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4th of July Fantasy (Erotic Fiction)

posted 11/15/2010 12:22:25 AM |
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So I know its well past fourth of July. But its starting to get cold now, and don't get me wrong I love being able to cuddle up next to a warm body, two forms entertwined perfectly together warming each other. But there is something about the summer, and particularly 4th of July that enticing and erotic. I wrote this story for an ADM member here who I chatted with for a quite for a while, but would never reveal to me what she looked like. Now I know all you skeptics are probably thinking the worst in that scenario, because how could I possibly know who I am talking to without a picture. Well there was something about this woman that made me KNOW without doubt she is a gorgeous, perfectly formed goddess, and though I was never able to fulfill my fantasy, or for that matter any of my many fantasies with her. I do dedicate this story to her and to all the gorgeous woman that are to shy or afraid to reveal their gorgeous figure and of course kindly plead for you to reconsider (at least with me )...(Please remember to look into the comments section of the blog for the rest of the story since it will get cut off...ENJOY!)

I lay there, staring up as the grand finale of the 4th of July fireworks show was illuminating the sky, I wasn’t quite sure why but I had always found firework shows oddly romantic. I was alone, and while I enjoyed my solitude from time to time, as I lay there in the boat watching the dozens of other boats filled with people and joyous laughter dissipate from the area at the close of the fireworks show, I couldn’t help but feel lonely. I could hardly remember the last time I enjoyed the company of a woman, let alone on a night as perfect as this. My mind wandered a bit as it tends to probably to often and as I felt my dick start to grow a little, I sighed myself back to reality realizing it was only a dream. I must have been sitting there a while; cause before I knew it the area was once again pitch black and dead quiet. I stared into the distance as the last hint of light from the final boat other then my own pulled into the barely visible marina just across the lake and killed his lights. How odd it was for it to be so dark, even the moon was nowhere to be seen, and an eerie yet inviting mist had rolled in low just over the water, making it almost impossible to even see my hand right in front of my face, the millions of pin point sized white lights that were stars the only thing visible to the human eye, even the boat which I was now standing on and the gentle waves of the water slowly rocking the boat were nearly invisible to me. I stood up, and walked towards the boats ignition sighing at how I would now have to return, once again, alone, to my RV at the marina campground. I reached down to turn on my lights, but just as my hand touched the switch I heard a splash. I paused for a second, listening, when several seconds past and the nothing but silenced filled the air I once again reached down to turn on my lights, but again, just as my hand touched the switch, I heard it again, this time louder and somewhat closer. It was certainly not a fish, but all the boats had gone and there should have been no people anywhere near, but the mystery of what it might be, of what it could be had once again awakened my softening cock. I walked to the side of the boat and peered out in the direction from which it came, but it was so dark I could see absolutely nothing. When I heard it a third time, I knew something was odd. Since I was already in my swimming trunks and the night air was strangely hot, curiosity got the better of me and I dove into the water with a splash, and as I emerged the silence of the night had been broken by the calls of a female voice. It was soft and while normally it was sight and touch that got me going, the voice was strangely arousing, and for a moment I was so lost in this mysterious voice I almost forgot where I was. After calling back to the voice I started to once again to hear the splashing, it was clearly coming closer, each splash in the water louder and clearer. I climbed back onto the boat, and despite the rather hot weather the night breeze that had rolled in the fog combined with the water that now covered my body made me shiver, but I hardly noticed, I was focused on this alluring voice and the anticipation as the splashing got closer made my cock grow even harder. The swimming trunks I was wearing, now wet from my dive into the water clung tightly against my skin, letting me feel every pulse and movement of my cock even more intensely. By the time I felt the boat move from the mysterious woman climbing up the ladder I was incredibly hard. I squinted trying desperately to see the figure that was 10 feet or less from my face, but I could see absolutely nothing. Trying so desperately to see the figure, I failed to realize she was still moving towards me, and without any warning I felt her full weight tumble into me as she stumbled unable to see into the boat. Despite being caught off guard, I managed to maintain my balance. I expected her to push off and re-steady herself, but she didn’t, she just kind of lingered there in my arms. She was shivering, and I realized my mind was so distracted I had failed to realize the rather large temperature shift and how cold the night had gotten despite it being the middle of summer. I had no idea how long she had been in the water, and while I probably could have asked I instead instinctually pulled her closer, innocently trying to warm her body with my body heat completely forgetting my now pulsing cock pointing straight out, my own still wet swimming trunks clung tightly against it. I blushed deeply; glad she could not see my face as her body language made it clear she had noticed how hard I was. I felt her hand against my chest, and in spite of the fact she was clearly cold her palm was unusually warm against my skin. As her hand reached my waste my whole body tightened a little along with my cock, pulsing it grew even harder and longer.

As her hand slid inside the waste line of my trunks even the rush of air made me quiver. I felt her hand wrap around my cock, starting with the base and sliding slowly to the head squeezing only lightly, as if measuring me. As her hand reached the head of my cock, I squirmed a little as it pulsated as if begging for more attention, but it got none. I could feel her hand slide slowly back out of my pants after only one gently stroke, taking great care in making sure her palm remains firmly somewhere on my body at all times. I pulled her closer to me, and while I still could not see her, she was now close enough for me to feel her hot breath; her warm hand now joined by her other rubbing my body. I return the favor; unable to see her I let my hands be my eyes, caressing every inch of her body. As my hands reach around her back, my cock beats even harder as I remove her top, the area so quiet I can hear th

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Nov 15 @ 12:23AM  
the area so quiet I can hear the fabric hit the floor. Etching her perfect form into my mind, memorizing her body like a map as my hands explore her body. I let my hands linger slightly on her hot spots gauged only by the increase in tempo of her hot breath on my neck, and the almost inaudibly quiet moans emerging from her lips. As my hand reaches her waste my whole body quivers a little, for a split second my legs grow weak and I almost fall as my cock vibrates, realizing she is already completely naked. I let my hands run her thigh, gently squeezing her butt in both hands as I reach around her. As I run my hands back around, I let my pace slow, lingering for a long time just before I reach her inner thigh. After what seems like forever I let my hands slide into her inner thigh I feel her palms stop moving along my body, it was as if time stopped and she just waited in anticipation. With one finger only, as if teasing her, I slowly course her inner thigh, brushing up against her pussy lips but applying no pressure. Her hot breath once again quickens on my neck. I let only one finger slide inside her pussy, she is already wet and it is clear what she wants, but I tease her a little, making her wait. I feel her breath quicken even more; the shot of hot air on my neck is almost in exact rhythm with the pulsing of my cock. I slide out my finger, amazed at how tight she had squeezed only one small finger. I slid my finger into my mouth, tasting the sweetness of her juices, my sense of taste also intensified by the lack of sight. I feel her hands once again start to move along my body just as my finger slides out from her lower lips, I feel her hot breath moving down with her hands, she breaths heavily onto my upper chest, then my lower chest, then my stomach as she slides her whole body lower. Her breath lingers for a while on my stomach as her hands work off my trunks, pulling them off and exposing me. She slides down a little more until I can feel her hot breath on my cock. Her face is within inches of my raging hard-on but other then her hot breath she does not touch me. I feel her breath blow against the head my cock and again I quiver, my cock pulsing as if trying desperately to grow just a little longer and reach the waiting mouth. But she moves, her hot breath running along the shaft of my cock all the way to my balls, where she stops for only a moment before breathing back along my shaft towards the head of my waiting cock. She stops again at the head, and as I breathe heavily it takes all I have not to cum. The teasing is almost too much and my pulsing cock, but I fight the urge, wait patiently for her to stand back up as if the teasing was some sort of game, fully prepared to get her back, to win, to bring her to the point of ecstasy only to stop just short of her climax. But little did I know, the game was already over, and as I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and take me all the way to the hilt in one quick motion, I realized she had won. I felt her tongue roll around inside her mouth as she circled the shaft of my cock, running her tongue from my balls to the head, as if trying to siphon the cum from cock. As I got closer and closer to giving in, I could feel her breath quicken even faster, and even as her mouth encompassed the entirety of vivacious cock the muffled moans were unmistakable, and I quickly realized that she was becoming even more aroused and closer to climax from just the stimulation of my cock in her mouth. Grabbing her head I pulled her back, forcing her mouth of my cock, her lips tightened around my member as if trying to hold despite the resistance, and as her lips slid off the head of my cock I felt her tongue lash out for a final flick on the head of my cock, almost sending me over the edge. My body quivered again; only this time as my legs grew weak I let myself slide to the floor, her under me. I knew I was close and I wasted no time, I plunged myself inside her, using the leverage of being on top of her to force myself all the way in.

She was unbelievably tight and her gentle whimpers of pleasure quickly became shrill moans, as I used my leverage and momentum to push myself into her over and over. I bit my lower lip, unwilling to cum until I felt her climax. It was as if she was testing my limits, and despite feeling her muscles tighten around me with every push, she too refused to give in. I almost couldn’t take it anymore, and as it took more and more focus and more and more energy to stop from cumming I began to slow, making hard forceful thrust, slow but deep. Just as I was about to give in her muscles constricted, making it impossible for me to pull out without cumming, so I didn’t, I just stayed there buried deep inside her while she squeezed me, as if trying to milk me, her screams of ecstasy pierced the otherwise silent sky. Her breath leveled and her muscled loosened, letting me once again slide freely in her wet pussy. Surprising me once again despite the rather intense orgasm she had just experienced she still had enough energy to spin me over, putting herself on top, and both of us panting but not wanting to quit we continued to push ourselves. She slid off my firm cock leaving me covered in her warm juices and once again exposed to the cold air. Once again I felt her tongue work its way down my body, only this time there was no teasing. I felt her mouth wrap quickly around my cock and I moaned loudly as her tongue worked its magic licking her own juices from my throbbing cock. She was already taking me all into her inviting mouth but still I tried to thrust my hips upward, trying to give her even more. I felt my cock bulge in her mouth, and my body tightened, there was no doubt she realized I had reached my limit and knew I was about to burst, but that did not stop her. With a final thrust of my hips I gave in, letting the hot cum flow from firm cock into her mouth still wrapped tightly around my cock. I collapsed back panting heavily as cum continued to flow, those couple seconds feeling like a lifetime as I felt her tongue lick up every last drop. For several seconds her mouth never moved from my cock, and I just laid in their ecstasy unable to move as her tongue made certain to clean me spotless. I felt her mouth finally slide of my cock as her tongue licked the final drops from the tip, and I just laid there, I was in heaven, I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt this goo

Nov 15 @ 12:26AM  
, I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt this good. The serenity of the night pierced only by the sounds of our heavy breathing. There was no doubt that I had never in my life came that hard, and it shocked even me that even after such perfect pleasure I was still and while I lay there taking deep slow breaths I couldn’t help but crave more. And as if reading my mind I once again felt her juices wrap around my still fully erect cock, her pussy wrapped once again tightly around me, as she slid herself up and down along my long shaft, slowly at first but slowly gaining rhythm, as if some how we were regaining energy with every push. Driven purely by lust and pleasure we continued, and I couldn’t help but think, somewhere in the very depths of my mind, how true it is that actions speak louder then words, for as the night went on the pleasure was so vast it would be impossible for even words to express. And while I lay they’re in total bliss, in absolute heaven, it wasn’t a matter of would anyone ever believe me, but rather could I myself even explain what happened. And when I came the 8th time, finally reaching my limit and out of pure exhaustion, not lack of virility, we collapsed into each others arms, sweaty, and breathing so heavily we could feel the heaves in each others chests, and there we laid, in the opposite end of the boat from which we started and falling out of positions even I could not remember how we managed, it didn’t take long to collapse into a sleep so deep I was not sure I would ever wake up. And when I finally did, blinking several times as my eyes adjusted to the blazing sun laying naked, and once again alone, on the floor of my boat I still had the indescribable pleasure I had experienced the night before etched into my mind, where it would remain for an eternity. And even though I had never caught so much of a glimpse of the goddess, there was no denying she was the best I had ever and would ever have.

I hope you enjoyed the story. Please don't be shy, tell me what you think. And if you have not already and you liked what you read, take a look at my other blogs.

Nov 15 @ 3:37AM  
s'not bad....
I bet it was about miss skwirl, and if its not i bet i get a bite anyway

Nov 16 @ 2:56PM  
in it u said it was about a girl u talk too what ur username and i love it nice job

Nov 17 @ 10:25AM  
You have a talent for writing.

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4th of July Fantasy (Erotic Fiction)