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posted 11/19/2010 8:16:29 PM |
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I got to thinking after reading Bruce's blogs......and a comment from Kitkat about how she liked the card table sometimes because there was less drama...........and I got to thinking about ain't that the truth..........especially when you have a big family......there is always some kind of drama going on.

When I was growing up there was my aunt sara the cheek pincher........god I disliked that woman and avoided her as much as I could........she always wore a perfume that wafted over you and clung to you........and it wasn't a good smell. It was that old woman smell.........a mixture of old cigarette smoke and moth balls..........and once she had a hold of you..........she just loved you to death............and as you limped away with bruised cheeks you could only hope that your sense of smell that was burned out of you............would never return.

My mother's mother was another one. She didn't like me.......because I acted like my mother........go figure.....she thought my dad walked on water. She called me a heathen and said if I didn't change my ways I would burn in hell for I rode the horse into the just laughed. When she told me that a lady wore a dress and never sat with her legs uncrossed.......I took a pillow case and cut hunks out and put it on for a dress...........put a bandana in my hair with a hawk feather and went thru the house whooping like an indian........and as I ran by dear Grandmother.......I raised the bottom of the pillowcase/dress and mooned her.........she clutched her chest and screamed "heathen" and mom just shook her head and said "Oh Dayna" and smiled.

I had a cousin that would visit from Missouri........Miss Priss I would call her.........I told her tales of how living on an Indian Reservation was scary and you just never knew when the next attack would come..........hell it was true that I lived on an Indian Reservation but the last uprising was when the owner of the grocery store raised his flour prices and it was mom causing the uprising........Well anyway.........Miss Priss came up one time and she was kinda my best friend and I tied her to a tree in the middle of the woods and told her she better hope that the indians didn't get brother and his friend found her 3 hours later and untied did not smile that I recall sitting was a difficulty for a few days.........but after that Miss Priss stayed at my aunts when they came to visit.

Even today I have relatives that I just would prefer not to be around........oh I no longer ride horse into the house to offend them and I certainly haven't tied people up in years.........but today I just make the choice not to go around them..........Holidays be damned...........I figure they are mine too so why should I ruin them by being around people I don't care

Do you have any relatives past or present that you can't stand and would prefer not to be around and if so why didn't you like them?

I'm a nosy bitch aint I?

I realize that my blogs are probably not much interesting to most of you........but I have hopes that if a couple of us keep posting blogs that get people to talking and thinking this place could be fun I am here to stay........even if no one answers a thing on my might as well join in..........cause Im not going anywhere..........well yes i am heading out to my honeys for the evening............see ya all later.

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Nov 19 @ 8:25PM  
It was that old woman smell

I think that was Estee Lauder's Youth Dew.................

Soooooooo... how's Miss Priss these days? Do ya'll get along?

Nov 19 @ 8:44PM  
Do you have any relatives past or present that you can't stand and would prefer not to be around and if so why didn't you like them?
Why the hell do you think I moved to Canada?!?!

I'm J/K. I like most of my family...some in much smaller doses than others. I take my holidays now with a grain of salt. Gone are the days (thank gaud) when everything used to have to be picture perfect (My mom's home) and that's the way I like it. Fun without worrying about all your little imperfections. I's about the people...not the food...or the presents...or the decorations.

I love your stories Ms. Sheep. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and play.

You need to post another game...then I could possibly win those sexy red pumps. I've been coveting them for months. I'm just sayin'....

Nov 19 @ 8:50PM  
The riding the horse into the house had me That is too funny!!! And I loved the mooning the Aunt.

Do you have any relatives past or present that you can't stand and would prefer not to be around and if so why didn't you like them?

My Mother's sister's husband. I will not call him "uncle". Ever since I can remember, he has always made my skin crawl. I just don't like him. He would play with us kids..and he thought he was funny when he tickled us..yet, we didn't think it was so funny because he tickled hard, left bruises. So, whenever he was around...we stayed well out of reach. I remember my Grandfather didn't like him at all either. And there is the story about how Grandpa and my Dad went over to the apartment my Aunt and her husband were living at, and how Dad and Grandpa told my Aunt's husband if he "ever did that again" they were going to be scraping his remains off the concrete. Now mind Dad is fairly mellow guy, until someone messes with or hurts someone he cares about. Turns out, Grandpa and Dad have found out this creep had been beating on my Aunt. And don't ask me why, but she is still married to this creep. But, that talking to that Dad and Grandpa gave him all those years ago has stuck. He never hit her again.

I have a cousin who, while not a Miss Priss, she was..........bitchy. Snotty. Hard to get along with. Yet, she and I were close. Always jealous of others. She was the only girl in her family, she has one older brother and 2 younger brothers. And her relationship with her mother was "tense". Her mother the most simple of terms...lazy. She had her daughter watching after her 2 little brothers while she took naps. She had her daughter doing housework, laundry, cooking, dishes, whatever..all while she was napping or watching her soaps. By the time my cousin got into her teens...the arguments between her and her mother were quite loud. Yet, out of all of the friends/cousins around her, I was the only one she was closest with. We were like best friends. And on the occasion she would start to complain about our grandparents "favoring" one of the others...I'd simply tell her I didn't want to hear it, and she would talk about something else. We've lost touch over the years...she married, he was in the military. In fact, the first 5 years of their married life, they were in Belgium. He injured his back in a football game on base...and was given a medical leave. And they moved back here to Michigan. She had grown up a lot in those years. She wasn't so snotty anymore.

Other than that one creep married to my Aunt...I get along with my cousins, 2nd cousins, and aunts and uncles who are still alive.

Nov 19 @ 8:50PM  
Sound to me like you had a great time. I wish I had had a larger family but I didn't know any of my dad family because mom ran him off when I was a baby. My stepfather didn't have anything to do with his family or me. Both my grandparents on moms side died in there 40"s so other than a couple aunts and uncles and there kids there just wasn't alot of us, We did get together once a year for a family reunion but it was allways to me something I was made to do. I guess I never have played well with others!

Nov 19 @ 9:03PM  
Most of my family except for my immediate family and I have not been on speaking terms for over 30 years and I like it that way. We are civil at weddings and funerals and just ignore each other the rest of the time. Growing up my cousins and I were forced to be together ever Sunday and every Holiday at my grandparent's house. I think we all were sick of each other by the time we were adults.

Nov 19 @ 9:10PM  
seems like most holidays it was jsut the immediate family, tho there were a few occasions some of the relatives would get together. i detest to this day my old mans mother, and his side of the family i never knew, for the most part. and not much better on my moms side. i know i have a slew of cousins, and maybe an aunt or uncle still alive somewhere. but, i don't feel any real attachment to them, so i don't worry about 'em. and without going into a long sad story about the what's and some of the whys, the less i have to do with my old mans side, the better i like it.

this year, i guess my brother and i will meander down to the local restaurant, and have thanksgiving dinner. since there is just the two of us, no need in me trying fix a meal, especially a big one that we would have to eat left overs from for a month.

Nov 19 @ 10:07PM  
My Cousin's wife and kids.. three of the most useless flaps of skin I ever met. That woman? should be beaten with a parking meter just to make her look a little better.. and if she ever gave up drugs she'd have no personality at all.. My Cousin does his best with the kids but it's awful hard to do when you have to work at least two jobs cuz your bitch wife won't get off her ass.

Nov 19 @ 11:04PM  
and I certainly haven't tied people up in years.........
How sad... tying certain people up at certain times, can be a lot of fun! Ohhh... that really wasn't what you meant..... was it???

Most relatives of mine are scattered- I don't see much of them really so, it's kinda fun to see them two or three years later- can't really think of anyone I would want to avoid off hand!


Nov 20 @ 3:14AM  
where do you want me to start ... 3/4's of my family for a start.
I've always been the black sheep so it don't bother me none.

Nov 20 @ 3:42AM  
Great blog...Greenie!!!

Nov 20 @ 6:48AM  
My family is scattered also and I don't really have any relatives that I dislike being around. However, I am kind of neutral towards most of them. If I see them, fine. If I don't, fine.

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