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You ever get the feeling that you are trying to drive a car with no gas?

posted 11/19/2010 6:41:59 AM |
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If the United States was actually a motorcade, then all the states would represent vehicles within that motorcade. Logically we would need rest stops along the way to refuel, resupply, recuperate our losses, and figure out just where it is that we want to go. That's where election day comes in. Now as much as we don't like to buy gas (and I really don't), it would be foolish to assume that we could go for any great distance without gassing up. In regards to what happened with this last election day, its as if we left the gas station without gassing up but knowing full well that we're going to be pushing our car two blocks down the road.

In Washington State there is no income tax. When initiative 1098 was introduced, it was a modest income tax that would have affected the top 2 percent income earners in the state. That's individuals who earn more then 200,000 dollars a year or couples who earn more then 400,000. What would this tax have done? It would have saved our educational system here in Washington State from further budget cuts which deprive our children of quality education, and it would have allowed the educational deficit to become an eventual surplus.Why didn't it pass? (WARNING: this is where I do my finger pointing) Because the "Conservative" right wing, "Eyman's Army" was able to convince impressionable moderate Washingtonians that EVERYONE will be affected by this increase. The truth? You can look this up by yourself by the way, GOOGLE is an awesome thing..... It would have only affected all of us after 2 years and ONLY with a majority vote. Even if it did affect all of us, so what? This is the education of our children that we are talking about.

Washington voters also ended the sales tax on candy, and shot down referendum 52 which would have given our schools money to update their energy efficiency. Why in my own home town of Spokane Washington, they had proposition 1 which would have given funding for early childhood intervention programs... Did we vote for the children in my own city? Regrettably, no. I'm not too familiar with the tax initiatives of other states, but what I see does not bode well. Especially in California ( I am way surprised at all this) where their Regents are comfortable with an 8 percent tuition increase but the states voters won't pay an extra 18 bucks for their parks. Come on people! I'm flat ass broke and I would have no problem paying 18 dollars A YEAR if it meant that I could have a park to go to.

Yep, the voters sure have spoken this time around. Apparently we want no new taxes and very conservative spending. The problem is as a result we are being forced to make some big cuts to very essential programs. My question is when we've cut spending for apparently everything in this Tea Party political fantasy that we are experiencing, what will we do then? Live prosperous lives? Just as long as we don't need to call a firetruck, ambulance, or police officer and have no problem with substandard education. No taxes.... Sounds like a good thing... Then again so does not putting gas in your car. Your car needs gas though, and this country needs money for the same reason, that reason being so we can get to where we need to go. If we don't refuel soon, the only place we're going is right where Rome is... Think about it!

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Nov 19 @ 8:14AM  
Nice essay

Nov 19 @ 1:09PM  
Very well written.

My take on the tax situation is that everyone wants the country to run well but no one wants to pay for it and politicians know that. Those who can damn well afford to pay taxes usually can afford the lawyers and accountants to get out of it. Does anyone like to pay taxes? Of course not. Did I complain about paying taxes. Not really although I did complain when I felt the money could have been used better.

Politicians scare those that the tax propositions will have no effect on into thinking that the government is coming after all their money and the rich depend on that not to have to pay what they should be paying. People are too lazy to look up these things and actually read what is being proposed and those who use scare tatics to get elected are depending on that.

I blame certain so called news commentators ( and I use that term very loosly for some of them ) for part of this. They use scare tatics to get ratings and those who blindly believe every word they say just follow along. The more they scare people the more people listen and the less they know about what is actually going on in the country. Google is our friend. People need to take time to actually read something before they discard it regardless of which party it comes from.

How can anyone not want to fund the educational system in the country? We are alreay number 49 in the world. Do people want us to be dead last? Just remember those we are not educatiing today are going to be the leaders of the country in our old age. Since when did people not see paying for education as an investment in this country's future? Investing in the future used to be important to us. What in the hell happened?

Ok stepping down off my soapbox now.


Nov 19 @ 2:10PM  
In Oregon, this year, we passed Measure 70 which increases home loans for Vets. Ok that's good. We voted down a non tribal Casino.. ok I can understand that sorta. We then ok'd our state gummint to borrow more than $50k to "improve state properties" Uh.. WTF? How about less gummint properties and take care of the ones you have already? No.. can't do that.

Then.. we ok'd lottery funding to go to things like parks and wildlife, that's all fine and dandy but why are our Oregon schools failing in comparison to some other states? Whey are there so few schools in Oregon teaching Computer Technology and IT? Why are we still passing students who can't spell or read properly? How about MORE funding for our kids? We also said no to a new auditorium/arts center for school kids. Why? The one we have now is only 70 years old and falling apart. We don't care if the kids have asbestos in their lungs.

We voted down Medical Marijuana Dispensaries that would be yet another source of state income...

some days I wonder if people ever read the issues. Our governer wants to institute a sales tax on top of income taxes.. yay. On people who are already pushed to the max. Well done.

Nov 19 @ 3:18PM  
Awesome read........Kudo.

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You ever get the feeling that you are trying to drive a car with no gas?