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Who's going shopping on BLACK FRIDAY?

posted 11/20/2010 11:07:23 PM |
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tagged: holiday, straddle, shopping, people

Okay, who's brave enough to go shopping on BLACK FRIDAY?

I tried this ONE time about 10 years ago, and after that, NEVER tried it again.

People can be so fucking crazy. I'm surprised anyone makes it out alive, or in one piece.

What are you looking for and planning to buy this Christmas?

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Nov 20 @ 11:17PM  
Heck noooooooooo!! I won't be getting out in that mess.. been there, tried it, hated it! People ARE insane! I plan on working my ass off that day... people are going to be out spending money and feeling real generous and jovial that day and I hope to benefit!

Nov 20 @ 11:18PM  
How many times have you tried Black Friday, Pink?

Nov 20 @ 11:23PM  
Twice actually.... about 20 years ago (and I don't think it was that crazy then) and about 8 years ago. Not again! People are rude, hateful and downright mean sometimes.... so much for the spirit of the season! I don't fault people for going and doing their shopping that day, it's just not for me, I don't have the tolerance.......

Nov 20 @ 11:25PM  
My sister dragged me out in that mess some years ago. I swore then I'd not do it again, and I haven't. Yeah Pink is right rude people everywhere I'll work

Nov 20 @ 11:30PM  
Not me- NOT SAFE... dodging 1 ton bullets in the streets and parking lots, not to mention the cwazy wabbits with their shopping carts, screaming and careening down the isles inside the stores- they should have to be licensed to push those things- and pulled over and ticketed for DUIs if that's the case!


Nov 20 @ 11:48PM  
Hell NOOOOOO.. I hate shopping to begin with... I really hate Black Friday... To many people out shopping.....And they are all just to more rude on that day here....

Nov 21 @ 12:16AM  
People are rude ALL the time but on that particular day it appears to be socially acceptable. Ridiculous. One of the reasons I do my Christmas shopping online.

Nov 21 @ 12:55AM  
I used to work in the children's department every black Friday for 13 years. I do not miss it one bit and have no intentions of going anywhere near a store that day.

What am I looking for this Christmas. Gifts I can afford for the grandkids as times are kind of rough this year.


Nov 21 @ 1:18AM  
Years ago I tried this..................NEVER AGAIN!!! especially now with my wheelchair.......trying to get around ppl would be impossible............besides a few early bird specials I might miss out on............for the most part everything on sale on thurs will still be on saturday and

I am buying gift certificates for son and daughter-n-law. I am also going to send them a candy mixture from a company that my honey always gets from and really likes.........Grandson will get something that I can order and have them ship to him. lol

My honey is going to get a new released book he wants......and i havent decided what else...........maybe an electric razor that he has been hinting around about lol Granddaughter..........everything in the store.........and my daughter i have no clue have a bunch of stocking stuffers for her but nothing big picked out.........

Nov 21 @ 2:04AM  
Thats a good day to stay off the highways

Nov 21 @ 2:37AM  
I am one of those who love shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.
I used to have All of my shopping completed and be to work by 8 at the latest.
I loved it!

But, that was then and this is now.
Since my knees have gotten bad it's really difficult to even do shopping, much less with those crowds....
So with that and no money this year to do shopping, no I'm not doing any this year. Guess I will just sleep in that day.
But I do miss being able to go.


Nov 21 @ 2:46AM  
Yall are such chicken shits!!!!
If I had the cash...I would Go!!!
The secret to My Area is,... don't get to where you want to go until they have Let the Mad shoppers in!!!
Last year I went to Wally World 30 mins after the doors Opened!!!!
They had a Plenty off Everything...and were Very Organized .....
All of the "Hot" Items were off of the main isles......and if you cut through the clothing could Actually a normal walk!!!!
But...I do Live in a small town!!!! Though...PPL from Miles around come here..because of that!
To be honest...I went last year to see the crazy shoppers!!! But Wally World was at the top of there game!!!!
Now....if you wanted to check out ladies fashion.....OMG...I wish I had a camera!!!!

Nov 21 @ 3:57AM  
christmas shopping
I tried that once but I soon cottoned on to a much easier way to fix christmas

buy a bunch of sleeping tablets and dish one each out to all the 'tinlids' and they'll sleep right through christmas. saves a fortune and when they wake up its all over for another year

Nov 21 @ 6:47AM  
I am at the other side of black Friday works retail I get to look and listen to the crazies every year and try to keep my people from killing them

Nov 21 @ 7:40AM  
Never have, never will. I believe it was three years ago on Black Friday in New York where they opened the doors at a Walmart and the stampede of the crowd rushing in knocked down a security guard and he was trampled to death.

Nov 21 @ 8:23AM  
Not me. Won't go near a store or mall on Black Friday

Nov 21 @ 11:54AM  
buy a bunch of sleeping tablets and dish one each out to all the 'tinlids' and they'll sleep right through christmas.

Yeah well... if you fall asleep Christmas Eve and wake up Jan 2, 2011... you'll know they caught up with you on that one!!


Nov 21 @ 5:21PM  
Hell no!!!! I stay away from stores on that day! Besides, I'll be working Black Friday.


Nov 21 @ 5:28PM  
I believe it was three years ago on Black Friday in New York where they opened the doors at a Walmart and the stampede of the crowd rushing in knocked down a security guard and he was trampled to death.

And all that over a guy who was supposedly born in a barn and died a virgin on a plank of wood. Wherever he is, you know he's shaking his head over what his holiday has become now...

Nov 8 @ 11:12AM  
Do I look crazy to you? =P I made the mistake of going out last year - first time for me on black Friday ... and the last! Some crazy Korean lady ran into my car when I was changing lanes because - I quote: "I no pay attention to other lane, only what in front of me.: She'd been driving in my blind spot and made it my fault for changing lanes. Never again!! I'm not crazy. ^_~

Nov 8 @ 11:19AM  
@luna negra

Don't take this personally, but you don't know much about the history of Christianity, do you? Christmas didn't exist as a holiday until about 400 AD when Constantine made Christianity the state religion of Rome. Being that his reasoning was to help conquer the Germanic tribes via conversion rather than conquest, he assimilated parts of their religion - the pertinent one here is Yule or Winter Solstice. 'Precious Jesus' was born in the middle of summer, as the Wise Men arrived around the time he was a toddler - about midway between the first and second years of life. While that may be the reason that YOU celebrate Christmas, don't mistake it for something that your 'Jesus' would truly care about. In short, we made it up and long after he was dead and buried.

(I went to Catholic school for a year and learned a whole mess of Christian history no one ever really needs to know. Ask me about how Christianity shaped the United States. ^_~)

Nov 19 @ 9:16PM  
I'll only If a Get a auto shotgun hand gernads and clay more mines to ward off the crazy people who are in attack mode to push shove and take what they want ..

But Luck have had christmas bought and payed for since May LOL

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Who's going shopping on BLACK FRIDAY?