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a thought for the day

posted 11/8/2010 7:54:22 PM |
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tagged: sports, rants

A discussion I have been having with one of the other members about sports today has lead me to this blog. I know it will likely get me branded as a heretic, unpatriotic, unamerican and assorted other labels. Oh I forgot, blasphemer. Guess old age is setting in, how could I forget that one.

To continue, I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I care not a bit about any sports. It pisses me off that I have to pay for the channels that carry them on my satellite system, and the damned shopping channels. But that is another rant, so I’ll finish this one first.

Lets go back to the days of the Roman Empire and gladiators. They were such great spectacles, some of them took months to get together, and the cost, oh the costs, but nothing was too good for the citizens. And everyone thought this is great, they are free. Uh, just a minute, who was paying for them? They never realized the taxation increases. Yes, some of them lasted for days, almost none stop. And while they were going on no one really paid any attention to what was happening to the empire.

Now fast forward to today. We have the various professional sports, the teams, and all the hoopla that goes along with them. And they go year round. You can watch something any day of the week, anytime of the year. They take your mind off the everyday, give you an excuse to get crazy, give you something to argue about at work, and just not think about what is going on with anything but that little part of the world. And the money you spend on tickets to one game, how much would that help take care of the bills, or put a little aside for that next big utility bill? The gear you spend money on to promote what ever team, is the extra cost for that team shirt really justifiable when you buy it? And do the players for the most part really give a shit about what it costs you? Nope. Gimme the money.

I know this one is gonna get me blasted from here to where ever, oh well. Knee jerk reactions for the most part, and the more rabid the fan, the more vehement the blast. And the less real thought put into them I might add.

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Nov 8 @ 8:09PM  
damned shopping channels
This I can agree with you on...

Some people love sports, while others don't. Simple as that. To each their own....

Nov 8 @ 8:13PM  
some people just take it to an extreme i can't fathom. and i do see the similarities i mentioned about rome. it may just be me, but my thoughts.

Nov 8 @ 8:21PM  
Hell I don't even have cable so I don't have to worry about paying for a bunch of shit I don't watch..... I have plain ol TV channels out here in Prehistoricville, TN Try having virtuall nothing on to watch! Let alone be able to watch your favorite team play! And I certainly am not interested in those shopping channels.. I'm too broke to watch them!....

No blasting from me saw.... I agree with where you're coming from!

Nov 8 @ 8:30PM  
and i thought by now there would be a bonfire going and a spit to put me on someplace. lol

Nov 8 @ 8:48PM  
i forgot, this is monday night, and there is a game on i think. guess the tar and feathering will commence right after that

Nov 8 @ 9:03PM  
What pisses me off is they have all these sports channels then when I want to watch one of my favorite shows on a LOCAL channel, guess what??? Some idiot sport has canceled out the regular programming. What's that shit all about???

The amount of money poured into sports and all the crap that it entails could wipe out poverty and starvation all over this country...maybe the world. It's just too stupid....

Nov 8 @ 11:49PM  
ok, i'm shutting down for now, but the comments are always open. so post away. if i really don't like your comment, i may say something in an e-mail, but it will be posted.

Nov 9 @ 12:52AM  
I dont care about sports enough to even put that much thought into it. But I gotta say that was a interesting look at it and I would have to agree with ya. I dont have cable for the same reason to many channels of BS I dont wanna watch. Thanks to Netflix Instant Watch and all the places online I can watch a show cable/sat is no longer needed for my viewing pleasure

Nov 9 @ 2:08AM  
Different people like different things, just like the radio.

Nov 9 @ 5:37AM  
sports are over rated these days and most are only used as money spinners anyway.
what happened to simple sportsmanship where competitors..competed, not got paid to preform.

our usual summer programmes on free to air tv stations here consist of tennis,golf or cricket
which is why i have cable tv as well , at least i can watch re-run doco's when time prevails.

Nov 9 @ 9:23AM  
What pisses me off is they have all these sports channels then when I want to watch one of my favorite shows on a LOCAL channel, guess what??? Some idiot sport has canceled out the regular programming. What's that shit all about???

Softie hit it right there!

I admit to watching hockey, football, baseball...but what gets I don't like it. Bores me to tears. Not to mention, my Mom is a loyal Days Of Our Lives viewer and I have to hear her complain when her show is preempted for Wimbledon. I tried to suggest if she has to have her soap fix to try the ABC or CBS shows...nope...she will not hear of it. I mean, they're all basically the same..right? Affairs, blackmail, tragedy, unbelievably out of this world stories....right?

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a thought for the day