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I have a Leak!!! (Warning...this is a Vent!!!)

posted 11/20/2010 6:19:38 AM |
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I crashed early last night after consuming 4 beers and eating 1/2 pound of shrimp, along with..watching 2 hours of boring TV!!!!
Such is life right?
I have an "Eternal" alarm Clock....that I wish...I could Give away....does anyone want this damn thing?
I Sleep for 4 to 5 hours..and I am automatically awaken!!!
It really don't matter what time I go to bed....that's all my Mind/Body will let me sleep!!!
So I crashed at 9ish......and I was wide awake at 2ish....
Well I get up...after fighting it for a spell.
I get the coffee going.....and sit down here at the puter....
I signed on to see what you Peep's were up too....
I went over the blogs that WoW...RJ ...and Ewe..had posted....about Family...and get together's ......and Christmas Movies.
It was at that time...I sprang a Leak......(hell its still going!!!!! )
Some "Handy man" I am!!!
When I fixed my Baby Sisses was simple......the screw that held the washer came all the way out!!!!
That's why I gave her hell about using pliers on it...cause she damaged the "Seat" by forcing the Screw into it! But a New washer and Screw worked!!! (for a while!)
This leak that I have like none that I have ever seen before.....!
I can't find the main shut off Valve, WTF?
The warm salty water just keeps flowing...and I can't stop it!!!
This ain't Good!!!! I have a job to do today, and I can't go with this damn Leak still going on!!!
Maybe the Well will run dry Soon!!!
I can only pray that it does!!!!!!!!

I'm sure I needed to Flush the Ole tank out, this was way past Due!!!!
Precious Memories is about all I have left!!!!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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I have a Leak!!! (Warning...this is a Vent!!!)
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Nov 20 @ 6:42AM  
Exactly what is leaking: the toilet, main water supply, septic tank, sewer line, you? And how does salty water get involved and is it under, inside or outside of the house? It is all a bit unclear.

Nov 20 @ 7:36AM  
OTH, that leak is what you need its a release value. IF it didn't leak you would have a build up and would have an explosion. So leak away its call healing. ps. men just don't understand the concept

Nov 20 @ 8:17AM  
Thank you pink for taking the time to read this blog and understand what he's actually saying!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so sorry Alex.... I don't know how or when that leak will stop but you know it will take time. You suffered a sudden loss that came out of the blue and at a not so good time of the year. That warm salty leak will go away with time, I promise!
I'm sure she's looking down at you and probably laughing that you'd given her hell about using the pliers.... and that she had used them....

Give it time honey.... The leak may never fully stop but you know we're here for you!

Nov 20 @ 8:17AM  
Toad I to have several leaks in the last mo.They seem to come and go, and are nothing to be ashamed of. I think they are controled by the hearts auto valve and Have to run the course.
May peace come to you my friend.

Nov 20 @ 8:36AM  
I haven't been on here for quite a while so I didn't understand why you have this leak... so I went back in your blogs.

OMGosh, Alex. I am so very sorry about your sister and your loss.
Know that comforting hugs, well wishes are prayers are coming your way my friend.

And Sweetie, just for the record.... that leak needs to happen for a while for your heart to begin to heal.

Nov 20 @ 11:39AM  

Nov 20 @ 12:02PM  
Good luck with it toad, i know you' ll get it fixed

Nov 20 @ 12:12PM  
Oh honey.. it's ok to let that stuff out. You really needed to.. you've just kept on going and going through all this horrible stuff.

Hugs and skwishes and kisses.

Nov 20 @ 1:07PM  
What ^^^^^ said........... couldn't have said it better......hugs

Nov 20 @ 1:49PM  
I think I want some of the stuff Bruce is smoking!

Nov 20 @ 2:23PM  
Take all the time you need and vent as long and hard as you need. We are here for you. Mourning is a process that is an individual one, everyone has their own way. You are in my heart and thoughts and prayers Alex.

Nov 20 @ 3:05PM  
It was at that time...I sprang a Leak......

Funny you should mention that! This morning while coming out of my deep sleep and going into dreaming... I to sprang a leak! Then I realized that I had to TAKE a leak- so got up, did that and went back to sleep until it was time to get up! Leak problem solved!


Nov 20 @ 3:26PM  
That is understandable when a loss comes suddenly like that. You just need to let it all out.

My dad's family had a tradition that helped me a lot when I lost loved ones and friends through the years and I have lost more than a few. They celebrated that person's life. After the funeral they would get together and talk about the the funny things and the sad things that happened with them and that person. They laughed at the funny things and cried over the sad. When it was done everyone felt better.

It is ok to cry over someone you love. It helps the heart heal.

Nov 20 @ 3:43PM  
A good vent every now and then is a good thing

Nov 20 @ 5:27PM  
Hey there Toad. Even when you seem to be off-balance, you seem to have it all balanced. Wish I could lend my soft shoulder to nuzzle into, to "leak" onto.

You'll be smiling again, you'll be cracking jokes again, and you'll fall quietly apart into a puddles of memories again. It is all part of life. Hugs.

Nov 20 @ 7:08PM  
You just let that leak run. It's better to let it run than to try to stop it. And you can come in here an vent anytime you want. You have friends here who care.

Nov 20 @ 7:17PM  
Alex, you have had a very tough time of lately, above and beyond any stretch that most of us will ever go through. Things will pick up and I do hope that you and Blackie will enjoy Thanksgiving with one of your daughters and find some respite from the storm you are in.

Nov 20 @ 7:50PM  
I wish I could push a magic button and make all of your pain go away. But unfortunately...I can't. This is a painful process that everyone has to go through when they experience a tragic and unexpected loss.

You take as long as you need...and vent away to your heart's content Toadman. We're right here for you.

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I have a Leak!!! (Warning...this is a Vent!!!)