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What Do You Miss?

posted 11/21/2010 4:46:19 AM |
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tagged: fun, memories, people, life, thoughts

This evening...I found myself reminiscing about my younger years. At one point...I actually started to giggle while I was remembering some of the different things I used to enjoy in life. Yanno...those really simple pleasures in life that you love...but you don't realize just how much you love them until later on down the road.

While thinking about some of these simple pleasures...I realized just how much I truly missed some of them...and began to wonder why I ever stopped doing some of them in the first place.

So Pervia....What do you miss?

1. I miss car rides to nowhere in particular on lazy weekend afternoons.
2. I miss sitting around the front porch talking with neighbors until the last bit of sunlight disappears from the sky.
3. I miss grape Kool-aid.
4. I miss going to the public library and finding a really great book...and then sitting down in the middle of the aisle just to read a little bit of it.
5. I miss community theatre.
6. I miss hanging out with some of my friends from back home.
7. I miss going to Tiptons for a piece of Key Lime pie.
8. I miss window shopping with one of my best girlfriends from back home.
9. I miss laughing so hard that I start to cry.
10. I miss my bicycle with the big green banana seat.
11. I miss my first car that I actually named Sunny.
12. I miss my first dog Velvet.
13. I miss playing ball with my son.
14. I miss apple friters and cheese soup from Apple Woods.
15. I miss Christmas morning with small kids in the house.

Your turn...

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Nov 21 @ 5:17AM  
nice to see you the other day with my uncle john on viewpoint driving by.
i was walking as usual home from the store...

Nov 21 @ 6:41AM  
miss catching lighting bugs on a hot summer night miss slumber parties with all of your bff cause you couldn't pick just one out miss skateboarding down that steep hill around the block( must have been crazy ) but still miss it Miss all my babies just being babies (how dare they grow up that fast) miss the family who atre no longer here for the holidays ( what cast of characters they were ) but loved each of them for who they were miss reading bedtime stories and listening to read it again

Nov 21 @ 7:34AM  
This may not be the way you want it answered but I miss people that have died or I lost contact with. I miss doing a lot of things that I used to do that are no longer within my physical capabilities. I miss doing a lot of things I can no longer afford. I miss not having female companionship. I miss not have buds locally to pal around with (for example I have a few close friends in DFW but our interests in activities don't align real well).

Nov 21 @ 11:08AM  
Miss my first wife. Gone from cancer.
Miss taking care of my boys when they were toddlers. Always something new.
Miss the hogs and loves little children give. My boys dont give out hugs now. To old for that.

Nov 21 @ 11:39AM  
As a secondary comment, I miss a lot of people for two different reasons. Over my life, most of my close friends were female often beginning in dating situations that did not progress to happily ever after. Eventually many got married and due to our intimate past, our friendship was sacrificed to the gods and power that be. I do understand why this had to be from their POV, but I still miss their friendship.

The other thing I miss is people like my daughter and my many close friends that I will see over Thanksgiving who have moved hundreds of miles away.

Nov 21 @ 12:15PM  
I miss family and friends not here anymore!

I miss my job I had in R&D in microwaves- really interesting work, using machinery and test equipment to make precision components!

I miss my best friend Tasha, a Golden Retriever who traveled with me around several states over the years!

I miss my 'road warrior' days!

I miss the days in my younger years, getting laid!

Those are the main things I miss!


Nov 21 @ 12:42PM  
I am going to warn you from the beginning this is probably going to end up blog length lol

I was raised in a community that was more of extended family than just neighbors, everyone watched out for each other and kids went from house to house to play. I miss the days of freedom and fun to just play with the neighbor kids, ride horse with them. But more than that I miss those elderly neighbors that I would get up on sunday morning and ride my horse house to house for that early morning coffee/tea (depending whose home I was at) I was probably 5 when I started doing this and was 17 when I moved off the farm and was still doing it with some of them (those that were still alive) Spring would come and I would start my sunday morning tradition. I went to the first neighbor and we would set and for half hour or so and just visit. (I miss the days when people sat down and visited a 5 year old like they were just as important as an adult) than I would go to the next neighbor and so on. I usually had about 7 neighbors that I made this jaunt to. One of them told my dad that he knew if anything happened to him and he couldn't get to a phone that sooner or later I would be there checking up on him LOL He was also the last neighbor on my route and he made me breakfast every sunday morning.... I miss those days.........I miss the freedom, the innocent.........but more than that I miss those people........all gone now.......all the wisdom that they had that they shared with me......they no longer can share with others......and in all reality kids today don't want to hear it.

I miss my mom........its coming on 5 years since she passed away and I miss her just as much now as when I first lost her.

I miss Gary.......even tho I wouldn't want him back in the shape he was in......I miss the way we laughed together.........

I miss being healthy and wish I hadn't taken my health for granted and done the things then that I can't do now.

ok thats enough before I cry.......thanks for the walk down memory lane

Nov 21 @ 2:13PM  
I miss...

When the only worry you had was getting to homeroom on time or losing the key to your locker.
Walking to the mall, late-night jaunts to the 24-hr resturant, the bar, games of Clue or Scattergories, joyriding all with my friends.
My old vg consoles- SNES and N64
When music was good, not this Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars autotuned bullshit..
When grown-ups didnt act like children and when children didnt act like grown-ups.
Jelly Belly jelly beans.
When people stayed in love and stayed married and only divorced in the most extreme cases, not because the lust wore off.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYs out in the "country" with family and coming home smelling of woodsmoke and leaves from the bonfires at night.
Life before 2001, obviously.
When I didnt know about the Internet.


Nov 21 @ 2:47PM  
Life before 2001, obviously.
I have to agree with Luna on this one.........

Nov 21 @ 4:45PM  
I miss the 80's

I miss to where most of us didn't have cell phones

I miss when people went outside more often than they have the last 15 years

I miss a few of my loved ones that passed away over the years

I miss being a young adult

Kudo Kat!

Nov 21 @ 5:34PM  
I miss those summer days when all of the neighborhood kids gathered at one house and just played all day until our parents called us home.

Family vacations up north..was on my Dad's side of the family..the whole family, aunts, uncles, and cousins would stay at my grandparents cabin.

My bike...Mom always complained she couldn't keep my sisters or me home because we were out on our bikes all day. So, if we weren't playing at a neighbors house, we were on our bikes all day.

My skateboard.

My Grandparents

Yes, I'm going to say it...high school. Had a LOT of fun in high school

My first car



Steve and Jim

The family get togethers we used to have on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Nov 21 @ 8:56PM  
I miss...

—family members no longer here
—family time: whether for a drive in the country on a Sunday afternoon, picking wild berries, picnics, and talking story around the camp fire
—chocolate malts from Cooks Ice Cream shop
—homemade, crank style ice cream
—my Davy Crockett coon skin cap
—singing in the choir
—slumber parties
—friends who live far away
—receiving hand written letters
—when receiving a long distance phone call was exciting
—fishing with my favorite uncle
—yes, life before 2001
—the smell of sheets dried in the sunshine

great blog!
—my English bulldog, Victoria
—Mom's home made divinity, fresh baked bread, double chocolate layer cake, chicken and dumplings and peach cobble... and forgiveness in her eyes when I was naughty
—Granma's five layer strawberry cake
—my husband's jokes
—hugs from little kids
—the scent of my favorite Aunt's perfume and her laugh

Nov 21 @ 9:32PM  
This sums it up!!!(Video sucks!! Sorry!)
Though you know I miss my family!!!!!!! And thats all I have to say about That!!!!!!!!!

Nov 28 @ 11:09AM  
I miss my parents.

I miss my close friends... all moved distances away and some passed away. When you're young and have momentum, we thought we'd all be together always. Tossing the football around when we're in our 50s. Hanging at the bar still going off into comedy routines at the things we see. Rallying together to come to the side of a friend in need. Deep philosophical discussions about everything and nothing on a dirt road under the stars.

I miss my kids as toddlers.

I miss being in love. Towel fights in the kitchen while washing the dishes. Kisses at the door after a work day. Taunting each other while playing Monopoly or Risk. Going to a party and exchanging smiles from across the room.

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