home safe and sound from Iraq! I'm grateful for my somewhat improving health! At least I have a diagnosis and know how to fight it! I'm grateful for my job, as much as it drives me crazy sometimes, I'm sure it would be so much worse in the unemployment line! I'm grateful for my family and friends both here in my real world and those I've made here. Many of you have been a shoulder when I've really needed it and for that I will be eternally grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Nov 24 @ 8:16PM  
oh and I'd bring you a shiny green kudo for this blog.......good one D!

Nov 24 @ 8:34PM  
who to bring prolly my husband .This will be the second Thanksgiving without him . And he would have a hell of a good time here.I would bring my pumpkin cheescake always have to make 2 cause everyone thinks I made it just for them

Nov 24 @ 10:00PM  
Tell me what your favorite dish is to make (or eat) that you would bring to our table. (also whether you would share the recipe with us if asked)
I stuffing (from the turkey of course)...pecan pie...deviled eggs...and cheese potatoes. Nummy!

I would bring my famous dip...and a scrumptious fruit cobbler. I'll give you the recipe to my cobbler...but I'm hanging onto the recipe for my dip. It's been driving people nuts for years...and no one has ever been able to figure out the secret ingredients. Yeah...I know...I'm a stinker.

You each get one place setting for a guest so who would you bring......(they can be alive or passed away)
I would bring my grandmother because she was always such a dear to everyone...and a complete class act.

Which one of the other AMD family members you would most like to set by: (pick one.......we are adults here.......not a popularity contest lol) and why you would want to set by them.
I was gonna pick just one person...but everyone else has picked more than I guess I'll do the same.

I would sit between Tassie and Somnium...and right across from Ms. Skwirl and Ms. Sunshine. My table would also include Ewe_Wish...Ms. Bunny...Ms. Pink...Mr. Toadman...and NightOfOld. I can't even begin to imagine the fun conversations we would have at this table.
(I figured if I was gonna break your rule Ms. Sheep...I might as well break it reeeeally good.)

And last but not least what you are Thankful for this year.....list as many as you want.
I'm thankful for my wonderful loving family...and my furry chinchillas. I'm also thankful that my health is slowly improving...and that there's enough money in the bank to pay my bills. I'm thankful for my art...for the wonderful children in my life...and last but certainly not least...I'm very thankful to be able to call the peeps in Pervia my very dear friends.

Kudos for a very touching blog Ms. Sheep.

Nov 25 @ 2:27AM  
I would bring the frybread, the buffalo and the venison of course. (I could volunteer t bring the brownies )

I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

Who would I bring? More than likely my friend Ben from up at Pine Ridge. He saved my life when I was up there back in 73 and I mean that literally (long story). He passed away about five years ago and it was like losing the closest thing I ever had to a brother. Who would I sit beside? Tassie. He cracks me up and besides a Tasmanian and a crazy hippie could find some kind of mischief to get into.

Nov 25 @ 4:15PM  
I am really late for this dinner, so I will bring buckeyes and pumpkin layer cheesecake for dessert. There never seems to be enough when I take these anywhere so I'll bring plenty.

As for my dinner guest, that's a really tough decision, but I think I would bring my mom. We weren't much in the way of friends when she was alive, but I think that could change now. And I have so many questions that I have no way of getting answers to. Besides, she honestly did deserve to be invited to a dinner with wonderful, warm, funny people who would all sit around laughing, talking and getting to know each other better.

Who would I sit next to....well Griz , of course. (stopped a lot of guessing there, huh? lol
And.... there are so many people that I would like to have conversations with and get to know better... so I am going to sit where there is an open seat and I'm sure I will be more than pleased with who ever I am seated next to on my other side.

I am thankful for more things than I could list.... for life and that I get to wake up to it again each day...For my beautiful daughter and grandchildren,family, and many friends that have become extended family, that I would walk barefoot through Hell for. I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads and are not starving. That some how God has let me be able to pay the bills and someone has always been there when I didn't know how I was going to make it happen.
I'm thankful for my health, although at times I get depressed or aggravated and forget this fact. I know it could be so much worse and I am truly lucky.
I'm thankful that so many are risking their lives so that we have the opportunity to BE thankful.
I'm thankful that I stumbled onto this site and met some wonderful people and friends, many who I have actually got to meet. Thankful for the chance to have found a love that I never imagined could exist, with a man that I am so blessed to get to share my life with.

(please continue if you want to..)

Dear God, We thank you, that although there have been many heartaches and tears, there has been much more laughter, heartfelt moments and memories made.
We thank you for friends that we have met online that we would have never met in other circumstances.... and we ask that we can continue to remember what it is like to feel alone here and welcome others to join this ever growing family.....


Nov 25 @ 4:18PM  
p.s. I'm also bringing along a well deserved green cookie for the hostess...

Nov 25 @ 11:03PM  
I would sit in between ***** and *****


Nov 25 @ 11:05PM  
I would sit in between ***** and *****

Oh, and I'm very thankful for having such a wonderful family, along with great health, and some other people and friends in my life.

Nov 25 @ 11:45PM  
wouldn't it be nice if we could all get together in person and have such a meal...........but thank God for the internet and our virtual dinners................Hope everyones Thanksgiving was perfect.

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AMD Family Thanksgiving Dinner