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What's the ABC's of Your Life?

posted 11/7/2010 7:26:14 PM |
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tagged: fun, game, people, personality

I was thinking the other day about life...and how mine has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. Quite a few descriptive words jumped into my head while I was in the middle of this thought process. Some good...some bad...some surprising...some not so much. Then I got to thinking about how this might be something we could do together in Pervia. I think it would be quite interesting and a lot of fun..and we would probably learn some new things about each other along the way.

So Pervia...What's the ABC's of your life?

Listed below is a few links to help you get started.

Adjective List - Part 1

Adjective List - Part 2

Here's my list...
Artistic - I always look at things from an artsy point of view.
Blessed - I'm blessed with wonderful friends and family.
Creative - I am very creative and I'm always working on some sort of project.
Determined - I'm determined to get my health back.
Enthusiastic - I'm enthusiastic about life and my future.
Friendly - I'm very friendly and I truly love making new friends.
Generous - I'm very generous and love to give to my family and friends.
Hopeful - I'm hopeful that I will get my health back.
Intelligent - I'm intelligent and seem to have a knack for learning and retaining learned experiences.
Jovial - I'm quite cheerful most days.
Kind. - I'm very kind-hearted and have a lot of compassion for others.
Loved. - I'm very lucky to be loved by so many wonderful people.
Mischievous - Yep that's me. I love to play jokes on people.
Naughty & Nice - I'm both...depending on the day...and my mood.
Optimistic - I always look on the bright side of things.
Playful - I'm extremely playful...and I love to have fun with my friends.
Quirky - Yep...that's me. Quirky...unusual...and very un-ordinary.
Restless - Because I'm tired of being on bed rest.
Silly. - I'm very quick to look at the silly side of things...and be extra silly.
Thoughtful - I love to surprise my friends and family with random acts of kindness.
Upbeat - Most days I'm very positive and upbeat.
Vivacious - Most days I'm full of life and ready to conquer the world.
Warm. - I tend to be very warm and friendly.
X-citing - I have a very exciting and adventurous side to me.
Yappy - It's a known fact that I can talk a lot. So yes...I'm very yappy indeed.
Zestful - I enjoy life and definitely have a zest for living.
Your turn...

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Nov 7 @ 9:40PM  
Warm. - I tend to be very warm and friendly.

and i thought that was warm and cuddly

Nov 7 @ 9:50PM  
A. Asshole or Arrogant - both fit me well so you can choose
B. Bullshit - I can sling it like no other
C. Cocky - in more ways than one ;)
D. Dick - not only a nickname but a pretty accurate description of me at times
E. Egotistical - if you know me this one is self explanatory
F. Friend - I'll be the best 1 you ever had
G. Genuine - I'm all real all the time
H. Happy dick - I prefer to enjoy things vs the other options
I. Intelligent - I can fake it with the best of em
J. Jerkoff - c'mon...I'm a guy. We all do it
K. Kinky - I'll try it and if you like it, I'll do it again
L. Lazy - unbelievably so
M. I got nothin here
N. Again I got nothing so I'll go with it's the first letter of my last name
O. Optimistic - always
P. Pleaser - I'm more about the other person than myself most of the time
Q. Quiet- NOT!!!!
R. Rude - I've been known to be
S. Stubborn - don't believe me, try me!
T. Thoughtless - but not on purpose
U. Unbelievable - said in my best Andrew Dice Clay voice
V. Vagina - love it love it LOVE IT
W. Wonderful - I'd like to think so, and a few other people might agree (not counting mommy)
X. Roman numeral for 10....which I am :)
Y. Youthful - in my heart always
Z. You got me here cos I got nothin

Nov 7 @ 10:09PM  
Adorable Yep, that I am!

Brave Oh yeah

Confident and Charismatic, and cool I can't argue with these

Dynamic Super hero type at that

Elegant With class and style

Faithful And very loyal

Gentle and Generous I have a huge heart

Handsome and Happy Yep

Interesting and Intelligent I love a good challenge

Jovial Love to take risks

Kind-hearted, Knowledgeable, and Kind Especially with animals

Lovely, Lively, and loved Lotta love in my family. Also have a energy type personality.

Mysterious I don't lget too close to people. Some I will, but most I don't.

Naughty and Nice Especially in the bedroom

Optimistic Positive outlook on life is always good and healthy

Proud That I am. Ego I'm sure plays a role in this with me sometimes with this.

Quirky I can have a few of these, and come off a little strange and weird to a lot of people.

Restless Sometimes I feel that I can be in a rut and want to experience new things in life.

Successful, Silly, Self-assured, and Sincere Good qualities to have I say.

Thoughtful and Talented I can be both these in a lot of areas.

Upbeat Positive mind is key

Vivacious Oh yeah!

Wonderful, Witty, and Weird I hate to toot my own horn, but....

X-Factor Enough said!

Youthful I try to stay young at heart, and mature at the same time

Zestful, and Zany I'm a wild and crazy guy!

This was fun! Kudo!


Nov 7 @ 10:14PM  
Sawduster: Where's your list?

RNJ: Allow me...
M. I got nothin here
Mysterious - Because we only see your ass during football season.

N. Again I got nothing so I'll go with it's the first letter of my last name
Noisy - What you are when you're watching a football game.

Z. You got me here cos I got nothin
Zany - Because you're such a wild and crazy guy.

Nov 8 @ 4:08AM  
ABC's ?
A'rm wondering when I'm gonna get laid
Bloody wish someone would offer so i could get laid
C'aaarm on, I haven't got all day to sit around waiting to git laid ya know

Nov 8 @ 10:39AM  
A. Agreeable. Hey...I'd rather agree than argue.
B. Bright. I like to brighten up a person's day.
C. Cheerful. Just the type of person I am.
D. Determined. Believe me, determination helped me keep my house when the bank tried to foreclose on it a few years ago.
E. Entertaining. I like to make those around me smile.
F. Friendly. I'd rather make friends than enemies.
G. Generous. If I can, I'm always the first one to lend a helping hand.
H. Happy. I enjoy life. Must be why I'm the only one in my family with normal blood pressure.
I. Introverted. Yes, believe it or not..I can be quite shy upon first meeting someone. Seriously.
J. Jolly. Life is great...embrace what is good.
K. Kind-hearted. So I've been told a few times.
L. Loyal. I appreciate friendships and don't take them for granted.
M. Mischievous. I like a good joke.
N. Nice. Need I say more?
O. Optimistic. Always looking at what is good.
P. Proud. Of who I am and what I have.
Q. Quiet. Only when I first meet someone...once I'm out!
R. Relaxed. Laid back, take life as it goes.
S. Sincere. I prefer honesty over b.s.
T. Trustworthy. If asked not to repeat things, I don't.
U. Upbeat. Much better than letting life's difficulties get me down.
V. Vigilant. In this crazy has to be!
W. Witty. Love to make those around me smile.
Y. Youthful. In heart at least.
Z. Zestful. I love life.

Ya know....I'm thinking maybe I should put this on an updated resume.

Nov 8 @ 12:46PM  
A- analytical
X- X-Rated
Y- Yappy

wow this was harder than I thought it would be LOL

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