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posted 1/12/2007 9:43:08 PM |
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tagged: kinky, straddle

Let's say you're in bed with your lover/spouse and you wake up and you're feeling a little kinky. You have a bowl of green grapes nearby on a table next to the bed from the previous night and the grapes are warm but still good. You want to play with your lover/spouse and feed them the grape, and you're actually teasing them with it. Then you push it gently up to your lover's lips and he/she takes the grape in their mouth and they know you're turned on by that. Your lover then suckes on it for a bit and teasing you with it and won't give it back because the grape has their morning breath on it and they feel like it's too personal to share something like that and wouldn't want to give the grape back and once you put it in your mouth it's not coming back out and you eat it instead. Would you give the grape back knowing you had morning breath?

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Jan 12 @ 10:03PM  
Duh Bro, I thought we had settled this with that toothbrush stuff. I bet you would not give it a second though to go down on her or her you.

Jan 12 @ 10:08PM  
No Wtxman, totally different situation. I like the tease factor with her having that little grape in her mouth and teasing me with it. It doesn't mean I want it back to eat, I just like something that personal with her and being teased with it to see if she would actually hand the grape over. That's a turn on for me.

Jan 12 @ 10:11PM  
Bro read the title of your blog and the last sentence.

Jan 12 @ 10:15PM  
Good Lord, Wtxman, I see nothing wrong with what I'm asking. The topic is morning breath, and I would like to know who would actually give the grape back to the person their teasing, knowing that the person that give it back to isn't going to eat it. geez! lol

Jan 12 @ 10:17PM  
Bro your'e not using the lords name in vain are you

Jan 12 @ 10:21PM  
*rolls eyes* Nope, I said "Good Lord", not God D**n....I never use God's name in vain. This is the last comment I'm posting on my blog for now. I want others to answer this blog.

Jan 12 @ 10:23PM  
Yeah give the people what they want! Hijacking your own blog; good lord.

Jan 12 @ 10:24PM  
Huh?! If it's that last grape, I'll kick her ass for it!

Jan 12 @ 10:35PM  
Just a note, I reached my email limit once again on here tonight.

Jan 13 @ 12:07AM  
I'd open my mouth and swallow.......the grape!
Besides, it's just breath...and both of you got I say,
fuck around, enjoy, go brush your nasty fangs and then get busy in the shower!!

Jan 13 @ 3:03AM  
Let me see if I understand what you are getting've spent the night, exchanging a multitude of body fluids but you aren't going to share a grape that has been in your lover's mouth because of morning breath? Um, to me, that is a little (oaky freakishly way!) uptight. You've had your mouth all over their body and they on yours. Morning breath is no big deal. I think sharing your body is a whole lot more personal than sharing morning breath.

Jan 13 @ 4:14AM  
do it doggie style, that way you ain't got o smell each other and you can spit the damn grape anywhere.

Jan 13 @ 1:06PM  
Straddle, I have read this blog many times passing it by, but god I can't anymore, LOL. Think about it, you will have someones feet in your face, the smeller the better (you say), you will let someone straddle your face with skid mark panties on (you say). But heaven god forbid should she need to take a pee while you are in the shower, or put a grape in her mouth and try to pass it to your mouth first thing in the morning with bad breath. As god is my witness this makes absouletly no sense to me. I have to agree with LOOKING. Sorry about that bud, but it don't make sense, you would even eat an M&M that she had in her stinky toes,,,,,,,,,,,but damn no grapes form her mouth!!! GO FIGURE

Jan 13 @ 2:37PM  
Okay, just for the record. There are tons of people out there who are horny as hell all the time. Me, I hardly ever get horny in the early part of the day. But a lot of people don't want to smell morning breath, and me, it's not the best smell either, and no, I don't think I could share a grape with someone by sticking it in my mouth after her morning breat has been all over it. When I say I love the smell of womens feet, I'm talking about a light natural smell to them, nothing like fungus smelling feet. I know this woman who is 45 years old now and two years ago I knew how horny she is in life, we had asome phone sex a few times and she would tell me some of the other things she liked. She was one of those people that thought her morning breath was just a too personal thing to share, and ya know what, I can understand that because I wouldn't want to share that. Most people think it's a foul smell, and I have actually had a few women breath on me a little out in public and man, it hit me when they had mouth odor, and it wasn't very good. But see, I get turned on by that when a woman will be real personal with that and she won't give the grape back, just knowing that little grape is getting all that on it seems to turn me on, go figure.

Jan 14 @ 12:50AM  
I have no problem giving the grape up, if the person i'm with doesn't seem to care that they have morning breath as well, i'm not gonna stress about my own, besides if they get too pissy about it i carry a thing of gum around with me to kill the morning breath, i find stride works the best, until i make my way to the bathroom and can, as sunshine so greatly put it "brush my nasty fangs"

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