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My Beach Encounter...Part 3 (The Date)

posted 10/27/2010 11:25:00 PM |
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tagged: sex, breast, nipple, story, date

The day dragged from that moment forward...and my nipples tingled in anticipation. i quickly scolded myself because i knew this would be considered a first date...and there was little possibility of a repeat performance of what happened on the beach. When it was time to leave...I quickly slipped on a white t-shirt and some faded blue jeans...and grabbed my jacket before heading out to the restaurant.

When I entered the coffee shop...I saw Phillip immediately. I also saw that we practically had the place to ourselves since it was later in the evening. I sat across from Philip...smiled and quickly said..."It's so nice to see you again." To which Philip replied..."It's great to see all of you girls again too." I knew exactly what he meant by "girls" and playfully replied..."Yep...the girls really seem to love tagging along on most of my dates." Well...that was the icebreaker that was needed...because both of us began laughing...and we didn't stop for a couple of minutes.

Phillip quickly took my hand...pulled me up to my feet and whispered..."Let's go sit in the back where we can have a little more privacy." I nodded my consent and he quietly escorted me to the back of the coffee shop. From there...our coffee date quickly turned into something much more than a lil' ole' coffee date.

We both sat down on a couch in the corner at the very back. I eventually felt myself being watched and felt myself begin to blush again. Philip smiled and said..."You're a very interesting woman Cassie. You come off as self-assured one moment...and quite shy the next. It's very captivating...and very sexy." By this time "the girls" had decided to perk up and I quickly tried to grab my jacket so that I could put it on an cover their erections. Philip gently pulled the jacket out of my hands and tossed onto another couch.

He then leaned over began tracing my right nipple with his left hand. He smiled at my nipple's immediate response and began tweaking my nipple right there in the coffee shop. Now my nipples are usually semi-erect most of the time...but now they were fully erect and just begging for attention. Philip slowly leaned over and touched the tip of his tongue to the tip of my left nipple. I inhaled unexpectedly and he smiled. He stopped...sat back on the couch...and just smiled at me. I smiled back.

Phillip then leaned closer to me and whispered..."You're wearing way too many pieces of clothing and "the girls" are begging for some attention. Should we continue our date somewhere else with a bit more privacy?" By this time my whole body was humming like an electric current was running through it...and I could smell my own juices...and feel the wetness between my legs. At this point I realized that my nipples were going to be standing at attention for quite a bit longer. I nodded my consent...and he quickly guided me to the parking lot. I followed him back to his place...and parked my car in front.

I followed him to the front door and once i was inside...he quickly grabbed me and spun me around until my body was pinned to the wall. I was stunned...but completed turned on at this point. He quickly claimed my mouth and began deeply kissing me like there was no tomorrow. i matched his urgency with my own...and boldly slipped my hands underneath his t-shirt. He smiled...just waiting to see what my next move would be. I quickly disposed of his shirt and began flicking his nipple with my tongue. This time....Philip was the one breathing hard. I doubled my assault on his nipples by licking...and sucking...and biting...and teasing them until his nipples were really hard. I then began slowly slipping my fingers into the front of his jeans.

Philip stopped me abruptly and swung me up into his arms. He whispered in a very husky voice.."Not so fast Red. Your girls are in need of some attention." He carried me to his bedroom and laid me down on the bed. He then began peeling my shirt up over my stomach and chest...and then off. He then lowered his head and began kissing my stomach...while he was rubbing his hand back and forth between my legs. By this time I was breathing hard...and my heart was about to jump out of my chest.

At this point...his hands found their way underneath my bra and quickly unhooked it before tossing it to the floor. He then reached down and cupped each of my in each hand...and began sucking on each nipple in turn. I thought I had died and gone to heaven because I had not felt this good in a very long time.

At some point Phillip stopped to look at me...and when my eyes found his he quietly stated..."I would die a happy man...if i could suck on your nipples every day." i don't know how long we laid there just looking into each other's eyes but I eventually said..."I just happen to have an opening in my schedule for tomorrow. Would you be interested in that opening?"

We both smiled at each other...and quickly realized that our play time was far from over...

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Oct 28 @ 2:15AM  
I really enjoyed the story with both blogs tonight.


Oct 28 @ 8:57AM  
Well may be that {On the road with Hog} should maybe make it's next adventure to Canada.

Oct 28 @ 9:17AM  

Wheeeeeew.......had to switch hands, but finaaly made it.

Oct 28 @ 10:49AM  
Oh c'mon!!!!! You're gonna leave me hanging here???

Very good Kit.

Oct 28 @ 3:08PM  
Wheeeeeew.......had to switch hands, but finaaly made it.
That's funny, right there, I don't care who y'are.

Ok I'm interested.. what happens next?

Nov 21 @ 8:23PM  
Hiring network models, $60 per hour!

Nov 21 @ 8:27PM  
Make him pay upfront Kat.......600 hours ... no less!

I was going to post something of the same on his blog but I'm sure it would have "waited for approval" This was faster!

Nov 21 @ 8:40PM  
Oh hell...$60 per hour?!?!
As if I would even consider such a lame offer.

This woman's not for sale.

Nov 21 @ 8:47PM  
Well I wouldn't click that link if I was you... or anyone else... looks like it could be a virus!

Nov 21 @ 8:49PM  
Oh hell... I just caught this...................

Wheeeeeew.......had to switch hands, but finaaly made it.


That was hilarious!

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My Beach Encounter...Part 3 (The Date)