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posted 11/5/2010 5:38:11 PM |
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tagged: fun, news, game, straddle

I thought that this would be a fun game to play over here in the blogs.

What you do is make up a rumor that can be good or bad, and as real as possible, and maybe even scary. Use your imagination, and be creative in doing so.

You can choose any topic to do this with.

Come Monday, the dow will fall over 500 points, and early Tuesday morning Asian markets will drop 25% of their value which will then have an effect on the dow here and we'll drop another 250 ponits. The global market will have a meltdown which will cause.... okay, going to stop right there.

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Nov 5 @ 5:53PM  
Damn Straddle.....
Now you know Damn well PPL don't read the meat of a blog...!!!
Hell, at best...Most will read a few lines....and go from there!!!

Well, I didn't wanna let the cat out of the bag.... Buttttt......
I got my last G/F Knocked up!!!! Can you believe that?
I'm gonna be a New 51 years of age!! No shit!!!
Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah she did....that's why i am Crying!!!!! )

Nov 5 @ 5:54PM  
3 tv shows (2 older ones and one that was just recently canceled) have been picked back up. ABC announced today that these shows will fit into their mid season replacement. The shows ABC decided to pick up from NBC and CBS are Cold Case, Hunter, and Cheers. There has been talks about ABC also adding to the mix one of their old shows where it lasted only one season. This show is Lady Blue, which was on back in 1984-1985. Another show mentioned has been Night Court.

Nov 5 @ 6:19PM  
Hell... OHT.. that ain't nuthin'

I thought nothing of it when at the age of 56 I miss a couple of periods. I mean it is about time for the big M to hit,right?.
My stomach has gotten unflatteringly large.. That must mean I must be enjoying food too much,right?.

How on earth am I sposed to tell the folks at work that I am 6 months pregnant?
Now I have to go thru old emails and figure out who is the father...

Nov 5 @ 7:02PM  

Sorry; With all I have going on, I just don't have time for games. The truth of the
matter is. I myself am dying and time is running out. This has been confirmed by
five different Doctors.

They saidfrom the moment we are born, we are all dying it's just a question of when.

Nov 5 @ 7:30PM  
I have decided to sell Harley and will be in the market for a honda come spring. Anyone interested E-mail me and I'll give you all the stats on the Harley. Anyone with a 650are biger honda let me know.

Nov 5 @ 7:40PM  
Both the Bengals and the Cowboys will pull it out and salvage the rest of their season with both teams winning a wild card slot. Both will end up meetting each other in the Super Bowl come Feb. 2011.

Nov 5 @ 7:53PM  
Wait a min.Straddle there's no way anybodys going to believe that shit.

Nov 5 @ 7:54PM  

The Bengals will lose to the Padre's and the Cowboys will lose to the Lakers.

Nov 5 @ 7:59PM  
@ Hog!!

Chuck sure does know his sports teams!!!

I've decided to get rid of all my pink stuff...maybe even my nickname here....

Nov 5 @ 8:04PM  
I've decided to get rid of all my pink stuff.

Yeah Right!!!
Did ya ever add the colors there?

Nov 5 @ 8:09PM  
I've decided to get rid of all my pink stuff...maybe even my nickname here

i'm gullible PT, but not that far gone.

Nov 5 @ 8:19PM  
I'm getting married tomorrow!...Ya right

Nov 5 @ 8:25PM  
saw..,... I know huh!?!?

Congrats to LRR!!! She's getting married tomorrow!!!

Nov 5 @ 8:31PM  
Thank God its only a rumor pink

Nov 5 @ 8:32PM  
I think I have finally perfected a 'youth' [or, 'yute' machine, if you ever watched My Cousin Vinney ] and will test it on myself in a few days! Sooo next week, if you see a blog of mine with a bunch of gibberish, and a few goo goos sprinkled about- you'll know I took too many years off my age!


Nov 5 @ 8:46PM  
don't go back too far som, might be difficult to find someone to change your diapers

Nov 5 @ 9:05PM  
Hilary Clinton and President Obama are reportedly having an affair.they will
now be known as Hilama.

Nov 5 @ 9:09PM  
It was also reported that Bill Clinton does not care that the Hil is cheating.

Nov 5 @ 9:09PM  
they will
now be known as Hilama.

And their first born shall be called Obilary! ...

Nov 5 @ 9:10PM  
don't go back too far som, might be difficult to find someone to change your diapers

Not to worry- if I go back far enough, all there will be is an asterisk, where I used to be!


Nov 5 @ 9:27PM  

Yes I know all of those Wrestling Teams.

Now what's this about Pink and LRR getting married ? I thought that law didn't pass.

Nov 5 @ 9:32PM  
Well we aren't marrying each other Chuck!!

I'm sorry if I just destroyed your fantasy!!! LOL

I'd kiss her though if it would make you happy Night!


Nov 5 @ 9:35PM  

I'd rather you kissed me.

Nov 5 @ 9:38PM  
I lol every time I hear that lie!!

Nov 5 @ 9:45PM  
I heard that before the Hil and Mr Obama make love he stands erect and shouts
those famous words OH YES WE CAN!!!!

Nov 5 @ 9:52PM  
Obama make love he stands erect and shouts
those famous words OH YES WE CAN!!!!
Well, after this election Tuesday night, his new slogan is now "Help, I've fallin' and can't get up".


Nov 6 @ 12:06AM  
She has decided to switch teams...and is on the prowl for her first girlfriend.

Like that would ever happen!

Nov 7 @ 8:53AM  
Pervians are going to be focused on creating original content and adopt a perspective that is much less self centered. AMD management will commence to sweep away scammers and spammers as well post photos on a daily basis. New members will orient themselves towards knowing what Pervia and its residents are all about

No longer will items in their inbox be copy/pasted/regurgitated in blogs. New original jokes will be crafted that are clever and funny. AMD readers will be among the first in the country to see the jokes instead of the last. Frequent joke posters will also begin to read the jokes posted by all of the other frequent joke posters so as to avoid reruns.

People will become tolerant and open to disagreeing points of view and no longer take disagreements personally.

AMD management will begin to track copy/paste emails that include an email address and promptly eliminate them. All reported spam, scam violators and trolls, along with those running up views and sending hundreds password requests will be immediately investigated and disposed of. Those getting booted will have their IP addresses filed and blocked from the site.

New users will read profiles and essays before contacting people. They will read and respect the TOS. Men will employ due diligence to understand that women are rarely interested in getting sleazy with married or attached men on the side as well as allow that scammers come with the territory. People will cease to post blogs about scammers complaining about them or pretending the copy/pasting of a scammer's message is unique or interesting.

Nov 7 @ 9:58PM  
Ihear that Straddle is 6 months pregant and going to have twins and they want to make a movie out of it so he'll be a movie star LOL

Nov 7 @ 10:20PM  
Ihear that Straddle is 6 months pregant and going to have twins and they want to make a movie out of it so he'll be a movie star LOL
Hey now, who the hell told you that? That's suppose to be a sercret, damn it! ....besides, going to have twin daughters. Just found out today.

Btw, weren't you suppose to be a fill in for Roddy Piper this weekend at the wrestling challenge?

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