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posted 11/20/2010 9:56:53 AM |
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Have you ever sat down and really thought about the person that you are?
The person that maybe no one but you knows?
The good in your heart... the not so good......and for some of us, the cold blood that can run thorugh our veins? ......Through our souls.

The truths that we speak, but sometimes being over run with too many truths has nothing to do with being honest, it just ends up being spiteful, cold and mean.
Sometimes out of self protection, sometimes because we have held way too much in for way too long.............then there is an emotional explosion that just can't be taken back. Words spoken that can never be forgotten, whether forgiven or not.

So much honesty that you hear your voice saying, and your mind just won't tell your mouth to shut up. Or your mouth just won't shut up long enough to listen.

There are times that honesty can produce guilt.........guilt that won't let you sleep and makes it difficult to even swallow at times.

They say there is a little good in all evil and a little evil in all good...........
How much is a litle, and how little of evil is acceptable?

And is being acceptable to others really acceptable to you? To the person that you want to really be?

Does being true to ones self consist of total unraveling all the honesty that you feel upon someone else with little or no regard to how deeply that honesty can cut?

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Nov 20 @ 10:59AM  
I think that we all do quite often but often it is just in little bits and pieces unless there something significant related to it going on at that moment. Deep reflection is much more rare I think and it too is triggered by something usually.

Nov 20 @ 12:16PM  
Unfortunately I don't have that filter that says .. shut the fuck up sam.. I tend to let it all out.. and sometimes, without meaning to, I hurt people. I know, it's a bad thing to do.. but can't seem to stop it. I usually realize about a half hour after I said something that I should have kept my opinion to myself.. by then it's a bit too late for that.

Sigh.. and yeah.. I have ice water in my veins sometimes.. Sometimes I really could not give a flying fig. Really.. I've tried..

But you know what? I like who I am. And that's all that really matters, in the long run.. how I feel about me.

Nov 20 @ 1:00PM  
Have you ever sat down and really thought about the person that you are?
I tended to lean toward the bad stuff about was what stood out and therefore I thought for a long time that was who I was.......and than I met this woman..........on an internet site no less............who I became friends with......who helped me to see who I really make me work on what I needed to work on and to make me stop the bad...............she was the voice inside my head for a long time and still is for the most part...........but she also helped me to see who I really am...........and that happens to be a person I really like............she done good didn't she.........thank you.

And is being acceptable to others really acceptable to you? To the person that you want to really be?
On my first date with my honey he told me I had potential........its something we have laughed at for over a night not long ago.......i was teasing him about that..........see I thought when he said I had potential to be someone he could care about......someone he wouldn't mind having around his family.....someone that he would introduce me to his friends...........and that night he just looked at me all serious..........and said thats what you thought when I said you had potential..........and I said yea what else..........and he said I said that you had potential because I believed you were the person I knew long ago..........the one that had the heart that no matter what anyone else saw in me or thought of me..........someday there would be the potential for you to love me.
If i hadn't already loved the doofus then I would have that moment................all of us have this self doubting of who or what we matter how much we like ourselves there is still a part of us that worries others won't like us......(Anyone who says they don't either has become so cynical in life that they don't believe in love at all or they are lying) The truth is not everyone is someone else cup of tea..........we are all different so we don't like and we dislike different things............but even tho not everyone is going to like you.........not everyone is going to hate you..........and I am glad everyone is makes the friendships we have all the more special.

You know where I am if you need to talk.............


Nov 20 @ 1:21PM  
My tag on the front of my pick-up says"I am what I am" that pretty much is me!

Nov 20 @ 3:11PM  
Have you ever sat down and really thought about the person that you are?

I scare myself when I do that!!


Nov 20 @ 3:25PM  
There are times that I've thought about that....and didn't like what I saw. and when I get that way, I stay away from people. I've been feeling that way for a while now, that's why I haven't called anyone or been commenting on here much. I figure that if I don't like myself, then no one else will either, so why subject them to that?

Nov 20 @ 5:57PM  
Yeah, I have sat down and thought about the person I am. I've looked at both the good and the bad.....cause face it...all of us have a little bad/evil in us. Cold blood in my veins? You bet. I'm only human. But most of the time, it's warm. But it can icy cold in the presence of the "right" kind of person.

Truths? Yeah, I've let my mouth run and not listen to that little voice advising me to "shut the fuck up". Have I regretted it? Yes, I have. Just like there are times I've felt justified...when maybe I wasn't.

I try to stay true the person I am...cause in the morning, it's me I'm facing in the mirror in the morning.

I'm leaving a kudo for this one.

btw....Nice seeing you again CL.

Nov 20 @ 9:50PM  
Wow CL...that's a LOT of questions.
You're having pretty deep thoughts today aren't you?

Are you asking if honesty is the best policy?

I think that if a person is too nice...and doesn't say what they mean...they tend to be a bit of a door mat. Words I really try to weigh my words before I speak. With that being said...I am I'm not always successful in this endeavor.

I do think that we have an obligation to not let it "all hang out" when it comes to voicing our opinions to another person...whether we're in a romantic relationship with that person or not. Not everyone can take brutal honesty. Some people need to be spoon fed in smaller amounts...while others can take anything you dish out...and not think another thing about it.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be honest in a relationship...but perhaps choosing your words carefully in certain situations is warranted.

Perception is a very tricky animal. There are those who think others should automatically understand what they are meaning (no matter how harsh their words sound) and to not take their words so personally...even if their words do seem very personal.

I can tell you from a elementary teacher's point of view that this crap just doesn't fly in most classrooms. If a friend hurts another friend's feelings...then an apology is expected and requested by the teacher. End of story.

As adults...If you're doing business with someone tend to sugar coat things a bit. I think we're all guilty of this practice. So I've always wondered why there are those particular people in the world who treat their business associates better than their own family and friends. I personally don't get this kind of behavior at all.

I'm constantly amazed at how good manners fly out the window in the presence of so-called honesty. Give me a break. You can be honest without being a complete ass...and I've usually found the people who have trouble with this particular concept...are the very people being complete asses in the name of honesty. JMHO.

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