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A letter to God

posted 11/18/2010 12:04:35 AM |
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Dear God (or Higher Power, Man behind the curtain, Marge Simpson or whoever is the greater being)

Each morning I get up and I set and look out on the river and I thank you for all that you have given me. I am grateful, for the most part, that I have the life I have. Tonight, though, I am pissed, I am hurt, I am upset and I think you have forgotten the people that worship you.

Tonight I got the word that my son will be deployed to Afghanistan on January 15 and I wonder what the world you are doing up there. It is more than obvious that our politicians who hold our destiny into their greedy palms aren't doing do you think you can do step in and fix will be damned.

Afghanistan.........does anyone even remember why we are you? I think that Osama bin Laden was the excuse but lets face it......if that bastard is still alive.......he's not living in no cave...........he is either worm food or he is working in a 7-11 in California driving taxi at what the fuck are we still sending our soldiers there.

I love this Country.....but I wonder how much I am suppose to give for the pleasure of living here. I lost Gary because of took alot of years for that war to get him.......but in the end I watched the man I married...dwindle down to a shell of that man......thank you Agent Orange.......remember the stuff that was suppose to be safe......thank you US Govt. I am afraid I will now lose my son and I ask you how much am I suppose to give up? Yea, yea, I know others have lost more........but hey I am having a selfish moment know that free will you gave me.......well I am choosing to use it to be pissed........I am pissed at our Govt. and I am pissed at you. You have supposedly jumped in on other things.........would be nice if you would step in and whisper into our great political minds....(damn what an oxymoron) and tell them to knock off the shit..........there isn't a damn thing that we need or want in Afghanistan........or any other of those little piss ant about you just have them bring our soldiers home and take care of what is needed done here.

I am wondering about Obama's campaign promises to bring the troops home.......just another lame promise that was made for votes....wouldn't it be nice that before someone made a campaign promise they had to have a plan to make it work and sign an agreement that if they didn't uphold it they lost their office......Not that Obama is totally at fault but for those of you who said you just watch as soon as he takes office all of our soldiers will be you feel fucked now eh?

I hope there is a hell for lying matter what party they belong to.........I hope they are all kept together and instead of burning up........just some light torture.........all the time being told that soon they will be allowed to leave........seems pretty obvious that's what they do to us..........fuck us over with the promise its for the greater good.......seems like the only ones who benefit are the greedy assholes we keep electing in.

I am angry.........I am angry that any of us have to say good by to a love one to go off and fight in another Country that don't mean shit to us..........If you think they are a threat to us.......than give us the word and we could light them up and make them a glow in dark parking lot.........but personally........I am betting they are just as fucking tired of us sticking our nose in their business as most of us are of doing it......... I am angry, I am scared and I am at a loss to know what to do......but I don't know how I am going to handle this any better than the last time he was deployed and I sure didn't handle it well could you please give me a hand on this........I mean you may have to take some time out of watching the NFL.........but since you're not helping the Vikings out.......what the hell do I care..........but we do need your help getting our troops home and keeping them there.


Just a warning......this is my blog......these are my feelings.....and since my feelings are mine......if you disagree with them write your own blog but here you will be deleted and blocked..........

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Nov 18 @ 12:36AM  
I am in complete agreement with you.

This Thanksgiving there will be an empty place at my table where my youngest son should be sitting. I am not a happy camper about him being in Iraq.. My oldest son has missed most of his kids lives so far because he has been constantly deployed every since that damned war started. I passed the point of being angry and pissed a long time ago.

Anyone who cannot understand a mother's point of view on the war should send someone they love off to war one time and see how they feel then.

Nov 18 @ 1:09AM  
Hugs to you D. I know your pain. I held my breath and have never said so many prayers as I did those six months my son was in Iraq. I hold my breath each time he calls now, for fear he's got the orders to go to Afghanistan. I'm almost certain that will be my Birthday gift again this year. Deployment.
I know you're worried hun, and C needs to be home for his family. To watch that beautiful baby growing and changing. While there's not much I can say you haven't already heard before. Please know you and he (and your younguns too RJ) will be in my prayers. Along with those that make these decisions that they decide very soon to end this and bring them home.

Godspeed all our sons and daughters home, safe, sound and soon.

Nov 18 @ 3:44AM  
Big hugs
Godspeed all our sons and daughters home, safe, sound and soon.

Nov 18 @ 3:46AM  
I have always been a firm believer that the politicians that decide to send troops into battle should be prepared to give as much as they expect from the faceless thousands they send on their behalf. I bet if it was their own personal ass in the front line trench, they'd be a bit more eager to try and sort this crap out on more mature adult terms instead of expecting ppl to risk their lives for a few polititions ego's

* I hope marge simpson answers your pray hunny )

Nov 18 @ 8:14AM  
There's no good way to send ones son or any family off to a war. Mothers have been doing this sence the beginning of time and I'm sure it hasn't been easy for any of them. We all pray for the return of our love ones safe and sound.
But after they do get home alot of them have another battle.They are discarded as one does a used condom and this is just as unjust as sendng them to battle in a war no one thinks is right..
I feel your fears and will pray for the safe return of your son and all the troops that are in harms way.!
Hug and prayers

Nov 18 @ 9:54AM  
You said it all my friend.

I will keep your son, LBS's son, Softie's grandson, and all of our troops in my thoughts and prayers for a safe return home.

Nov 18 @ 11:35AM  
I'm a little late on commenting- didn't see your blog until this morning! I understand your thoughts about this in the sense that I have a grand son that is getting close to the age where he will make a decision whether to join one of our armed forces, or not! He probably will, which is MY concern! For him, it's a video game adventure and doesn't yet realize that joining the armed forces, is for real and not a video game!

Your comments about politicians are dead on as far as I'm concerned! They start this shit and then sit back and micro-manage how the 'war' [undeclared mind you] progresses and every time the White House does this, we end up in whatever country we're in for years, spending billions and we all suffer for it and get nothing out of it! Not to mention that their [politicians] family, friends etc., never see any action themselves! You're right, if the people that start shit like this had to fight a 'war' themselves, it would be totally different on how it was fought!

seems like the only ones who benefit are the greedy assholes we keep electing in.

People here know or should know, my total contempt for politics and especially politicians!

We keep electing these idiots into office because the election process itself is corrupt- we saw that first hand with the Obama campaign [the unions, other special interests groups, bribes, people with their hands sticking out in return for their vote etc., etc., etc.] which is why I advocate scrapping our election system for one based solely on merit... period- what have they accomplished while in office, if anything- lay your cards on the table and let the citizens decide whether a candidate is worthy of any office! No electoral votes, no nothing- pure merit, like corporations do when awarding someone with more responsibilities, pay etc.

Not much news seems to be coming out of Afghanistan since some troops were transferred out of Iraq and into Afghanistan [so much for Obama's promise to bring our troops home]- I think no news is a good thing! Hopefully, the White House will see the futility of sticking around there and bring our troops home- although, we ARE talking about the brainless twits [politicians] of being capable of thinking in a logical way!

I do understand your feelings and I surely hope that your son's deployment ends up in a safe area like in a clerical position of some type, where he's pretty much out of harms way! I hope only the best for your son's safety, until he returns home!


Nov 18 @ 11:45AM  
Damn... forgot to give ya a kudo- I always do that- dunno why!


Nov 18 @ 6:27PM  
I got nuttin meaningful to add.. so I'm just gonna third this comment.

Godspeed all our sons and daughters home, safe, sound and soon.

and add.. NOW!

Nov 19 @ 2:36AM  
I saw your blog late last night Ms. Sheep...I went to make a comment...and my computer decided to be twit bird and stop working at that exact moment. So apologies for not commenting until now...because I really wanted to earlier.

wouldn't it be nice that before someone made a campaign promise they had to have a plan to make it work and sign an agreement that if they didn't uphold it they lost their office.
I've been wishing this for years...but unfortunately it's not a reality. It probably never will be a reality...which doesn't sit well with me at all.

Godspeed all our sons and daughters home, safe, sound and soon.
I couldn't agree more with this statement.

You and your well as LBS's son...RJ's son...and Softie's grandson...are in my thoughts daily.

I truly wish I could send all of our troops a green cookie for their service...but I guess one will have to suffice for now. Thanks for being you.

Nov 19 @ 7:27AM  

I have all you ladies in my thoughts! And all our troups around the world doing their best to protect us..

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A letter to God