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posted 10/29/2010 8:37:08 PM |
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Next month is Thanksgiving and the past few days I have had several blessings to be thankful for so I thought I might share them with you all. Not that I haven’t had them throughout the year but over the last few days they have been piling up. A few of you know that two days ago I wrecked my car and the ins. co is probably going to total it.

I love my car, it’s my “baby” ~ and it has been very dependable and the one everyone borrows when they need one. I’ve had it for 6 years, I bought it used so it’s 11 years old, it gets almost 40 miles to the gallon, it’s got 212,000 miles on it ( I was hoping I could run it to at least 500,000) and it still ran like a dream up until 2 days ago. The only thing other than new tires which I had put on a week ago again and normal maintenance like oil changes, tune ups and new wiper blades occasionally that I have ever had to do to it in the entire time I’ve owned it was put on a new alternator. It would actually still be drivable if the battery wasn’t dead from leaving both the headlights and the flashers on and the front right tire wasn’t slashed to pieces. I used to joke with everyone that when it finally gave up the ghost that they were all going to have to chip in to buy me a new one because so many other people had it all the time. It was kind of like the “community car”.

The first blessing was that just 2 hours before the accident I upped my insurance from liability to full coverage. I did that for several reasons not the least of which that I have been out of work for over a year now, it being the “community car” and knowing that the way things were going if anything happened to it I couldn’t afford to buy another one. Can’t work without a car. (Assuming at some point I find a job again) My roommate can’t work without a car and his van has been down for months now with a broken crank and he at least HAS a job. He offered to pay for the insurance and we talked it over and I went ahead and got the full coverage. Big Blessing !!

The second blessing was that I didn’t have my two year old grandson in the car with me as I had planned to. I babysit him every day during the week and because I had an appointment to go to I was planning to take him to his mamaw’s house in Knoxville and then pick him up when I was done. His mom ended up taking him because she was going to make a trip to Knoxville that evening anyway to help her brother decorate his house for Halloween. Big Blessing !!

The third blessing was that I also didn’t have my roommate in the car to drop him off at work on the way to my appt because they had called him early that morning and told him to come in later. If he had been in the car with me I would have had no one to come and get me or help me after the accident. We have another van that we keep at the house that belongs to my son but that we only drive in emergencies (long story not worth explaining). So he was there for me to call on. One of the homeowners whose mailbox I destroyed ( I actually killed two of them and a tree) was an elderly gentleman who kept explaining to us that he had been in Vietnam and has PTSD whose only concern was how fast I could replace his mailbox. So after we got the accident taken care of, my appointment taken care of and some late lunch we went to Lowe’s and bought everything we needed to replace both of the mailboxes. It was 9 pm by the time we got home (a very long day) and I was very grateful to be home by that time. Big Blessing !!

The fourth blessing was that I injured no one else in the accident including myself. I had a headache and a little nausea the following day but that may have been due to several things including the fact that I got a shot during my appt and that I have been having sinus problems for several weeks now. I have not been the slightest bit sore or had anything else since then. It was actually a slow speed crash ~ I was only going about 25 – 30 mph at the time ~ but it got both sides of the car in the front. I was going around a corner on a wet road and the back end started sliding and that was basically all she wrote. I hit the two mailboxes on the passenger side door which also cracked the windshield and that swung me around the other way and the tree which I came to rest against got the front of the drivers side and there I sat totally uninjured. HUGE Blessing !!

The fifth and final blessing came today. I knew even with full coverage that the insurance probably wasn’t going to be much, it’s got way too many miles on it and it’s 11 years old after all. When I got the full coverage the most I was hoping for if anything happened was enough to buy an old clunker. I don’t know what they are going to do as of yet but it no longer matters. Today my parents called and offered to give me a car. It’s a 2003, it’s only got 69,000 miles on it, my mom said it gets about the same mileage as my beloved little Ford Escort and my dad said he would put new tires on it for me. I am going to fly out to Montana to pick it up and drive back around the 13th of next month. HUGE HUGE Blessing !!

My son, who has worked on cars since he was about 12 years old says if I really want to keep my baby he thinks he can fix it. Cont. in comments ...

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Oct 29 @ 8:37PM  
He thinks I will be able to buy it back fairly cheaply if they total it ~ everybody keeps telling me they will ~ and it will be about $750 to fix it. He doesn’t think that it got the frame at all and that except for the passenger door which will have to be replaced it’s all just skin. He already found a front clip for it for $250, the passenger side door for $35 and he thinks it will cost me about $200 to have the front top bar pulled straight. It’s only bowed up about ½ “. The windshield will run about another $200 - $250. Sooooo I’m seriously thinking about it to have as a spare. I mentioned it to my dad as a possibility when they called and he said they still wanted to give me the other car regardless of whether or not I decided to do that.

So I have a lot of blessings to be thankful for come Thanksgiving !!! I wish all of you a blessed year !!!

Oct 29 @ 8:51PM  
Oh shit girl! I knew the wreck was bad when you were telling me about it! Thank goodness for so much!! ... especially that grandson of yours! That little boy has my heart! He is JUST adorable!! I'm thankful he wasn't in the car.. or David!!!
But I think it is absolutely wonderful that your folks are going to give you that car!! !!! That will help you so much I know!!!

I truly hope your weekend is a great one so you can try to forget about these past few days!!!

I love ya girl!!

Oct 29 @ 9:04PM  
damn girl you had some week!!!
but all's well that ends well.....hmmm

*ponders bringing the girls ANOTHER ''blessing" *

Oct 29 @ 10:19PM  

Seems you had a nig blessing just in the fact no one was hurt. Hopefull things will keep improving for you.

Oct 29 @ 10:22PM  
Whoooo so you deserve a break today!

Oct 29 @ 11:15PM  
I'm really loving your attitude and spirit right now Lil'. I know a lot of people who would have only seen the negative side of this accident...and you saw nothing but the positives. Good on you.

I'm so glad that already you've got yourself another car...and I hope you have better luck next week.

Leaving you a greenie for having such a positive outlook on life.

Oct 30 @ 12:18AM  
Sorry to hear about you little car and glad you or no one else was hurt. Two mailboxes and a tree HUH I do have some dought about your claimed speed. Women I know don't even know 25 is on the speedometer.

Oct 30 @ 11:00AM  
Sorry about the car, but so glad you weren't hurt, and even more glad your grandson wasn't in the car!

Yes, I would say you have a lot of blessings that stemmed from that one accident.

Oct 30 @ 4:26PM  

Oct 30 @ 4:30PM  
Wow...thank God you didn't get hurt!!!

I bet the Insurance guy thinks you crashed it on purpose!!!

Nov 6 @ 7:43PM  
readin thru old blogs n notice this n realize....shit..can't 'bring you a car' as excuse to find my way down there...umm i'll think of something else sooner or later......ask around i always do

Nov 6 @ 7:57PM  
I am very thankful for the support of my Spirit and the good people I have known through the years who have risen up to support me in these troubled times. This includes people who offer only a little only because they, themselves, are under economic siege. i will persevere but with an increased appreciation of the wonderful people that I have had the privilege of knowing.

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