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Just my viewpoint on this election...

posted 11/3/2010 10:32:53 AM |
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As I said in Straddle's blog: (slightly modified)

EXIT Nancy Pelosi- ENTER John Boehner as 'Speaker of The House'!! That, just in itself, is welcomed news! No more having to listen to or looking at Miss Saran Wrap anymore!!!

EXIT Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm about as useful as a machine gun with belts of blanks, and 500 men charging at you! Her famous quote a while back? "You ain't seen nothing yet"- that's so true... we didn't see anything! ENTER Michigan's new Governor Rick Snyder- remains to be seen what he accomplishes, if anything!

Unfortunately, the 'Buddy Hackett' of the political arena- Barney Frank, [one of the principles in the housing meltdown and thus, the major push into the economic meltdown we're in now- this began well before Obama to be fair), retained his seat! Gee-zuz, what the fuck were those people thinking in Massachusetts anyway??? How about laying off the maple syrup there guys!!!

However, the race for control of the Senate was IMO pretty close- enough so, also IMO, that the Democrats may have a real worry come 2012, if they don't change their policies that are meant to promote economic growth to help in job creation, as opposed to stifling growth in our country!


Political jungle laws [JMO from years of observation]

Rule #1:

When campaigning, the idea is to get in office or remain in office, whatever the case may be- which means, the campaigners will say or promise whatever they think will get your vote!

Rule #2:

If elected, all that was said and promised by said campaigners- invokes the "I don't recall syndrome!"

Rule #3:

Any laws passed or special situations invoked, is primarily for the benefit of said campaigners once elected or seats retained- any beneficial ruling for the citizens of our country, comes in dead last!

Rule #4:

Increases in taxes [IMO], is directly proportional to spending wastes, mistakes, incompetence and outright fraud, can be traced to our politicians.

Remember- the citizens are paying for this corruption through taxation- it's a 'Carte blanche' check made out to the U.S.A. government by every working citizen.

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Just my viewpoint on this election...
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Nov 3 @ 10:51AM  
Like I said on Straddle's blog...Snyder had my attention way back with his first ad where he called himself "one tough nerd". And through his campaign, he did fall into the mud slinging, he stuck to the issues, he laid out his plans, and I had been leaning his way since August. And when I went to vote yesterday....I didn't give it a second thought when I voted for him.

As for the national level, DC has been changed. I'm really hoping for the better. I'm sure there will be some gridlock, but both sides will be doing so at the risk of their jobs because from what I saw last night...the voters are watching much more closely than in previous years. Both sides need to work together...that is what I'm hoping for at least.

2012? That's two years away....let's not focus on that just yet!! I don't want to see anymore campaign ads or phone calls for at least another year!

Nov 3 @ 1:27PM  
I was happy with a lot of what I saw across the nation last night, but then there were some results that I didn't like. This is hopefully just the first round of things that needed to get done last night. Next round will be in 2012 I hope.

Nov 3 @ 2:06PM  
If the result is the gridlock I anticipate, then 2012 will be up in the air as the electorate will be pissed at everybody, especially if the economy does not improve.

Both sides need to work together

People say this but in the last 30 years I only recall it happening twice for a period of around two years each. One was Reagan's first two years in office and the other was Clinton's first two years in office.

Nov 3 @ 11:38PM  
bye bye nancy!

I wish she'd have taken ol harry with her!

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Just my viewpoint on this election...