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Big clits or small clits?

posted 10/31/2010 12:15:03 AM |
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tagged: straddle, oral, women, clit

Guys, which do your prefer, women with big clits, or women with small clits? And I don't want to hear you guys say it doesn't matter by skirting around the question, because if I was asking this about breasts, I'm sure many of you would find an answer. lol

I know many guys prefer receiving a blowjob than giving oral to a woman, and to me that's pretty selfish. Hell, some of these guys can't even spread a womans lips apart and find their clit.

So which is it, guys, big clits, or small clits on a woman?

Mmmmm....I just love a nice juicy clit!

Bonus question:

Ladies, what size is your clit?

And since it's Halloween Eve tonight, and we're going into Halloween now, I thought that I would leave you with this....

Enjoy this classic!

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Oct 31 @ 12:18AM  
LOL and yet another blog that will stay on the most popular blog page for days/weeks/months and possibly years!!!!!!!!!!!

You are an attention getter Shawn!!

I think you do it on purpose!!


Oct 31 @ 12:20AM  
You are an attention getter Shawn!!

I think you do it on purpose!!
Nah, Pink, I really would love to hear some of the comments about both of these questions.

Oct 31 @ 12:26AM  

When I get those lips open, I like to get that button between my lips and lick it till she explodes several times. Then lick the pot clean.

Now I wouldn't mind starting with Pink since she's here.

Oct 31 @ 12:36AM  
Btw, Pink, looks like you're skirting around that bonus question...


Oct 31 @ 12:37AM  
I like large prominent ones where your can place a fingers or thumbs on either side of it and move it up over the pelvic bone so the object of my attention and affection pops out of its little hoodie as if to say, "Come on home".

Oct 31 @ 12:40AM  
I like large prominent ones where your can place a fingers or thumbs on either side of it and move it up over the pelvic bone so the object of my attention and affection pops out of its little hoodie as if to say, "Come on home".
Now that's what I'm talking about, good answers in comments like this one!

Oct 31 @ 3:14AM  
I think mine is on the small side, maybe even almost non-existent when I am not aroused. I like when it actually has a presence when I am aroused with a mini- hard-on that I can feel when I run my fingers up and down on either side.

Oct 31 @ 4:25AM I am horny....

Oct 31 @ 4:27AM  
...somebody used to call my was a pearl....

Oct 31 @ 6:17AM  
So which is it, guys, big clits, or small clits on a woman?
Ummmm I'll take the woman!!!
Clit size don't make a shit to me!! (No skirting here!!! )
Just as Long as I can get to it.... Figure that one out!!!

Oct 31 @ 10:16AM  
As long as the clit isn't bigger when arroused than my pecker is soft, it's all good.

Oct 31 @ 12:03PM  
Not going around your issue, straddle, but it's not that I don't care. It's more along the lines that I really love the fact that there are a lot of differences.

I've been with women whose clitoris was barely bigger than a lentil and others that damn near filled my mouth. But I guess I look at it the way a lot of women do in regards to penis size. It's not how big it is but what they do with it.

If I'm having a girl and she's just lying there like a rag doll or being just a pillow princess then I'm not interested and it will probably be the only time we're together. I want a girl who knows about her anatomy and isn't afraid to help me use it.

Oct 31 @ 2:01PM  
I've never had a man comment on what size clit turned him on more than another... they seemed to be much more interested in the tightness of the vagina or how moist it may be.

BC has it right in my opinion... size is secondary to how it's utilized by the man and woman. Passivity during sex is not acceptable... either do it with enthusiasm or I'll pass.

WoWs comment actually beats BCs... even though it isn't a competition. Both gentlemen represent clarity in communication which is very important... I appreciate men with clarity.

My clit isn't small or large... it's just right... LOL! Of course, now men will go look at photos to compare... it will be intriguing to learn what their observation will be.

Oct 31 @ 2:46PM  
there are a lot of differences

There is more complexity to it all. If you are dealing with a clit with a pronounced hood, it is difficult to get to it especially if the woman has a significant amount of padding between the the pelvic bone and the clit when you elevate it. So a major factor is how accessible is it and how easy is it to get to it and maintain the access.

I have known a few women who would use there hands to try to elevate it up to the pelvic bone and hold it in place but there was too much padding, too much hood, and too little clit leading to marginal results compared to most other women.

Nov 7 @ 9:36PM  
I love a woman with a clit slightly bigger than normal cause I enjoy sucking on it when it just sticks out and I don't have to go searching to find it. It's also make the sex even more amazing when the clit is big enough to rub the head of my cock on it. And I know how much it pleases a woman when I cum all over her clit and cover it with my hot cum so she can rub her cum covered clit and cum again.

Nov 8 @ 1:49AM  
I agree that size should not matter, but rather how it's used in the process. Of those i've seen and enjoyed, I prefer a a clit that extends like a little penis, that I can suck and lick and stimulate. But that also requires a woman who enjoys it as much as I do and doesn't hold anything back, helping me access it.

Nov 8 @ 11:42AM  
I like nice big lickable clits. yummmm

Nov 8 @ 5:37PM  
Love all clits big and small love to lick and kiss and snibble and suckle them for hours

Nov 8 @ 5:44PM  
Hey Straddle Im taking hot rod rodney pipers spot this week on WWE and Its me and you in a gage Match not holds bard LOL

Nov 8 @ 5:53PM  
Hey Straddle Im taking hot rod rodney pipers spot this week on WWE and Its me and you in a gage Match not holds bard LOL
No offense, but I'd rather take on Trish Stratus.

Nov 8 @ 11:09PM  
did micheal jackson have his surgically altered???

Nov 10 @ 4:37PM  
i love then all


Nov 10 @ 7:24PM  
Big clits turn me on. Ok, maybe really huge clits would be a little disturbing.

Jul 22 @ 11:30PM  
i like clits that are small with with lips that look like a little slit. and as she gets aroused and wet she starts to glisten and that when you know she is turned on. but i like them all

Oct 9 @ 10:14PM  
size doesn't matter - at least in my opinion.
every woman is perfect as she is and the man lucky enough to be with
her should appreciate the beauty of her body and pleasure her first or
is chivalry dead. Oral sex is erotic. And guys put her clit in your mouth
and hum. If you do it right your humming acts like a vibrator. Takes some
practice. And ask her what feels good - rythmic motions are good discover
her body and make it the experience of a life time for her. And, one other thing,
if she has the sensation to pee, have her wait, man times its a false sensation
that will ease up, keep stimulating her and watch out guys cause at climax she
will be squirting and feeling good. No its not pee, its clear sex liquid cuming.
Be ready to get wet if you dont move fast enough, but heck who cares as long as
she it having a sensual erotic experience with you. and guys while we're on the subject of a womans clit. Don't figure the nerves legs of the her clit go down the sides and into her body. So explore various places to touch and excite her.
Its not all about you guys, dont get me wrong I love sex and climaxing but its not just about what we get out of it, its her body and her experience and connecting with her at many levels physically with a her heart and mind.

Oct 10 @ 6:21PM  
i like them all but big clits are fun to play long as i can make my woman happy thats most important

Oct 11 @ 1:52AM  
Well... nipples get bigger if you have something sucking on them for a long time (especially if they don't quit before they get their teeth)... Or so I read.
is it the same with clits?

Oct 11 @ 2:51PM  
OK OK You got me into a discussion with a male friend....

If guys really liked bigger clits....

Or was it just easier for them to find, and deal with because it was more like their own dicks...

Instead of searching for the lost city of Shangrila!

And they had years and years of experience finding their own and making it feel good???


I have seen way too many babies, labeled ambiguous genitalia because the labia and clit were disproportionate.
If no one could feel testes... a hunt begins

And naming is withheld until a "DER" pronounces the sex

Oct 13 @ 9:03AM  
I love to lick and suck pussys, and I like a clit to be quite large enough to be able to find it with my tongue or finger, but no huge it might be a dick!
The most important thing is for it to work! i.e. I can give her an orgasm (even better multiple!)

Oct 13 @ 8:29PM  
I LOVE BIG CLITS! The only thing that frustrates me about camel toes are that you can almost ALWAYS expect small clits. Like Kardashian's when I saw her video her body was almost perrfect. Till I saw her clit.

That and if youre in the theater in the back row and you get horny and adventerous ( THATS ME OFTEN)then once you place her leg over yours. And its a lil easier to get to, once she gets wet and horny. you can thumb her easier and if you are away from everyone get on your knees and suck it like sucking a lolipop. That nd wth it being larger its almost always out of the hood.

Oct 17 @ 10:22AM  
I like large, suckable clits

Oct 21 @ 11:35AM  

Oct 22 @ 1:46PM  
Size has very little to do with it for's all about taste!

Oct 23 @ 7:07AM  

I don't really think size matters. It's more about smell and taste

Oct 23 @ 10:02PM  
big or small i'll lick em' all!

Oct 26 @ 4:36PM  
Great question! I like an average size clit. Its all about what the woman wants some love it rough other gentile I like to just mix it up. Do a lot of different types of licks and of course sucking on the clit works too but not too hard and even a gentile nibble.but like I.said Evey woman is different.

Oct 27 @ 2:55PM  
Like all clits, but the bigger the better

Oct 29 @ 3:37PM  

Oct 29 @ 11:47PM  
Are you still hanging around here, Straddle?! Heh.

I don't think this is a fair question. Unlike breasts, you probably aren't going to have any sort of clue what size the woman's clit is when you meet. By the time you find that out, you very likely know whether it's thumbs up or down already, so I don't think it actually has any bearing on the women you prefer. Putting that aside and given a scale from tiny to huge, the ideal for me would be small to medium.

Oct 30 @ 9:02AM  
like them small so when it gets hard i can place my cock hole around it and hump it
the woman can cum hard that way making my head wet for extra innings

Nov 3 @ 8:48PM  

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Big clits or small clits?