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We, the Prime

posted 11/6/2010 1:37:58 PM |
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I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that Talkpro is right. The fuckin HEN PARTY.. oh my gawd. It's so easy for us to sit behind our computers and say, I'd do this, or you should do that. How the hell do we know what the circumstances of anyone's life really are? We don't even know our own lives half the time.

That's aaight though, cuz advice is a good thing. But blowing up on everyone around you when your advice isn't taken? How do we know it's not brewing in someone's mind that your advice was the way to go? How do we know that there are not extenuating circumstances that someone has chosen NOT to inform you of? How do we KNOW?

Do we ask? No.. that would be too realistic. We decide. We, the Prime, sit back in our chairs and think.. hmmm.. what would I do in the circumstance? Ok.. here's what I'd do.. go do it. Or ELSE.

I've noticed that many of us do not educate ourselves about people.. about what people's issues are, what they may be dealing with outside of the interweb realm. None of us live in exactly the same world. No, we don't. We all live in a world colored by our experiences and ideals.

Come uncorked on one for expressing his feelings... but feel free to express your own any time. Come uncorked on another for not following your advice to the letter, but don't find out what she is dealing with in the real world. Come uncorked all you like. Enjoy it. But then sit back a moment and realize that real people have real emotions and real issues that they deal with daily.

Then imagine yourself in their shoes. How would you handle it then? I'm betting it's not the same as you think you might do now.

I think it might be time for me to take another extended vacation from posting and or talking to people. I'm disgusted by what I've been watching.

BTW... alcoholism is not cute, it's pathetic. Bipolar disease doesn't make someone stupid or useless, just different. Boredom with the same old thing doesn't make someone an asshole. Being disabled doesn't make someone lazy or worthless. Those are all things that people we know and love deal with on a daily basis. Not something they have chosen. But being self-righteous.. that's a choice.

Before the shitstorm starts... No, I'm not perfect. I've done some of the exact same things. Til I learned better. I'll make more mistakes before I'm done. That's the joy of being human.

I love you all... but I gotta say, I'm very disappointed in you right now. And I'm not exactly sure how much I like you anymore.

Now, have at me. Tear me up.. I don't give a flying fuck.

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Nov 6 @ 1:56PM  
Can I just give you a kudo instead? It is what I thought a lot of times before I left for short peroids of time from here.

I have a theory that until they have walked in that person's shoes people should just keep their criticism to themselves and remember everyone has feelings.

Nov 6 @ 2:02PM  
I agree my little skwirlie girl.

Seems many people want to pay down the national debt on the backs of people on disability, welfare and seniors. People can get really nasty when the economy isn't going well. People who help others suddenly become a bunch of pinko commies intent on overtaking the world.

I think they need a damn good spanking. I love it when the buttocks jiggle, the fertive moan, and my penis throbbing against her soft tummy.

Oh ...I forgot the grinding of her hips against my knee...

Nov 6 @ 2:04PM  
When I first came here this place was on fire. I didn't try to get involved because I really had no clue who everyone was or what their battles were all about. I did notice someone in need and extended my hand and heart. I was rejected.
It's ok to try, but if everyone tries and no help is taken and you can see this person isn't going to get help then what do you do?
I completely understand what you are saying Skwirl. You are right and I am going to keep my personal issues to myself. It isn't proper to lash out. I apologize for doing so and will mend my heart as needed because it truly does make me ache to see another in such a bad situation.

Nov 6 @ 2:06PM  
say what you is not right to knowingly leave an animal to be abused...EVER!

not your lifestyle
not your homelife
not your problems
not your emotions
not your issues....nothing will ever make this right...

and i dont think you are the only one that will be taking a long break from this joint...

and i intent to forward said blog to the police department in the town it came from...the strong MUST protect those that cannot protect themselves!

what part of you thinks this is OK?

Nov 6 @ 2:06PM  
(this comment is not directed at the Skwirl, but instead it is a general and rhetorical comment)

Do you live with someone?

Look at them right now and spot a character flaw.

Would you look them in the eye and say "Good gravy you are a dumb slut." or "You have the ugliest cheeks I've ever seen."?

Fine, maybe you live alone.

Would you go up to a stranger on the street and tell them to stop smoking because it's making their breath smell like shit? Would you find some person in a bar and call them a lush because they've had more to drink than you?

Unless you are Royalty of the Kingdom of Asshole, no you wouldn't.

Internet anonymity is empowering, but only so far as to allow you the semblance of bravery. Mind you, that's semblance. Not the real thing.

Real bravery is going to a friend's house at 4 in the morning to help them leave an abusive lover. Real bravery is holding someone's hand while helping them to recover from an addiction. Real bravery is going through your day-to-day life helping the people you love to just get by and face tomorrow.

And you're a complete hero if you do any of that by yourself and still manage to contribute to the lives of others.

If you think for one moment that somehow you're brave or that you're a hero for breaking someone else down. For insulting their frailties or making light of their problems then wake up. People see you for the fraud you are. You're no hero. You might not even count as human.

Nov 6 @ 2:13PM  
Wow, umm first off.. What part of YOU makes you think that YOU are so important to me that YOU are my target? Guilty conscience?

What makes you think that any ONE person is why I'm fed up? What makes you think that any ONE situation has built this much disgust up in my heart?

However, if YOU wanna get personal on MY blog. First it was Whapper, who wasn't hurting you. He was exercising his/her right to say what was on his mind. Then it was Bruce because he hurted your little feelers... then it's this one.. then it's that one.. bitch bitch bitch. But that's all ok isn't it? As long as no one points out YOUR behaviors.

As for Luna, I have all the faith in the world that she will do what's right for that dog. And if she doesn't, then that's on her, not on me.. or on you.. or anyone else. But I'm sure that she will. She's already working on it.. and she doesn't HAVE to make a big stink in her family to get it done.


Nov 6 @ 2:17PM  
from your remarks on my blog that i deleted...duh

Nov 6 @ 2:19PM  
My comments .. which were.. not directed at any ONE person were they? I did say let's ALL did I not?

Nov 6 @ 2:22PM  
B9 is very intelligent. I will keep those words close to my heart. I knew all these things, but had forgotten because I was forgotten when I hurt badly at one point in my life. I have had to pick myself up all by myself many times. I won;t ever forget to help pick someonelse ever again.

Nov 6 @ 2:24PM  
Fine, maybe you live alone.

Would you go up to a stranger on the street and tell them to stop smoking because it's making their breath smell like shit? Would you find some person in a bar and call them a lush because they've had more to drink than you?

Yes, I do live alone. Would I go up to a total stranger and "order" them on what to do with their personal life? No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't want someone else telling me what to do either.

And I wouldn't perceive to tell someone I don't know they have a problem when I don't know their life, circumstance..whatever.

Now, on the other hand, if a friend is reaching out, asking for advice...I try to give what I hope is something that will be helpful...and, if I know I can't..I tell them so.

Now...I'm going to go hide under a rock for a while till this storm blows over.

Nov 6 @ 2:25PM  
I knew you were a fake, You can't fly your not a flying swirl!
Sorry for the humor but it's just way to serious in here right now. We all have feelings and all feel for others,just some assholes don't get that!!

Nov 6 @ 3:23PM  
Well, first a green diskie for a wonderfully insightful post. Secondly, between being bored and getting shot at, I've gotten a bit apathetic towards scene. In case no one else noticed, Comet canceled.

Nov 6 @ 5:04PM  
Well as ya'll know, I've fired my guns many a time since I've been here. It was worse this past year because of some personal circumstances. I called some things as I saw them. Why? Because no matter how I tried to stay away from the problem, it kept getting in my face, THIER I fired my opinions as I perceived the situation...I said "I"..."ME" and as has been so often pointed out, I have a right to my opinions. If I'd have been left alone, I would have said nothing.

Since then I have stayed out of everything "controversial" here. I fixed the problem I was having here permanently and its worked for me.

I PERCEIVE that some of this blog could be directed at me and my past behavior. I'm not saying this is perception and it doesn't piss me off 'cause I can be a #1 asshole when I wanna be. And as much as I like most of you, I discovered there is life outside of AMD. I intend on living it.

As for all the drama here....I use to think I could write blogs and/or comments that would help someone who appeared to want it since I've experience life for much longer than most of you. It took me far too long to realize that what I have to say to anyone is like shittin' in the wind....uesless and it will come flyin' back in my face eventually.

Few people that write 'woe is me' blogs really want answers or advice...they just wanna get it off their chest and/or gain attention with a pity party. No matter which, I will no longer be tempted to give advice. I will no longer post anything regarding another member.

Yeah my blogs are pretty frivilous now and some would say they're boring and I'm ok with that. I'm as private now as I was open way back when. It's nigh impossible to be open here anymore without repercussions. Instead I embellish and stick to the mundane.

Comet will be back. Most of us are stupid enough to included and AMD has a revolving door and it just seems to be a temptation we can't resist. And even though I can't resist checking in every day, I no longer need AMD for's just a place to visit over coffee. I think I'm prime? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Push enough buttons and anyone can escalate into a prime...human nature. That's why some of us cancel...that's a self imposed time out and why some here make a big deal out of it is beyond me.

Anyhoo....I have been guilty in the past but I'm not a player in this round...and God willing, I won't ever be again.


Nov 6 @ 5:06PM  
Here is a greenie for for a great post!

Nov 6 @ 5:18PM  
i spend a lazy day and work out n find this.....well...i'm acutlly ok with it all..means somethings are status quo i'll find ya skwirl so you take yer break.....

good blog btw..makes me think.not what i wanted right now be it....

Nov 6 @ 5:36PM  
I guess there was more than one comment deleted on that blog.

Luv ya Skwirlly!

Nov 6 @ 8:21PM  
As for myself, I'd just as soon not make any comment(s) to anyone that is having a bad hair day whether my comment(s) is/are meant to offer help or maybe some kind of direction they might want to take! Textual comments as well as IMing, can and often are misconstrued, not just in AMD but most anywhere generally because of the lag-time in between comment and reply, reply, reply etc. A phone call is different, you can usually explain your intentions right then and there or, at least someone can say: "let's not go there!"

It doesn't mean I'm not concerned with someone who's particular situation isn't going very well, it just means that I would rather pass on making a comment, rather that take the chance my intentions aren't received in the same light as it was given therefore, unintentionally, setting off a tsunami of ill feelings!

If someone is having problems mechanically, electrically, electronics or financial wise, I don't have a problem offering help if I can or maybe linking them to a website to help them! But, when it comes to a situation on an internal personal level, family, friends etc., that is causing someone a great amount of stress with their own personal life- I'll pass! Who am I to make suggestions to someone who's shoes I may not have walked in before? I've learned my lesson in that department!

Likewise, I'm not going to air my problems that may cause problems for the same reason(s)!

Just my 2ยข worth and then I probably have change coming back!


Nov 6 @ 8:37PM  
Good Evening Peeps!

I opened up AMD and was hit with a lot of unhappy blogs this afternoon. Oh dear. It certainly appears like the lines have been drawn in the sand today.

What a shame. I really like most of the people who hang their hat in Pervia...and I wish we would be more supportive of one another...and read between the lines before casting stones. I think it would save a lot of drama in the long run...but that's JMHO.

I just dropped in to drink a cup a tea...and read a few blogs. tea's all gone and my feet are I'm gonna go put on my fluffy slippers...and lay like vegetables in front of the boob tube.

Nov 6 @ 8:43PM  
Very good blog Skwirl.

Feb 23 @ 2:07AM  
but I gotta say, I'm very disappointed in you right now. And I'm not exactly sure how much I like you anymore.

Now, have at me. Tear me up.. I don't give a flying fuck.


Feb 23 @ 4:05AM  
I think it might be time for me to take another extended vacation from posting and or talking to people. I'm disgusted by what I've been watching.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know, I know, an old, old cliche, but it would be so nice if you held fast to it....who knows, I might learn to love you.....

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