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posted 11/6/2010 1:48:33 PM |
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tagged: pets

A little background on the name:

Mick's mother used to watch this television show, Due South. For those who don't know the is a link to it: Due South

On that show, the main character had a wolf mix, Deifenbaker. I thought the name was cool. forward..when Mick bought me my German Shepherd puppy, I let him name the dog. That is where Diefenbacher got his name. Mick went the the "ch" spelling rather than the "k" spelling for uniqueness...that's just the way Mick was.

I was looking through some ads in the paper and ran across an ad selling German Shepherd puppies. This was roughly 6 months after King. And I commented to Mick at the time that $100 was pretty reasonable for German Shepherd puppies. He asked if I was ready for another dog...and after thinking about it..yes, I was. I had dogs in my life, and that 6 months without a dog was unfulfilled. So, Mick got me my German Shepherd puppy. Actually, Mick made the phone call, gave me the money, and I drove out to get my puppy. Mick at the time was in the middle of remodeling the bathroom. So, I went and got my puppy, saw both parents, and saw their papers. Deifenbacher looks identical to his father, except for his ears don't stand up due to weak cartilage in them. On the drive home, he sat so nicely in the passenger seat, and never once whined. I talked to him on the way home, telling him how he had "big paws to fill" and he just listened. Eventually, he crawled over and put his little chin on my leg. He had me hooked ever since that moment.

I got home with my puppy, showed him to Mick, who took one look at his paws and exclaimed, "You do realize he is going to be pretty big don't you?" And I said "yep, should have seen his father". And I couldn't resist pointing out to him that German Shepherds are among what is called the "large breeds". So, life with Deifenbacher begins. His first night there, I let him sleep on the sofa...he only wimpered for a few minutes and then went to sleep. Well, I guess I should have thought that out a little more since he had an "accident" on the sofa. I cleaned it up. And I went out and got him his own little bed and set him up in our room by my side of the bed with a little stuffed toy. OMG...Deif loved that toy!! He had to have with him when he slept or he would "cry" for it. He was a cute little puppy...had that mask which made him look so mischievous. And, he was a mischievous puppy!!! We learned real quick to keep shoes and boots out of his reach, and anything else we didn't want chewed on. And Dief LOVED to grab onto pant legs and pull! There were plenty of times I'd hear Mick "yelp" when Deif went after his pant legs. There were a few times where Mick would holler for me to "get my dog". I always told him that he does it cause he loves him.

The yard we had at the house was close to 2 acres, with a 1/4 acre (patch really) of trees...all white pines. And in that patch of trees were some Turkey Vulture nests. Turkey Vulture Since Dief was little when we got him, we would put the leash on him and walk him around the yard, getting him acquainted with "his" yard. It wasn't a fenced yard, Mick and I were going to fence it in that summer. order Dief to "know" his yard, we always walked him around it. One day, I was letting him walk in that little patch of trees, and something set off the Turkey Vultures and they made quite the racket. Result..............scared puppy running for the house looking for cover. He was so startled by that, when he took off running, the leash was pulled out of my hands. I had to run to catch up to him, but he's a smart pooch...he was headed for the door to get into the house. By the time I got him in the house and got the leash off of him, I was able to just laugh my ass off at the whole scene. And Dief came up to me with his little head tilted as if to ask.."what's so funny?". I told Mick what had happened and he was "nice" enough to console Dief. And so for the next few months...Dief grew, got bigger, more playful, and Mick and I started to notice he was going to be Alpha as he would try to tell the 2 cats he was "boss"..well, Apache showed that obnoxious pup a few times what he can do with his claws. Yeah, Dief had fun picking on Apache...Apache always fought back and Dief thought that was the greatest thing. Ming, she was a gentle kitty and would just get on the bed to get away from a rambunctious pup.


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Nov 6 @ 2:06PM  
About this time was when I had noticed Mick's addiction to pain killers and the arguments we would have about that. Then came the day I went up to the bank, came home, and discovered Mick had taken his life. I remember Dief was huddled in the corner by the door when I walked in and looked scared to death. I picked him up to comfort him. Little did I realize how much I was going to need him to comfort me. That was chaos. I remember calling 911, the cops and paramedics showing up, and in the fog of it all...someone asking me to get the puppy out of the way. Dief, even at 5 months old, was protective, and he didn't want to let strangers get near Mick. So, I grabbed him and put him upstairs. Then I remember a sheriff's deputy asking me to step outside. About this time, my Dad showed up..and after talking with the cops and all...he took me home. When we got to my parents house, my Mom asked if there was anything I wanted, and I told her that Dief was still at the house locked upstairs and that I wanted him there with me. So my Dad went back over and got the animals for me. And for the next year and a half, my pets and I stayed at my parents house until I got the house sold.

About this time, I noticed a change occurring in Dief....he was still my playful pup with me, but, I was noticing with family members, he was growling, not letting them near me. I had a few "discussions" with him about that..and he would stop the growls, but he would be so watchful. I realized then, I have an Alpha male dog. Anyone who knows about dogs, knows an Alpha male can be a handful. I had to establish with him that it's NOT right to growl at family members...oh yeah, we went the rounds, he would growl, I would sternly tell him "NO" and to "sit". He got to where when I was home, he was well behaved, but, when I was at work, or visiting, I'd come home to stories of him with the "evil eye" and growls. Thankfully, the house sold, and I was able to move into the one I'm in now. And Dief got back to himself, lovable and playful. And, me being me, felt that Dief was "lonely" when I was at work, and started thinking about getting him a companion. I knew right away it wasn't going to be another male dog for obvious reasons. And about that time, my sisters dog was getting ready to have puppies. And I picked one and brought her home......Sasha. She went into her first heat, I sent her over to my parents house, ended up bringing her home too soon and Dief was all too damned happy to show me that mistake! Dang dog! Anyway, I was going to my parents house, it was winter, and I was taking Dief with me because he was so curious about the puppies, but, Sasha wasn't going to let him near them. And as I was walking out the door, I turned around to close it, got to the top of the porch steps when Dief saw a rabbit in the yard and went for it! I ended up flying from the top step of the porch, face first in the pile of snow to the side. But, I managed to hold onto Dief through all of that. And yes, I had to laugh at the whole incident...I could only imagine at how hilarious that had to have looked to any of my neighbors who may have seen it.............and I was really hoping none of them had. And at least Dief had the good manners to lick the snow off my face...the brat!!!!


Nov 6 @ 2:17PM  
As time went on, and the puppies were growing and starting to explore, I noticed Dief's Alpha tendencies showing more and more. I had to put him outside when people came to look at the puppies because I wasn't taking any chances on him biting someone. After a while, I was finally able to get enough money to get one of my dogs fixed, and it was Dief. It cost more to spay a female dog than it does to fix a male dog, and, with his Alpha tendencies, even the vet recommended I do this. he went. I really wish I had taken him to his usual vet..but his vet's office had been closed at the time for remodeling, so, I took him to a different vet. This vet never asked if I wanted to have the "collar" put on Dief after the surgery, he just went ahead and put it on him. I didn't think much of it at the time. It was only going to be on him for a week, what could it hurt..right? Well, the Saturday before taking him back to have the stitches removed, Dief had walked by, and shook his head, and I felt something "splatter" on my hand, and when I looked at my hand, I saw blood. I looked Dief over, and I noticed he was bleeding on his neck where that damned collar appeared to be cutting into his neck! That damned vet had put it on him too tight! My first reaction was to take it off....but I remembered my advanced first aid training about how that could make it, I left it alone. And when I took Dief into the vets that Monday, I told the vet about it, and this jackass had the nerve to scold me and ask why I didn't take the collar off! To which I replied that since it's on the dogs neck, and the jugular vein runs through the neck, I wasn't going to remove it and have my damn dog bleed to death on me! Thankfully, when it was removed, it turned out to be more of a deep scrape....and the vet did clean it up. After I paid for the services, I did tell him I was NOT bringing ANY of my animals to his office. And I haven't. They have all gone to their regular vet..who, after I told him what happened, was furious also.

This year, Dief turns 9 years old on November 22nd. He is such a calm and mellow dog compared to his younger years. And he's so affectionate now. Of course, his yard is still his territory, which he and Buddy "debate" on once in a while. All in all, he has turned out to be a good dog. And he still sleeps on the floor by my side of the bed every night.


Nov 6 @ 2:17PM  
he is really one heck of pooch sugar.

Nov 6 @ 3:37PM  
Loved that show "Due South" too bad it had a short run!

Nov 6 @ 3:52PM  
I just love some of your stories, Dawn!


Nov 6 @ 8:08PM  
Love it!! I just crack up reading about your pooches!! I just imagine what it's like at your house with all those BIG dogs!! ...and little ol you!! I'm glad they are there to keep you on your toes Mommy!!

Gotta give you kudies for this one!!

Nov 6 @ 8:44PM  
Good read and great story as always Ms. Sugar. Kudos!
I love your spoiled and twisted little brats. Oops...did I say that out loud?!?!

Nov 6 @ 9:37PM  
I sure wish I still had my 'buddy' Tasha! She was the greatest pet (really buddy) I ever had!

Nice blog sugar!

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