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Regular TV.... VS.....The Good shit!!!

posted 11/18/2010 9:06:39 PM |
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When I went to PA. this Past time.... I sent back my dish net...shit!!!
After I returned back Home.... I'm like.... Fuck me...No TV!
So ..after realizing I am Broke...and I can't afford the better things in Life... Like good TV....
I bought a converter box...and I put up an Old fashion TV antenna!
I Once again had TV!!!!!!
To be honest... its Free...!!!!!
If I had a "Rotating" would be great!!! Hell,... I would prolly have 40 plus channels!!!!!
Ion, Ion-Life(which I did not have with dish), 4 Music video channels....(2 Pop, 1 Country, 1 Rap)
All of the Locals.... and a few oldie channels!!! Local weather..24 hrs.!
3 or more Cartoon channels....(These Cartoons...are Not worth a Damn!!! Scoobie Doo ...would shit..iffin he saw what... these kids have to watch!!!)
What I miss the most is my old..DVR...that I had with Dish!!!!!
You know how it is.... when you are busy doing things....I could record it!! NP! (with DVR)
Now.... I have to have my Food in Order...No Blog Breaks!!! WTH? (I could Pause a Football check you guys out!!...Not anymore!!)
Before anyone says..."Oh use VHS....." uuuuummmmmmm NO!!!! Tapes are not worth a damn!!!
Plus its those BS Adds. (Yeah I know Dish has them also!!!!)
If I have to watch those ass holes try to sell those damn BS more time...I'll Puke!!!!
I want my outdoor channels back!!! God I Pray...those are out there..... somewhere..!!!!!
Do you have Reg. TV? If so how many channels do you have?
Those peep's with ... Paid TV...what channels do you watch the most?
If you Lost paid TV...what would you miss the most?

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Nov 18 @ 9:11PM  
Don't own a TV. Don't watch it & don't miss it.
Sorry you are missing what you obviously enjoy so much.

Nov 18 @ 9:31PM  
I decided to make the choice between cable/satellite and internet access, and I
chose....internet! (I hate that feeling of having 500+ channels, and finding nothing on!)
I bought a converter box a few months before the old style broadcasts ended, and I
was pleasantly surprised with the available variety. Granted, cable is much better,
but it comes at a price, and this way I have my e-mail, computer games, and access
to the latest Pervian chatter. Life is good!

Nov 18 @ 9:47PM  
Cable doesn't come this far out in the sticks around here..... I used to get 2 channels, on a good day! But with the convertor box, I get about 15 channels now so I can find something to watch usually. I get a channel called THIS and they show some pretty obscure movies... alot of old movies too. I watched Hansel and Gretel one that's desperate I guess! But it was an alright little movie.
I'd like to get satellite one of these days... and satellite internet!

Nov 18 @ 9:53PM  
Down here if you do not have cable or dish you get one clear channel PBS and three fuzzy channels from about 100 miles away. And that is it. So I bitch about the cost and pay the cable company every month.

Nov 18 @ 10:23PM  
Yup, here in Oregon, if you don't live in Portland or Salem, if you don't have cable.. all you get is PBS.. which isn't so bad.. really... but it does get old.

Being a home body for the last couple years I've gotten spoiled.. but the stuff I watch the most is on Discovery Health.. which will be gone and changed to the Oprah Winfrey Network in January, BBS America, Travel Channel, TLC and the Nat Geo. So.. if I could get those things without all the hassle.. I wouldn't even bother with network tv... cuz I can watch most of that online. We have cable internet too so .. our cable bill is OUCH.

Nov 19 @ 3:31AM  
I have basic cab;e here in is more than I need. but plenty when I want it.

Nov 19 @ 7:44AM  
I only watch a few channels...but I do love watching T.V. while I'm at home being slug bait.

Nov 19 @ 10:43AM  
I have cable TV/internet... it's ok but expensive and it seems to increase about $4 every 3 months or so... WTF?? With about 10 million subscribers that Comcast has, that's $40 million bucks a month increase- again, WTF?? What ever happen to busting up monopolies, like what happened to Ma Bell years ago and look at the plethora of gadgets for communications we have now!

I watch the Discovery Ch., History Ch., CNBC Financial Ch., Travel Ch., SyFy Ch., Animal Ch., AMC and TNT and some others occasionally!


Nov 19 @ 11:01AM  
Outside of football and selected sporting events like the Olympics, March March Madness, NBA and MLB playoffs I watch virtually nothing on broadcast TV. Outside of sports, I watch documentaries including nature shows, police reality shows, and classic movies. But as others have said I have hundreds of channels and frequently find nothing on that I want to watch and if I do, it is likely that I have not only seen it before but seen it dozens of times.

Nov 19 @ 3:27PM  
When we moved in Sept. we went with a new the old house we lived in we got basic cable (20 channels) for free but our phone and internet was 110 dollars a month......we moved here and got cable (250 channels plus starz and encore), phone with unlimited long distance, and cable internet for 82 dollars including tax and fees. I had that trio in ohio and to be honest I didnt watch the tv at all for 2 years.........but the cats loved it so i kept it lol

Since i got sick and it limits me of what I can do.........I watch tv a lot.........some days i just watch old movies I have on dvd but I love the Food channel, Discovery Channel, History channel, Bravo, Lifetime..........and when the new season of Hot In Cleveland starts I will start watching TV Land again LOL

I watch TV because what else is there to do other than play on computer. Especially when my granddaughter is in school.......otherwise i spend time with her but she likes to watch movies with Neena so we do that..........good thing I bought a big HD TV..................LMAO

Nov 19 @ 5:58PM  
I had my phone, internet, and cable through Charter up here. I had signed up for their special of all 3 services for $69.99 for 12 months. About the 7th month, they upped it to the full price, and when I called they insisted it had been 12 months. I even had my receipt in my hand reading it off to them...they didn't want to budge. So, I told them I was done with them. Now, I get my tv through DirecTV, which isn't too bad...I'm getting 250 channels for about $65, and my phone and internet is through AT&T, which is another $65 a month. I like watching Investigation Discovery, local news, and yes, I'll admit, I tune into SoapNet to catch up on what I missed on GH on days I work. Right now, they have a special going with their Starz and Showtime I'm checking that out. And yes, I'm a kid at heart, so I do tune into the Disney Channel if there is a good movie on. Not to mention, thanks to my niece and nephew, I do like Wizards of Waverly Place and Suite Life on Deck.

Nov 19 @ 6:24PM  
I also use direct tv, without it i wouldn't get any thing with an antenna, just a bad spot

Nov 19 @ 6:49PM  
If you Lost paid TV...what would you miss the most?

Nothing. I watch everything online.

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Regular TV.... VS.....The Good shit!!!