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Did ya read this...

posted 10/29/2010 4:03:07 PM |
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[QUOTE]I wanna give U an 0rgasm so intense it will make your toes curl.
posted 10/29/2010 12:15:57 PM | 0 kudos what's this?
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I'm in Beacon NY. I will not be checking in 4 any more message. I'm tire of getting fakes & spam. If your serious, Cum on over, a Link 2 my address/schedule will be posted at the end. I read an article about this guys & his girl. He met this girl and after a number of years going 2 bed with her, he discover thru papers he found, she was a he. (he had a sex change) That leave me 2 wonder who is who? If your not man made, I wanna make your puzzy pulsates faster than a speeding bullet. I wanna send chills up and down your spine making your body quiver uncontrollably giving U a heart pounding bone chilling, toe curling orgasm so intense, the muscles between your legs will literally pulsate leaving U with a lingering ticklish feeling. I wanna turn your puzzy insideout & upsidedown. If don't have the pill, don't worry about multiplying, I can't have children. I'm disease free, not wierd, not a pyscho, not valent, not a serial killer, not into oral sex, anal sex or anything kinky. My penis haven't had puzzy in years. Don't know if it still work or not. If my penis don't work, is yo puzzy good enough 2 make it work? Be4 i wast time getting 2 no U or becoming friends. I gotta test your puzzy 2 see its not man made I gotta C if my penis don't work, is your puzzy good enough 2 make it work. You'll have 2 sit on my cock or i pound your puzzy silly. If your puzzy can't make my cock work & if its man made, forget about getting 2 no each other. I don't need a man made puzzy or another no good puzzy relationship. Heres my dilemma. I'm marrie, can't Fock her anymore, due 2 her medical condition. Are U in simular situation or a nymphomania females? If so, Lets help each other sexually. I have her permission 2 get a Fock buddy (nothing more) She goes away 4 days at a time, leaving me alone 2 host. If U like, we can meet at my place. She can't drop in unexppectedly, I pick her up. If you ever get the courage 2 cum over, Heres a link 2 my add./schedule ( If you wanna excuse 4 being at my door, get some avon flyers or any flyers and say your a representative of whatever & I'll invite U in. Note: U must be alone or I will not invite U in. occasionally check back here 4 up dates if any. [QUOTE]

was this written by a horney crapper?

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Oct 29 @ 5:04PM  

Don't talk him up!!

Oct 29 @ 5:48PM  
good idea!

Oct 29 @ 5:59PM  
Besides.. the guy that wrote that blog has cancelled and the blog is gone too.... so................who wants to smoke a joint!?!?!?!?

*handing comet a glass of wine*

Oct 29 @ 6:10PM  
who wants to smoke a joint!?!?!?!?

Me and I haven't smoked one since the 70s

Oct 29 @ 7:35PM  
people didn't want to read the spammers and shout outs blogs, why the hell pollute blogland with another one about them, or the bulletins for that matter?

But you are posting on said blog about spammer.

Oct 29 @ 8:34PM  
I wanna give U an 0rgasm so intense it will make your toes curl.
I've had ^^^ this ^^^ kind of orgasm before. I'm just sayin'...

*Swoops in and grabs the glass of wine before Ms. Comet can.*

So...Does anybody wanna fuck?

Oct 29 @ 8:35PM  
Sometimes there's a double standard Rhonda....

But, comet always knows how to pull it off and make it funny!! So she thought it was funny! So what! We wouldn't have been able to post a comment on HIS blog because he's cancelled (willingly or not) and his blog can't be viewed anymore.
Comet just wanted to make sure none of us ladies here missed out on mr wonderful himself!!! ...


Oct 29 @ 8:40PM  
hehehehehe... looks like someone snagged comets wine!!

Where is ynot??... I think this blog is worthy of a hijacking!!! And he's so good at it with all his pics and stuff!!

Love you comet!!

Oct 29 @ 8:50PM  

sry but its TIMEEEEE

and that .burn this ..

btw...that blog AND writer were FUCKTARDS as normal

Oct 29 @ 8:55PM  
*sniff sniff*.......

Something smells good!!!

Oct 29 @ 8:55PM  
Comet here...buzzed as usually.... no no, you will not post that crap on MY blog...if you want to be it on your own blog... on dude! im with ya sister

ynot...i forget, is that your dick?

Oct 29 @ 8:56PM  
Oh yeah! Love the green dick pic!!

He looks like a construction worker with a hard hat on!!


Oct 29 @ 9:00PM  
lol @pink...i think ynot told me one time that was his dick?

Oct 29 @ 9:03PM  
his dick

HIS!!!!! ..................

Oct 29 @ 9:05PM  

Oct 29 @ 9:08PM  
Hmmmmmm maybe we need an up close personal inspection just to be sure it's his ???

Oct 29 @ 9:12PM  
Yeah lil right? We want an up close and personal inspection... do you think he'll be game for that? All us women checking out his cock! And I bet it's not green or wearing a hard hat............just wearing a hard.... uuhhmmmhh *clearing my throat*.......


Oct 29 @ 9:29PM  
Yeah lil right? We want an up close and personal inspection... do you think he'll be game for that? All us women checking out his cock!

*wanders thru the blog passing the hat for gas $$$...n gets out the gps to plot his course*

Oct 29 @ 9:37PM  
how s about kudos to know for sure...steve..coz i forgot....xz

Oct 29 @ 9:48PM  
Call me .... I can give you directions right to the front door !! GPS may get you lost where me n Pink are !! I'll be glad to donate a kudo to know for suuuuuure !!

Oct 29 @ 10:17PM  
how s about kudos to know for sure...steve..coz i forgot....xz

just what is it i'm doing for kudo's ???

Call me .... I can give you directions right to the front door !! GPS may get you lost where me n Pink are !

email the number and directions......we'll see how that works out

uuhhmmmhh *clearing my throat*....

hey PTN .i bet $100.00 i can clear yer throat.....*ponders if he typed that out loud or not *

Oct 29 @ 10:17PM  
Yesss indeedy.. Skwirl is goin back to dressing up Ynot's Cock! Get ready for the Turkeyday one... it's a corker.

Oct 29 @ 11:00PM  
Ynot's dick has been slimed!!!!!
Here's a green cookie for making me giggle.

Oct 29 @ 11:17PM  
laughing my ass off..

i thought it was Dana that did the "cock" dressing??/

Oct 29 @ 11:25PM  
I think Ynot should have his own catalog...

Oct 30 @ 2:52AM kids have more fun while I am at work!!!!!...and i am happy for ya!...I have Sunday off...what shold I go as to the Halloween Party of the century????

Oct 30 @ 3:10AM reply to me deleting his nasty reply...[/QUOTE].[WhateverQUOTE]


i will be charlie sheens lastest hooker...not only bwi....but blogging while super drunk...giggle

Oct 30 @ 6:02AM  
Skwirl,dress Ynot up as Santa I might be good

Oct 30 @ 7:18AM  
well dear, compare the number of comment on MY blogs vs the number of blogs on YOUR blogs and we will have the conversation again...and bruce i will block your ASS in a fucking heartbeat...just like many others have!
****** ORIGINAL MESSAGE ******
I remember clearly how people would get on newbies for complaining about spammers, now we have long time members featuring spammers in blogs. You said "lighten up". Well, that is far too light, Linda. Why do you think blogs float around for hours without comments?

our dick being a Dick!

oh and as i recall there is a Christmas dick in his group...right:::steves dick...not bruces


Oct 30 @ 10:06AM  
What a super read to go with my coffee...which nearly ended up all over my monitor. Youse are all a hoot....thanks for the laughs! And a kudo for all of you!

Oct 30 @ 10:49AM  
If youse talking to mease, pleasure

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