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Rude manners from the women in Adult section

posted 10/28/2010 10:32:01 PM |
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Why is that you read a woman's profile see what they are seeking and write them a letter, they don't don't respond back with least a "No Thank You", or "Sorry not interested" or some kind of politeness? They just ignore me, is that how their parents raise them? I am talking about woman between the ages of 35 to 65. There is one or two that acknolwledge my letter but 98% don't! I do not write to anyone who is not seeking the same thing I am, I am not rude, or crass, or pushy in my letter. I always respond to letters to me, the majority of them not what I am seeking, and refusing politely. I guess these women mail boxes must be full with letters, and they don't have the time to write back to everyone.......Thanks for listening, just need to vent on this subject. Aloha, take care, have fun and remember........ safe sex!

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Rude manners from the women in Adult section


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Oct 28 @ 10:38PM  
Some women have a problem with men having no picture when most men only write to women who DO have a picture....JMO..

Oct 28 @ 10:54PM  
This has been covered SOOOO many times.
(btw you'll get more responses if you auto approve your comments)
There is a limited number of free emails that can be sent or received each day, if you are a free member that is. There are very few women that are in fact gold members. Now each time you get a comment on a blog you posted, that's an email used. A hot topic blog (granted we don't have that many of those these days but it does add up) If you get into conversations with your friends (I mean people that are already on their friends list) that can use them up quick as well. Now throw in the dozen or so "wanna see me jerk off on cam?" Hell I'm old, fat and wrinkled and get quite a few of those every time I login. So just imagine what an attractive young woman gets??? When you add all that up, that's quite a few emails a day. Myself......sometimes I'll answer, and even politely, only to get blasted back with insults because I dared to reject their fabulous (if only in their minds) offer. After a while, you get leery of even answering nicely because sometimes it's just not worth the hassle. So while I'm not trying to excuse rude behavior just trying to explain what could be very valid reasons for you not getting the responses you seek. Good luck in your search!

Oct 28 @ 11:21PM  
some women have a problem with men in a relationship that just want cheap thrills

Oct 28 @ 11:29PM  
It all depends on how I am approached. by a person and a picture does make a difference because a lot of scammers and spammers do not have pictures. If I am not sure if the person is real or a scammer I will not answer and most likely will blovk that person from contacting me again. The other thing is if someone gives me their e-mail address or wants to go straight to chat I won't answer them. If they can't take the time to get to know me then they are not going to get very far.

Have you thought that some of these women might be scammers on this site because there are quite a few of them. You might also check when these people were last active as well. If a person has not been on the site in over two or three weeks then they might not be coming back.


Oct 28 @ 11:36PM  
It seems there is lots of valid reasons why most woman don't reply back,That I didn't realize...... So I apologize to all the women out there....I am sorry!

Oct 28 @ 11:50PM  
Another reason is some women aren't looking...not many but some of us aren't. I've been here 3 yrs. and in the beginning I was looking but my circumstances have changed and the only reason I'm here is for the friends I've made here in the blogs.

I've changed my profile more times than a teenager changes clothes trying to get across to guys that I'm not subject line says that. So what do I get? They see the subject line but don't bother to read the profile essay and then they fire me an e-mail just raising hell that I have no business being here if I'm not looking. I use to explain in my essay why I'm still here but since they don't read it anyway, I just have fun with it...change it every now and again to fill it with bullshit....why not? Doesn't matter anyway...

I barely read e-mail from usernames I don't recognize and its rare that I answer any of those at all.

Oct 29 @ 12:09AM  
I always read a profile before contacting a women and I only contact women who is looking for the same thing I am!

Oct 29 @ 12:20AM  
the same can be said in reverse i dont know how many ive sent to men and got no responce

Oct 29 @ 2:02AM  
Bottom line like mentioned up above. People want to see pics. A lot of married peeps on here and unless you have a pic they wont talk to you no pic is one way to hide from wifey lol

Oct 29 @ 7:19AM  
Hell I'm old, fat and wrinkled and get quite a few of those every time I login
tries to imagine Ladybootscooter like that , but nope, doesn't seem to be happenin.

A lot of married peeps on here and unless you have a pic they wont talk to you no pic is one way to hide from wifey lol
yep, mines sitting right across from me right now,playing on farcebook she reckons there are less sleazes on there but i get bored watching paint dry

Oct 29 @ 10:43AM  
I will agree with the others...sometimes if there is no picture, they're not going to respond. Also, like LBS, said, for free members, email is limited, so, they try to "save" their emails for those that THEY are interested in.

Also....some have done the polite thing and said "no thank you", or "sorry, not interested" and then get blasted by a nasty email being sent back. So...some have just decided it's better to be "polite" and ignore it.

Hey...if they're ignoring you..then clearly they aren't meant for you. Right?

Oct 29 @ 2:33PM  
Youre just lumped in with the others who want a little strange on the side, but at least youre polite about it. Extramarital affairs are still wrong though, nice guy or no.

I cant really guess whats going on with most men who do it, but all I know is, I'm a low-drama person who tries to avoid the drama dealing with someone who's in a relationship already brings. I know some women feel the same way.

Oct 29 @ 3:11PM  
I'm just a bitch~

Oct 29 @ 6:08PM  
You may be honest, but what you seek according to your essays is not in demand with the women on here, unless you want to shell out for a cam girl. Many women get emails, read the profile and essays, then act. Often that action can be no reply or rude, no matter how polite your email to them is, nature of the beast. In some cases, they don't relate and are sick of getting emails about it from all that proceeded you. Others, see you as a cheater on your woman. Combine them and you can expect results below you expectations.

Oct 30 @ 5:30AM  
I give up on messaging women and on getting my pictures approved. I just stop by here once in awhile for entertainment.

Oct 30 @ 11:09AM  
i have also had messages from married men and women. if they had read my profile they would have known i am not into that. if they cant take time to read my profile like they say they do i dont take the timr to respond.

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Rude manners from the women in Adult section