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Mmmmm.. Skwirls LUV Autumn

posted 11/4/2010 5:41:46 PM |
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There's nothing quite as soul enriching as a long and lovely Autumn. Really, the colors.. mmm.. pretty. The trees with their rich flames of red, orange and yellow... the ground covered in a variegated tapestry of Mama Nature's finery. The sky that was brilliantly and almost hard blue for summer is now softened by a bit of haze, faded.. gentle on the eyes.

The smell of woodsmoke on the air, the moldy smell of leaves that are damp, the scents of spices from people baking sweet goodies for their families.

I love walking into Grocery stores in Autumn, at least around here, the first thing you notice is an assault of brilliantly colored blooms and leaves in the flower stands and the scent of fresh greenery. Enter a bit further and there's the display of holiday scented candles and potpourri.. and the bags of cinnamon oiled pine cones. A delicious bouquet of memory evoking fragrances. If you're lucky and the grocer has a baker in house it's the scents of brownies, cookies, bread.. sometimes even gingerbread. Did I ever mention that I adore gingerbread? Not the hard cookie type.. the soft cakey one. Mmm.

People seem a bit more relaxed than they did during the Summer. You'd think that they'd take it easy during the summer but they seem to be cramming every day full of something. Hurry and have fun before it's over. They get in such a rush to get to the next thing that they don't seem to me, to savor the experiences. Autumn is different. People walk slower.. they talk slower. Like they are in no particular rush to go anywhere.

Yesterday, my neighbors and I, winterized our garden. I could not believe the amazing number of green tomatoes still on the vines. Seriously. Though our tomato plants were more like trees.. often with stems as big around as my fist and almost 7 feet tall. There will be many batches of fried green tomatoes in the next few weeks I'm thinking.

I'm so sick of summer squash I could die. And yet, we still had about twelve lbs of squashes left over.. tomorrow they go in a box on the corner tagged.. eat me.

It was hard work, and my miserable old body did not enjoy it much.. but it's a satisfying ache afterward. When you know you did the job, and were successful.. and because you did the job, spring will be that much easier.

Next week I have doctors appointments every day including an eye appointment on Saturday. Wheeee.. so this week, I'm just livin and enjoying the beautiful experience that is Autumn in Oregon.

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Nov 4 @ 6:11PM  
that sounds like heaven on earth :) be blessed my friend!!!!!

Nov 4 @ 6:37PM  
To me there is nothing like autumn. There isn't one thing about it I don't like. It begins so subtle...late summer running along the fringes of autumn. Dried weeds. A shift in the winds. A different look to the sky and clouds. It's a slowing down, a feeling of melancholy...sad yet not sad. It's sitting under a flaming tree to feel the fingers of reminiscing caressing your thoughts.

It's a tingling of apprehension; what will winter bring? A mixture of joy and dread for the coming holidays. Autumn conjures up more feelings and emotions than any other season...well, maybe with the exception of spring. But the season flows in to assault the eyes and the nose with the most wonderful potpourri that God has to offer.

Then there's the work... Cleaning up 'n shutting down for the winter. Yeah, makes the body hurt but still we have those vivid memories to carry us to that pinnacle of where we begin to dream about SPRING!

Kudo to add to your winter storehouse...

Nov 4 @ 6:45PM  
Well, everything is still green here and we got much needed rain earlier this week plus the temps rose to the seventies today and that is projected on into the future. So while you folks get the pretty reds and yellows, I won't complain about our pretty green! I don't like being cold and enjoy going out and about without a jacket or coat!

Nov 4 @ 6:50PM  

And the best part of Autumn, is a Skwirl in the garden.

Nov 4 @ 6:58PM  
seems i like autum and or spring now days due to the air quality...not near the humidity.....oh well i guess the leaves are purdy...i sure as hell ain't racking MY yard...

Nov 4 @ 8:59PM  
When I came home from PA. last week,... I went a different route!
I Even took some Pic's... of the colors in Maryland!!!!
I did not know they had Mountains there!!??
If I hadda had a Lady with me......... I I would still be busy!!!!
What an awesome sight!
Yeah Nature makes me Horny!!!!!!

Nov 4 @ 9:17PM  
Beautiful !!

Nov 4 @ 10:09PM  
I simply L-O-V-E the fall.

It's my absolute favorist time of the year. The colors...the smells...and the crisp cool air...I love it all.

Your garden sounds lovely Ms Skwirl. I would really love to see it right now. If you have too much yellow squash...please send it my way. I miss yellow squash a lot...and I'm hard pressed to find it anywhere in my neighborhood.

Leaving you a nice green pumpkin.

Nov 4 @ 11:30PM  
We went from sunny and hot in the 80s to the 50s and pouring rain. Not quite sure where autum went. The leaves are now just changing here a little. Mostly the dogwoods.

Nov 4 @ 11:35PM  
I think autumn is just a warning of whats yet to follow, because of being so dry we didn't have a very colorful autumn in my part of Pa.

Nov 5 @ 2:09AM  
, I know it's that time of year but, all I got to say is no matter what Skwirl better leave my nuts alone.

Nov 5 @ 7:10AM  
Autumn, spring, screw both of 'em, I want summer.

Nov 5 @ 5:57PM  
I like Autumn just fine....till Winter tries to butt in too soon. I love the cooler weather. Just don't like cold.

Most of the leaves are gone now...all we got around here are nekkid trees. But those who have mum's on their porches...OMG..those are beautiful and so full right now.

I haven't started counting down till Spring yet.

I've been having fun watching the squirrels in my backyard..they are some comical little critters with their scampering and chasing each other around the trees.

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Mmmmm.. Skwirls LUV Autumn