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Just Another Rainy Day (Erotic Fiction)

posted 11/3/2010 11:04:37 AM |
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tagged: erotica, fiction

A couple people requested more! So my wish is your command.

If you have not read my other blogs, you should read them first, if you have, then enjoy! As always the story is to long to fit in the blog, so I posted the rest of the story in my own comments section....

The car tires made a splash as I turned around the corner. Water covered the streets and puddle in the corners as rain continued to pour down. It was hard to see even with the lights on, the only natural light coming from brief flashes of lightning that illuminated the whole sky. I glanced over at the passenger seat to see if you were ok. You forced a smile at me and I smiled back. I knew that driving in the rain made you nervous and this was quite possibly the biggest storm I had ever seen. Your nervousness was fairly obvious, the bright flashes of lightning making you squirm just a little in your seat as the rain pounded on the wind shield. I looked at you and bit my lip; I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, as the rain had a profoundly different effect on me. You were wearing a white t-shirt and blue pants, my favorite pants, the ones that squeezed that perfect round ass that drove me crazy every time you walked away. I could see your nipples through your shirt as the weather continued to get colder from the storm around us, and I wiggled a little in my seat as my cock started to grow at the realization you had on no bra. I turned away, trying to focus on the road as the driving conditions worsened, but I couldn’t help it, there was something about the rain, something about the lightning that I found oddly erotic and as the rain pounded on the windshield and the flashes of lightning illuminated your perfect form sitting only a few feet away from me I almost couldn’t take it. I heard a horn honk, and I jolted back to attention swerving back into my own lane and letting out a deep sigh of relief, I felt you squeeze my arm and turn towards me, once again forcing out that beautiful smile even though I knew deep inside you were wanted nothing more then to not be in the car in the rain. I couldn’t take it anymore; the rain pounding on the wind shield, your hard nipples prominent through your thin shirt, those pants that complimented your form perfectly, and now your soft hand rubbing my arm. My cock was pounding in my pants, throbbing desperately for attention; I looked over at you and blushed deeply. Here you were nervous about the rain and just wanting to not be driving, you couldn’t help how unbelievably sexy you were, and here I was like an animal, going insane with lust as I imagined myself ripping the clothes off your body and taking you right there. I felt the car start to once again pull to the side and I jolted to attention, and squeezed the steering wheel with both hands, holding the car straight in the lane. I glanced back over at you, you were biting your lower lip and gazing out the window innocently, unaware of my hungry eyes undressing you as I drove. I squirmed in my seat, my cock was fully erect now poking hard against my pants trying to bust free. You turned your head and looked at me, dead into my eyes and smiled, saying so much without even saying a word. That was the last straw, I couldn’t take it anymore, and without even a second thought I pulled the car far off to the side of the road and jumped out of the car. I walked a few steps away, gazing off into the distance, as I tried desperately to regain my composure, to control myself, I couldn’t believe that I could think about such things in such a stressful situation. I took deep breaths, the roar of the cars driving by behind me drowning out all other noises except the ground shaking thunder that rumbled through the skys every couple of seconds. I closed my eyes, trying to sort through my thoughts and play out my choices. I hadn’t even realized I was rubbing my cock, god I was so hard, and it wouldn’t take much to explode. I pulled my hand out of my pants squirming a little and trying so hard to concentrate, the rain pouring down soaking my hair and clinging my clothes to my body. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, bringing me quickly back to reality, I spun around and blushed, trying to find the words, but you beat me to the punch as you said “are you ok baby, is something wrong?”. I just stared at you, I hadn’t even heard you leave the car but you couldn’t have been standing outside for more then a couple of seconds, and already your white shirt was soaked completely clinging tightly to your chest. You were obviously freezing as you squirmed and bounced a little trying to let the movement of your body warm you up, but all it was doing was making your breast bounce and your hips taunt me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was always the passive one, always submissive, but tonight something was different, and with a carnal lust I didn’t even know I had I lunged towards you, pinning you between me and the car. I pressed myself against you, letting you feel my hard cock through my clothes, letting you know just how insane you were making me. I kissed you deeply, my tongue exploring your mouth as I continued to press my body tighter and tighter against you. I slid my hands up your body, rubbing you down as I continued to kiss you passionately. Practically ripping off your shirt, I tossed it to the side the pouring rain instantly soaking your body, the hard raindrops splashing roughly against you as my hands squeezed your breasts and pinched your hard wet nipples. I slowly unlocked our lips, pulling off my shirt as I kissed your neck, making my way down your body slowly, pressing our bare chest against each other. My tongue made its way to your breast, kissing you just around your nipple, gently tugging with my lips as I circled your nipple, moving closer each time. My hands working the zipper of your pants as I teased your nipples with my tongue, licking the raindrops that clung to your nipples. You moaned loudly as you gave into my lust, your body rippling with pleasure as I pulled off your pants and gently rubbed your clit. I pushed you to the limit, your breath’s deep and quick as you grew closer and closer to orgasm, my tongue flicking across your nipples and my fingers gently rubbing your clit. Just as your moans start to turn to screams, I stop, pulling back for just a moment as I quickly rip off my pants, my cock springing free, throbbing, I quiver a little as I almost cum from just the sensation of the cool air and rain drops slap against my fully erect throbbing cock. I take a second to look you over, as you brace your weight against the car, barely able to keep yourself standing as you hang on the verge of orgasm your body soaked from head to toe by the pounding rain. I see you start to run your own hand down towards your clit, unable to handle being so close, but I rush back forward, grabbing your arm and pinning you back against the car. I kiss you again, flicking my tongue i

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Nov 3 @ 11:06AM  
I kiss you again, flicking my tongue into your mouth, drowning out your moans as your whole body shakes in my grasp. I press my cock against you, letting the head of my cock tease your pussy lips but stop just short of penetration. I can feel you press against me, trying desperately to force my cock inside you, but I’m to strong, holding you back despite your best efforts, your body weakened by the continuous wave of pleasure that courses through you. I slowly push the head of my cock inside of you, stretching you open just a little and then pull back out. You are really squirming now, your moans deep and hard and your body shaking as you plead with me to let you cum. I slide my cock inside of you, slowly. Letting you feel me enter you inch by inch as I stretch you open, your pussy squeezing tightly against my fully erect cock. I bite my lip as I force myself in fully, almost lifting you off the ground as I drive myself hard inside you, my cock enveloped by the warmth of your tight pussy. I just linger there a moment, my cock buried deep inside your pussy, as I rub your body, my hands and tongue wandering every inch of your body, licking the rain from your neck and breast. Without so much as a warning I quickly pull from your pussy, and spin you around, so your perfect ass is facing me. Without even giving you time to think I quickly bury my cock back inside the warmth of your pussy, only this time from behind, and wasting no time with slow forceful teasing. I drive my cock inside you repeatedly, forcing myself in until I feel my balls slap against you. Almost instantly your moans turn to screams as I finally push you over the edge, sending a wave of such intense pleasure through your body I have to hold you up. But I don’t stop, I continue to drive myself hard and fast inside you from behind, lifting your feet off the ground and sliding your body against the car with each forceful thrust, your moans and screams feeding my lust as I fight every instinct in my body to just give in and explode. I can feel your already tight pussy tighten around me as your orgasm gets more and more intense, squeezing me tighter and tighter as your body tries desperately to force me into submission, but I refuse to give in, biting my lip and drowning my moans I push myself faster. Sliding myself in and out faster and faster, each thrust more forceful then the last as your body writhes beneath me shaking and trembling with a passionate pleasure. I cant take it anymore, you squeeze me tighter and tighter and I finally give in, I feel my cock and balls tighten as the cum makes its way, I bury myself once more inside you, forcing myself harder and deeper inside of you then ever before, burying myself with such force I can feel your body move beneath me, and as I close my eyes tightly preparing myself for an intense wave of pleasure. I nearly fall over as the pleasure rushes through my body making me quiver as I fill your dripping pussy with my warm cum. It seems like forever before we regain our composure, and I open my eyes, the rain still pouring around us, splashing innocently on our bare bodies as we hold each other in our arms. I look down at you, the wide smile on your face enough to warm me up even in the cold windy rain. I lean down and kiss you once more, passionately and deeply before helping you back into the car and once again making our way down the rain soaked road, however; as the rain continues to hammer down on the windshield, I cant help but wonder just how far well make it down the road before I find the urge for another pit stop. …

Nov 3 @ 11:43AM  
i love it u r so good let me know when u do another

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Just Another Rainy Day (Erotic Fiction)