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Election Night 2010!

posted 11/2/2010 11:44:12 PM |
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tagged: politics, election, straddle, government

Oh yeah, what a night it's been for us Republicans. We took back the house in congress, and we can now start focusing on taking back the White House in 2012.

As for my state of Ohio, we had at least 5 turnovers to where dems lost to us Republicans. A net gain of 5 right there that was added to gains in the U.S. House.

All of our state offices are up for grabs this year. We lost all of them to the dems 4 years ago after years of control, but right now us Republicans are winning them all back tonight. A few close ones that are still going on, like our governor race. The Republican challenger John Kasich is currently up 50% to 46%, with about a 125,000 vote lead with 95% precincts reporting in.

Rob Portman who is our Republican challenger took out the dem challenger tonight with a 58% to 38%, and with 95% precincts reporting in. The seat was up for grabs since our current Republican U.S. Senator is retiring. So we held on to that seat.

Looks like Ohio has gone back to red, and I suspect that will will stay that way after the 2012 election as well.

I see Michigan has voted a Republican Governor tonight.

Feel free to post your thoughts on tonights election returns, and a quick summary of what the big news in your state is tonight.

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Nov 2 @ 11:54PM  

FOX NEWS just called the Ohio race for Governor. It's KASICH!!!

Nov 3 @ 12:10AM  
Yep I am one happy person tonight.. So happy to have Ohio back to the Republicans!!!

Nov 3 @ 12:18AM  
There are quite a few that are still too close to call here, but those that have been decided in Texas went the way people expected. So I don't think much really changed in Texas which is very much a red state once you get out of the large cities.

More than anything else, I am just glad my telephone will get back to normal. I got soooo tired of calls schlepping for candidates.

Nov 3 @ 12:51AM  
We are just now getting projections on the races out west that I found interesting to watch. Basically, Harry is still happening, Meg Whitman spent millions for nothing, and Carley needs to find another corporation to run into the ground.

I'll check it all out in the morning as I am off to bed. But in closing, I am glad the kooky woman in Delaware, O'Donnell, got trounced.

Nov 3 @ 4:49AM  
Thank God this shit(election) is over with ..for this year!!!
Maybe..just maybe...My Phone will get a break!!!!

Nov 3 @ 6:24AM  
Here it is 630 am and the race for governor here in florida is too close to call.
Its gonna end up being another florida recount.

Nov 3 @ 6:40AM  
this is the funniest thing i ever heard....the vote counters have gone home for a nap and will be back at 9am to continue counting
this is true and was on the news

Nov 3 @ 9:25AM  
The Republicns might just find out that they are going to have to work with Democrats for a change because if the people see nothing getting done by them next time around it will be right back to the Democrats again. If an angry mob gets you elected they will take you our just as fast.

One thing did show up last night is that people like Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell are not electable candidates as the mainstream population are going to take a look and say ummm... I don't think so.

The next two years are going to be interesting to see how things go.


Nov 3 @ 9:37AM  
EXIT Nancy Pelosi- ENTER John Boehner as 'Speaker of The House'!! That, just in itself, is welcomed news! No more looking at Miss Saran Wrap anymore!!!


Nov 3 @ 10:19AM  
EXIT Nancy Pelosi- ENTER John Boehner as 'Speaker of The House'!! That, just in itself, is welcomed news! No more looking at Miss Saran Wrap anymore!!!

Nope now we have to look at the overbaked guy for the next two years.

Nov 3 @ 10:26AM  
What I foresee in the next two years is that when all is said and done, much will be said and not a damned thing will get done.

Nov 3 @ 10:27AM  
I was watching the results last night.

I'll say I'm satisfied with the results...there will be balance. Now, how they all WORK together will be another story. My hope is that all of them have "listened" and realize voters want them working together. Way it stands now...neither side has "absolute", they will be forced to work together. Hopefully.

As for here in guy won the Governor's race. Rick Snyder had my attention from his first ad when he called himself, "one tough nerd"...I thought that was cute, and took a lot of guts to say. He stayed focused on issues, didn't let himself get drawn in on mud slinging, and I just had a good feeling about this guy. And of course, Dave Camp got his re election. I vote for him because I remember when I needed help dealing with Michigan's Dept of Treasury, writing his office and I got results. No, I didn't vote all Republican, I did vote for Democrats as well...not all of them won, but oh well..that's the way it rolls in politics.

The next 2 years are going to be very crucial....let's see if these lawmakers can work together...hopefully now they really realize that voters are indeed watching.

Nov 3 @ 1:23PM  
Here are some of the ballot meassures that were on some state ballots yesterday.

SAN FRANCISCO - An unprecedented marijuana-legalization measure in California trailed in early returns yesterday after a spirited campaign that pitted the political and law-enforcement establishment against well-funded activists seeking to end the prohibition of pot.

With 10 percent of the votes counted, opponents had 56 percent of the vote on Proposition 19.

It was by far the highest-profile of the 160 ballot measures being decided in 37 states. Other measures dealt with abortion, tax cuts and immigrants' rights.

On a night of conservative advances in much of the country, Massachusetts voters spurned a chance to cut their taxes - rejecting a proposal to lower the state sales tax from 6.25 percent to 3 percent. Critics, including all four candidates for governor, said the cut would have forced the state to slash $2.5billion in services.

In Oklahoma, voters overwhelmingly passed three measures that had dismayed some progressive and immigrants-rights groups. One makes English the state's "common and unifying language," another requires a government-issued photo ID in order to vote, and the third prohibits state courts from considering international law or Islamic law when deciding cases.

In South Dakota, voters rejected a measure to legalize medical marijuana - a step already taken by California and 13 other states. A medical marijuana measure also was on Arizona's ballot, and Oregon voters were deciding whether to expand the state's medical marijuana law by authorizing state-licensed dispensaries.

Among other notable ballot issues yesterday:

• In Colorado, political leaders of both major parties opposed three measures to ban borrowing for public works, cut the income tax and slash school districts' property taxes. Opponents said the proposals would cost the state $2.1 billion in revenue and eliminate tens of thousands of jobs.

• For the first time since the 1990s, there were no measures to ban same-sex marriage. But in Iowa, voters were deciding whether to oust three state Supreme Court justices who joined a unanimous 2009 ruling that legalized gay marriage there.

• Washington state's voters had a chance to repeal taxes on candy, soda and bottled water adopted by lawmakers last year, which would eliminate a projected $352 million in revenue over five years.

• Colorado voters were deciding on an anti-abortion "personhood" amendment - similar to one rejected in 2008 - that would give unborn fetuses human rights in the state constitution.

• California's Proposition 23 would suspend the state's landmark greenhouse gas emissions law until the jobless rate falls to 5.5 percent for a year. It is backed by out-of-state oil companies; foes include alternative-energy entrepreneurs.

Columbus Dispatch

Nov 3 @ 3:10PM  
It is finally sorted out around here. Statewide the republicans maintained power. Locally in the DFW Metroplex, it was the democrats by and large. Overall, not much change in the Lone Star state.

Nov 3 @ 6:56PM  
This is interesting, dead candidate wins state senate seat.

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Election Night 2010!