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What are your Thanksgiving Day plans? Also, Turkey or ham?

posted 11/6/2010 3:51:47 PM |
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Thanksgiving is coming up and you all know what that means....time to pig out on all the great food!!! Mmmmm.....those chocolate pies my grandma makes are so damn good, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Of course there's turkey and dressing. Can't forget the rolls either. And then there's all the other great foods on the table. What are your plans for Thanksgiving, and what are you having for dinner? As for where I will be having it and with who, it will be at my grandma's like every year. Last year it was a bust since she was in the hospital. Hell, I'm glad to have her around again this year. I'm very thanksful for that, along with many other things. This year at my grandma's, there should be me, my mom and her bf Doug, my grandma of course, my two aunts and their husbands, my three cousins with one of them with their husband and daughter. Not sure about my sister, her husband, and my niece and nephew yet.

What all are you have for Thanksgiving dinner, and who are you spending it with?

Bonus question:

Which do you prefer, Turkey or ham?

Me, I love turkey! I don't care for ham.

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Nov 6 @ 4:11PM  
I guess we are going to have venison, chicken, and buffalo along with some frybread and veggies for Thanksgiving. It has been scaled back this year due to family members who can't be here for the holiday. I don't eat turkey at all as I have never liked it. Ham I reserve for Yule / Christmas at our house along with the goose and what other meat some friends manage to shoot and freeze before the holiday. I trade dried cooking herbs with them for some every year.

Just wish I had a way of getting the food to my youngest son in Iraq. I am sure they will not have any game meat on the menu and it is his favorite.

Nov 6 @ 4:23PM  
Yes, we are getting there and I sure am glad as it my favorite holiday.

Of course, we have discussed this before, but it is always wonderful to revisit the subject! People get pissed off at me for citing links to past posts of mine, so as to avoid this, I'll just do a copy/paste from last year as the answer remains the same I glad to say!

Thanksgiving is a traditional gathering by our group going back over 30 years. It began because so many of us moved to Texas in the seventies from other parts of the country and had no family here, so we became family.

Around dawn Wednesda) I will depart for my 300 mile sojourn to the south between Houston and Galveston. Just before arriving at my friends, I will fill the car up with gas and stop by the liquor store around noon. I will be the first guest to arrive for a healthy portion of eat, drink and be merry.

One of my friends going back over 30 years, Nancy, is a housewife. I will take her to lunch, usually Chinese or Mexican. Then, list in hand, we will go grocery shopping for any uncovered items to feed between 15 and 30 people (exact number currently unknown). The tab is usually about fifty bucks.

The guys get home around 4:30 and the beer will flow, music rock on, and the card shuffled in the garage where there is a sign prominently posted, "A man's castle is his garage." After dinner, more people drop by. The party will continue in earnest until around eleven when people begin dropping off depending on their Thanksgiving plans and usually culminates by two.

Thanksgiving morning typically begins around 5:30. Ed, Nancy's husband, will proceed to make dressing while I chop up the onions and celery for it. Once stuffed, 22 pound bird hits the oven. I then do the deviled eggs while Nancy watches the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

Guests will then begin to arrive, some local, some from out of the area. This can include the kids of the group also that range from their teens to mid-twenties. The women take over the dinner preparations after the parade ends while the guys gather for the 11:30 kick off of the Detroit Lions game on the big screen 60" HD. The guest of honor is served around 3:00 as are the Dallas Cowboys. After the game ends the women watch a movie and the men retire to the garage for more gaming and the next football game. This evening will end relatively early.

Friday is the women going off shopping while the rock and roll, gaming, beer, booze, and football flow with the in the garage. Everyone munches on leftovers. Friday evening is group participation where everybody gathers around the formal dining room table to play a game like Trivial Pursuit. The kids are frequently playing Wii on the big screen.

Typically on Saturday, some of the guys go fishing in Galveston Bay until early afternoon. Then step and repeat; rock and roll, gaming, beer, booze, and football flow in the garage until way after midnight.

Sunday is a little more laid back but still involves gaming, beer, booze, and football in the garage. The women usually put up the Christmas tree. People then depart for home. I, the first guest to arrive, am the last to leave early Monday morning.

Nov 6 @ 4:35PM  
Not to be a hog on your blog, but from my past posts I would like to share this one about T Day and my youth. Others may have similar memories. It involves Thanksgiving and the card table.

There are many things to love about Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. But that was not so much the case when I was in junior high. Why? the seating arrangements at dinner.

The festivities would be at my grandparents' house. The beautiful walnut table in the formal dining room could seat ten. Everything would be laid out with the china and all of the scrumptious courses, often a cornucopia of ten or more offerings. The spread and presentation was worthy of the November issue of Ladies Home Journal.

There were 14 people typically: my grandparents, my parents, my great aunt and uncle, my aunt and uncle, and six kids. The problem was that my dad is 19 years older than my aunt, and she is nine years older than I am. She married young and kicked out four stair step critters.

Before my cousins entered this world, my brother and I got to be diners nine and ten at the table. But as the ducklings popped out of my aunt's oven, my brother's and my seat at the dining room table was replaced by high chairs. The kitchen table was unavailable as it was covered with the desserts staged to follow dinner, so we were relegated to the folding card table set up in the living room.

When it was just my brother and I that wasn't too bad except that my brother never could eat with his mouth closed. He loved to put the peas in his mashed potatoes prior to eating them. This was not an appetizing sight and looked something like this,

As my cousins got older and younger ones came along to take the high chairs, they joined us at the card table. Let me tell you, there is nothing a 14 year old looks forward to more than sitting at a card table dining with a three year old to the right, a four year to the left, and Mister Green Goop directly across with his mouth open. Glasses were spilled, food was thrown, little kids cried. It was pure hell.

I was finally able to convince my mom and grandmother to let me eat off of a TV tray. As the youngest cousins got old enough to forego the high chairs, all four of them shared the card table. My brother and I got to return to table to eat with the adults. My cousins did not get along and it was not uncommon for dinner to be interrupted by disputes and antics coming from the card a couple of times. More than once, my aunt marched an offender out to the patio for a discussion featuring nonverbal communication.

Nov 6 @ 4:39PM  
plan?? prob eat all kinds of stuff i shouldn't till i can't move lol

Nov 6 @ 4:50PM  
Last year my grandma was in the hospital, and we all in my family seemed to do our own thing. I had ordered a turkey Thankgiving dinner from Kroger. It's nice to be able to have my grandma back this year in time for it with all of us around.

Nov 6 @ 5:44PM  
I am glad your grandma is back this year. So are you going to do some home cooking for her and your family this T Day?

Nov 6 @ 5:47PM  

Uncertain at this time. They keep changing from one minute to the next.

Nov 6 @ 6:13PM  
So are you going to do some home cooking for her and your family this T Day?
My uncle loves to do this for over the past 15-20 years now.

Nov 6 @ 6:40PM  
Well we just got a new house so guess who got sucked into having turkey day

Nov 6 @ 6:54PM  
Which do you prefer, Turkey or ham?

Turkey!!! Ham is cool to supplement and adds to the munchie options through out the weekend's festivities with more sandwich options

Nov 6 @ 7:19PM  
Thanksgiving is spent at my parents house with just my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. With all the food you would think that 30 people were coming instead of just 5. Mom goes all out for Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatos and gravy, sweet potatos, stuffing, homemade noodles, cranberries, homemade soardough rolls, and at least 3 different pies, pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate. There are leftovers for days.

Thanksgiving is the relaxing holiday with my family. No extended family. Just casual, food cooking all day, watching football with yummy smells from the kitchen, and usually everyone falls asleep in front of the tv after dinner.

Nov 6 @ 7:42PM  

We don't have Thanksgiving Day in the UK . I have to make do with reading about all your wonderful plans.

Nov 6 @ 8:55PM  
Well... looks like this year I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving on the 13th (a week from now) because a couple of family members who live 90 miles from me in Jackson, MI, won't be here on the holiday and on the following Saturday after Thanksgiving at my daughter's house with my grand kids!

Probably turkey and ham at my daughter's place and probably the same thing in Jackson!


Nov 6 @ 9:21PM  
I think my daughter is cooking this year. I guess I'll get a bottle go pepto-bismol and eat with them. ] I sure hope her cooking has improved!
Maybe I'll take her and grandkids to the Golden Coral.

Nov 6 @ 9:31PM  
Mine will be jam packed full of both family and friends and possibly a few strangers. There will be around 20 + something here as usual ~ packing this tiny little house to the rafters with laughter, music, jokes, wine, lots of conversation and everybody helping in the kitchen.

Everybody will start out snacking on sausage balls, stuffed mushrooms, and some little appetizers I make that don't have a name while we cook. Then everybody will tuck into turkey and ham, sweet potatoes, mashed taters, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, stuffing and rolls.

Later on will be dessert ~ german chocolate pie, cherry cheese pie, blueberry pie and of course a couple of pumpkin pies with whip cream that I will make the day before !! Afterwards will be board games, movies and lots more conversation and wine. Everybody will be loaded down with leftovers when they leave, hugs and kisses all around and I will collapse.

Nov 7 @ 7:39AM  
I'll probably be working that day..and after going home and cleaning up, I'll be heading over to my parents for dinner.

I prefer Turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas and Easter.

Nov 8 @ 4:53PM  
Thanksgiving I will be home spending it with my daughter and granddaughter. In the afternoon my honey will come over and we will just spend the day together. My daughter will be fixing Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries (granddaughter and honey like them.......otherwise ewwwwwww lol) wild rice hot dish, snickers salad, cole slaw, and than those yummy things like pickles olives, pickled beets................hmmmmmmmmmm now i cant wait for

However the weekend will be quiet as my honey usually goes to Rochester for the weekend and spends time with his children...............but other than that no big is pretty simple for me now days and I love it that way.

Nov 8 @ 5:16PM  
I will be at work again for the second year. Why do people go out for dinner on Thanksgiving? It is really rude as far as I am concerned. Of course I am very nice to the families and friends that are all out taking me away from ,y family and friends, but still I think it is rude for them to ask me to work on that holiday. Last year an older man was especially less than sensitive wanting chicken fingers for his grandson that weren't on the menu...not even the "spoiled child's" menu that he insisted we make for the kid. He was overly rude about it and the kid seemed not to care cause all he was doing was playing with some hand held computer toy the whole way through dinner I am not looking forward to the holidays. Hugs and kisses to all that will be with family and friends..I am still glad I have a job, but I also know there are others that won't be with all their loved ones for various reasons.

Nov 8 @ 5:29PM  
Why do people go out for dinner on Thanksgiving? It is really rude as far as I am concerned.

Sadly, some people, even couples, don't have enough functional family to consider or family is too far away to be doable. One of the things that makes Thanksgiving a bit of a victim in today's world is that even caring families are scattered all over the country and travel is an obstacle. Thanksgiving is doable for two or a few people, but it is really geared towards a large gathering as it is THE major dining event.

Yes, Dawn, it is sad, but it becomes a sad reality for many under their circumstances. My 89 YO dad is one of those people. I am sure he has adjusted, but it doesn't sit well. It is a matter of his options and the choices have diminished over the years. One learns to play the cards that they are dealt. Sometimes, hands are dealt that have limited potential.

Nov 8 @ 10:14PM  
I won't be traveling to visit family this year because they have different plans. Decided to stay put and have invited friends who do not have family or a place to go to my place.

The general consensus is that they do not want turkey or ham... it's roast leg of lamb this year plus my mom's recipe for dressing and gravy, Then there's pumpkin bisque (soup), a big garden salad, roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, home made Parker house rolls and pumpkin pie. It's a mixed bag of tricks, but that's what they want... and there will be plenty of help to make it happen.

There's a Harvest Tea at the Dallas Arboretum the ladies want to attend on Wednesday. The guys watch TV, play cards, drink beer and hang out. Then Friday is a night out on the town and Saturday is spa day at a Korean Spa that's $20 for 24 hours of steam baths, saunas, feature length movies in full reclining seats, nap time, an Asian restaurant on tap, heated pools, large screen TV, board games, a Karioke room, play room for the kiddies and you can schedule a massage. There's even a room for smokers available. It's a terrific place with strange decor and you can't beat the price!

Good blog Strad!

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What are your Thanksgiving Day plans? Also, Turkey or ham?