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If you could meet...

posted 10/24/2010 8:23:59 PM |
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Anyone from AMD....Whom would it be?!!!!
Most will say I can't pick just one...!!! Hell I'm one of those!!

But..I am Not..talking about SEX... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
I am talking.....Just to meet..for getting real sake, and please would want to meet this person!!!!!
Our 10 ! If you do 10...and have More ...come on back and do 10 more!!! its OK!!!!!
Lets have fun with this please!!!!!!!

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Oct 24 @ 8:27PM  
i would like to meet you, and pink, and softy, and bruce, and bunny, and lady ramrod, and sawduster, and ....well fuck...i wanna meet everyone!

Oct 24 @ 8:31PM  
It would be entirely too many to list and I wouldn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt if they didn't get listed persay! I'm with comet... I would love to meet just everyone!
Actually, the only ones I would really be interested in meeting, are those who I interact with regularly here in the blogs. I don't do much else on this site other than a few videos. But I do have friends here in the blogs and you all do know who you are! It would be an honor to meet the majority of those I have on my friends ya'lll!!

Oct 24 @ 8:38PM  
Ewe_wish..I love her sense of humor.

PinkToeNails..cause she's fun to chat and hang with

Softie...I think she would be so fun to just hang out and chat with..and she takes great pictures

OHT...cause he's a great guy and lots of fun here

Comet...hell, she's a party gal...that in itself is a blast!

KitKat...I like her chinchilla's. his sense of humor

Ynot....well...Ynot? Ever see his busty mobile?

Straddle...sense of humor, likes to talk about 80's music.

WordsofWit...can trade dog stories.


Oct 24 @ 8:40PM  
Basically.....those who are on my friends list...NIghtofOld..he's such sweetheart..

I can't list all of them's hard.....but I'd say all who are on my friends list that I interact with here and on messenger. Why? Cause they are all great people!

Oct 24 @ 8:40PM  
Well...I would Love to meet...
1. Bunny, I love her humor...., OMG...I bet she would make a person Laff till tears!!!
2. Straddle, hey...I have got to meet this man!!! I do wonder..if he carries McDonald straws in his pockets?
3. WoW, This man is Famous....I would like to have a good conversation and even have a drink with this man!
4. W.C., Hey...I have some Home made Apple and Watermelon wine we can share!!!! I'm sure she is a fun person!!!
5. Knight of Old, what a Gentleman!!! I would love to have a conversation with this man!!!
6. Sugar and Spice, we will talk about out Dogs for hours!!! What a sweet lady!!!
7. Som, I would love to meet this guy....he seems to be a very funny guy!!!
8. Saw duster, I would love to talk wood working with him!!!!
9. Soft Touch..., hey....she is a sweetie...on the Move!!! Please teach me how to Move!!!
10.LBS...Because....she seems to be a Wonderful person!! Plus..I would like to make sure here "Puppies" are real....

Oct 24 @ 8:46PM  
Straddle...sense of humor, likes to talk about 80's music

Yeah... he's pretty hung up on 80's movies too.... I've noticed.....
I think we all talked about that on the phone!!

Aww... thanks sugar!! I've love to meet you too!

Ewe_wish..I love her sense of humor
Where has she been!?!? and speaking of where someone has been......................what is up with the flava flave?!?! He's not been online in over 2 weeks, probably 3 nows... did a birthday blog for him, he's never seen it yet... anyone know how to get a hold of him to make sure he's okay?!?!? I mean, 3 weeks is a long time to celebrate a birthday! I hope all is well with him!

[/quote]Ynot....well...Ynot? Ever see his busty mobile?


Heck... I don't think I've seen his busty mobile... Unless you're talking about that stud machine of a mustang of his!

I still wish we could plan some sort of get together ... I know not everyone could attend but for those who could.............

Oct 24 @ 8:47PM  
I would want meet to whapper. That individual intrigues me and my curiosity to see who is behind the cyber masque. Second is cocktail for the same reason. Not what folks want to hear, but whatever!

Oct 24 @ 8:47PM  
I knew I was going to fuck my quotes up!!! .................

*note to self* *preview first... *

Oct 24 @ 8:48PM  
a little bit of highjacking...who have you met from here...

so far ive only meet Ynot...we had a three hour lunch...

and I hope to meet sawduster soon, as he is less than two hours aways, or one hour each...

Oct 24 @ 8:49PM  
Not what folks want to hear, but whatever

There's our little ray of sunshine!!!!!

Don't conjure that one up please!!!!!!!!! The other is enough already!

Oct 24 @ 8:54PM  
[QUOTE]I knew I was going to fuck my quotes up!!! ................. [QUOTE]
oh wtf...i posted twice...horny...please delete one for me...


Oct 24 @ 8:54PM  
Let's see... I've met girlcountry and her hubby... I know lilofval personally... for a good while now.... I met onehornytoad a short time ago... out of the goodness of his heart!! I've known fortysixandtwo for a while (he's not here anymore.... ) fragmeplease is on my friends list but he never comes I knew him about 30 years ago and recently reconnected with him...
I've met 2 or 3 other people from this site but they don't blog. And well... that's about it ... for now!

Oct 24 @ 8:55PM  
1. Ewe-wish, cause I wanna see what a sheep with heels looks like in person!!
2. Flavor, because..Hes one hell of a Great guy!!!!
3. Luna, We would have one hell of a good time I'm sure!!
4. C.L. , I just want to make sure she is ok!! We would have a blast, no doubt!!!
5. Griz, cause...I'm headed North..and I Love to fish, hes the Man to talk to about that..So I hear!!
6. Ynot, I have got to meet this Man!!! I just want to see him pull up a picture in real like he does online!!!!
I have I will stop here!!!!!
Later taters!!!

Oct 24 @ 8:57PM  
Good thing we AREN'T here to get laid..............cause apparently.........we aren't!

Those new comers STILL think pussy falls from the sky though....... ....


Oct 24 @ 9:03PM  
I'd love to meet most all of you if I could but slow down and quit moving so you could catch up to me....

I have met Lisa and Ynot and Sawduster...good people I've talked to you Schweetheart and what a sexy, sexy voice....but that accent makes me say "huh" alot....

If I could only choose one to meet? It would be NightofOld...yep!

Oct 24 @ 9:07PM  
If I could only choose one to meet? It would be NightofOld...yep!

* agreeing.......wholeheartedly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

To Chuck!

Oct 24 @ 9:15PM  
a little bit of highjacking...who have you met from here...

I have met two in person, one current and one former member. I decline to mention names, but both ladies were delightful company that I thoroughly enjoyed in G rated situations.

Oct 24 @ 9:37PM  

I would really like to meet every one on my friends list and a few who aren't.
But I bet that Chuck guy isn't what he seems. He's probably a grouchy old bear
who just loves all you pretty Lady's. Can't blame him for that though.

Oct 24 @ 9:58PM  
I too would like to meet everybody that visits the blogs regularly. And much as I know it's gonna cause contention I'm with WoW on wanting to meet the above mentioned individual. He/she is indeed very intriguing

Oct 24 @ 10:14PM  
so i can't go see my friends list??
hmm maybe stick to the past .....i've meat lots of ...wait that don't sound right..i mean i MET lots of em ..alot of who's mentions..from EWEwish to Clearlylooking n LilGRZ who had thanksgiving here 2yrs ago....hmmm and comment for lunch....took me to great place..hell thought i met a wife here ..but thats past shit...hmmm ok too late at night to sit n think but those i've met if i forgot to list yer KNOW I cant' membrer SHIT......

Oct 24 @ 10:16PM  
btw...there are women i realy DID MEAT BUT ...a gentlemen don't meat em n tell about it..just sayin ...

sell ladies i TOLD YOU i keep my mouth shut ...well when its TIME to keep it shut....

Oct 24 @ 10:23PM  
That's a difficult answer to give because I feel whomever is on my friends list, is on my friends list because I like them and would love to meet them all. And maybe someday beginning about this time next year I can because I'm planning on a greatly extended road trip, crisscrossing the country... my fingers are crossed on that one!

I have met two ladies from AMD- both a few years ago! One at a party and the other at her place and it was hilariously great time!


Oct 24 @ 11:03PM  
Well I have met she is not on the gotta meet list!
WoW.... you stole my Thought!! I would Love to meet that person!!!
1. Crapper! Because..... I want to meet someone.....before I call in the Short Bus!
2. GryGoast, because he is my hero!!!
3. Shallow male, because he can Take well s Give it!!! Gotta love that!!!! We would have a good time!!!
4. Shyguy, This man loves a good joke!!! Plus he Shares!!! Lets have a good time!
5 .lil.....cause..I wanna piss off ...other guys here... Plus..she works with copper!
6. All of our Sunshines!!! Most are gone.... and I want to find out WHY!!!!!
7. Tassie, because..I bet he and I could drink a Bar Dry, while making everyone else...have fun!!!!
8. ksk, because...I may want to know how to grow some.......well she knows!!! Plus she is a great Gal!!!!!!
9. Lisa, What a True lady!!! I would have to offer her a Wanna.........oooops, No Sex!! My Bad!! We would have a blast..doing most anything!!!
10. Lady R Rod, Because she would be a lot of fun!!!

Oct 24 @ 11:31PM  
1. RJ, because..she could teach me how to cook some awesome foods!!!
Plus....maybe..just maybe she could share some of her Deer hunting Tactics with me!
2. RNJ, because he is a cool dude!!! I would love to hear his stories!!!!
3. Dee Dee...., I miss her bewbies soooo...we would talk for hours..I'm sure!!!
4. Hog,...Hell who wouldn't wanna meet this man!!! I wanna hear his stories (unlimited!)!!!!
5. Skwirl, This one...I handle Lightly...because sex is Not allowed!!!
But I'm sure we would have a lot to talk about!!!
I will finish tomorrow!!
Gotta get some sleep before hitting the road!
Thanks everyone for the comments!!!!!!!!!! Yall are the Greatest!!!

Oct 24 @ 11:33PM  
hey i popped back inn b4 hittin the hay cause i'm back to work!! yeahhh means traveling bout 8 states ..means alot of the folks i've not got to meet yet i will soon....... btw...i REALY fucked up ...people i've met..shit alot of you wont remember em.. as Lisa46 few yrs back...RR and Sweater were there.. Griz n CL.....couse they later came for thanksgiving ...hey i had someone then to help CL with the food lol

and b4 that there was teh party Looking4ever thru for PK and ARGIT (old tmers) when Argit came over from england to be with her ......also met coltsfootball..looking4evers bo' at the time....seems i'm STILL missing some one....then ....does it count how many are over 1000 miles but you talk to all lthe time by phone??? hmm more to think bout guys...

*sits n types a list of who's in what state n plots going to wrk........meating da' ladies*

Oct 25 @ 12:08AM  
Whapper because I bet it would be an interesting conversation.

Tassie because he has a great sense of humor and an Aussie accent.

For OHT my deer hunting strategy. Find a comfortable spot in a tree, take crossbow, put arrow in crossbow, shoot deer, Talk the guy you bet that you got the first deer into dressing it.

WoW, just because.

PTN Gotta lubs a fellow Redskins fan.

Oh heck I just want to meet everyone. Who can decide with all these people on here.


Oct 25 @ 1:29AM, I guess Toad is going back to his job. I hope he is going to get paid back for his hotel room. His last message to me didn't sound clear.
I would want to meet everyone here. I care about everyone here. I think it would be great if we all could get together someday. Hugs to you all for being here for me and all your buds. You all are the most caring group of people I know. Bless you all!

Oct 25 @ 3:19AM  
Tassie, because..I bet he and I could drink a Bar Dry, while making everyone else...have fun!!!!

* slides beer can behind monitor so they can't see it

me ? drink beer w'eeeell now you've twisted my arm.

roll out the 18 gallon kegs

Oct 25 @ 3:21AM  
RJ... meet me under the table, me and toadie are in training

maybe we should win tattslotto and all meet in the middle somewhere for a giant BBQ ( cook-out )

Oct 25 @ 10:04AM  
hell, i'd very much enjoy meeting everyone here too. even without the captain along, i think we could have one awesome get together. and if we had tassies BBQ, i think hawaii would be a great place, for it. and as close to the middle as we could get, unless it was aboard a ship, otherwise, well i don't swim all that good.

Oct 25 @ 12:00PM  

8 hrs 32 mins ago
RJ... meet me under the table, me and toadie are in training

Since you boys are drinking you want to get into a friendly game of poker. You can teach me how to play.

Oct 25 @ 2:58PM  
One person mentioned me, whoo!

Anyway, so far: Sunshine wanted to meet me, Rnj(Richie) wanted to meet me.(lol, makes sense, were all in the same state) B9(formerly known as Dominus) and Giggl, who've Ive both spoken to on the phone want to have me up to visit someday soon. I think its still in play, not sure. B9, if you see this, still checking out luggage in local thrift-stores..just say the word, doll! And Skwirl wants me out there someday too to visit, and that would be an honor.

Want to meet WoW(Bruce), but wouldn't know what the hell to say to him. I guess "Hi" would start things off.

Want to meet mcroxton and bask in his beauty for hours and hours.

That's about it.


Oct 25 @ 3:22PM  
The only one who wants to meet me is Toad.. so.. who says Sex is Not Allowed?

Hmm I wanna meet Y in person, Toad, Sawduster, Wow, Ceddie (BLU499), Chuck, Twist and Shout!, Pudge, MamMan, Matt (who's no longer here) and Mel (who's no longer here). Those are my top guys.

For the Chickies? Softy, Pink, Sugar, KitKat, Ewe and Casually, Luna!!, Jsgirl, Comet, and the rest of em.. heh.. ran out of numbers.

Who have I actually met? One guy I'm sorry that I did, my partner Wolf338, though I met him long before here.., DKW and Annie.. ummm.. I think there was someone else.. but I don't remember who off the top.. obviously didn't make much of an impression.

Oct 25 @ 3:24PM  
Oh shit.. I knew I'd forget a couple.. Tassie.. cuz I lubs him goooood.. and Bunny cuz I lubs her good too!

Oct 25 @ 3:45PM  
Thanks for the mention, Alex!

2. Straddle, hey...I have got to meet this man!!! I do wonder..if he carries McDonald straws in his pockets?
Now c'mon, who would carry them in their pockets? I keep them in my bedroom.

Straddle...sense of humor, likes to talk about 80's music.

Yeah... he's pretty hung up on 80's movies too.... I've noticed.....
Yes, you're both right!

I would enjoy meeting good people such as Chuck, Alex, Peachskin, Pink, RNJ, Som, Dawn, Megan, Geena, Featherone, Chococalemilf, and Murph.

I'm sure there are a handful of good people that I forgot to mention, and I apologize for not listing any of you yet, but those are the ones that I can think about right now.

Kudo for such a warm fun blog, Alex!

Oct 25 @ 3:48PM  
humm lets see who've I''ve meet.

Ynot, Ewe Wish, CL, Griz, RR, Swyter (all at my house) Looking4ever, Coltsfootball, Argit, PrincessKissy, Ynots girlfriend (forgot screen name), Softie, baldbychoice, Jamesmiller, builttoplease

Phone? Crazy Skwirl lady Jezzarae, Mrknowuwell, Shellsmack, WordsofWit, alybai,

Who I wanna meet? KitKat Sunshine, LadyBootscooter, Mrknowuwell, Toad man straddle, sugarnspice, Bunny, Alybai, belle, Darkknightwalking, blueyes, flavorbuster,

And this what i can think of

Oct 25 @ 5:05PM  
1. Kit Kat, because I wanna see if she is that sweet in person!
2. DKW..and Blue Eyes!!! because they are awesome PPL online, and I know that its real!
3. Featherone, because...I just want to meet her!!!
4. girlcountry, and her Hubby, because..they are wonderful ppl!
5. dmbchick, Because she would be Awesome to hang with, she was a bunch of fun here!!!!!!
6. L4E, because I have been wanting to meet her for a long, long time now!!!
7. Cottoncandydragon, because..I want to meet one in real!!!
8. aspiringwriter, because... his writing's....was awesome! A good conversation with him would be great!
9. Chocolatemilf,(spell check!) I just wanna see if she is as sexy as I picture her!!!
10. Borty, because...I need upgrades on my Panties!!!!
Thanks everyone for the comments!!! I thought it was fun!!!! Yall rock!!!
I guess Toad is going back to his job.
I am leaving at 5am tomorrow!!!
My Recruiter did an awesome Job this AM!!!!!!! He even got me a "sign on Bonus"!!! How cool is that?!!!! Plus a lot more..that I wont mention!!! Thank God!!!
Wish me luck...and Prayers are very welcome!!!!
Thanks again!!!!

Oct 25 @ 8:49PM  
Who I'd like to meet?
Hmmm.......that's a long list! I've already met a few from here, only one that hangs in the blogs and since he's keeping that meeting mum, I guess I will too. Let me just say it was lunch and there was no lack of conversation.
As for who I'd like to meet?
EweWish, Ynot, Lisa46, CasuallyLooking and Griz, Softie, My lil skwirly girl Sammy, Professor Pan T. Borty, Ashinatrix (miss ya Ash if you ever read this) Pink Toe Nails, Sugar and Spice, RJ53, and of course you OHT. Too many to list them all!
oh and as for :

10.LBS...Because....she seems to be a Wonderful person!! Plus..I would like to make sure here "Puppies" are real....

Trust me they're real, cos if I had fake ones, they'd be alot perkier!!!!

Oct 25 @ 9:07PM  
Oh, I'm gonna meet Bootsy one of these fine type days. That's a given.

Oct 25 @ 10:17PM  
Do you have any advice for someone who didn;t get a solitary mention?

Something to think about next time you are feeling bad about not rating a mention. But I know that doesn;t mean I am not fun to be around. I know that doesn;t mean no one notices me.

There are probably others that didnl;t get a mention either. We are all still family.

Oct 25 @ 10:35PM  
Awwww shox... see.. now I feel bad!! And I even said that I wouldn't want to leave anyone out... and I'm sure others feel that way too.. We don't want to exclude anyone.......well.. one maybe but you're not that one!!


Oct 26 @ 4:43AM  
Do you have any advice for someone who didn;t get a solitary mention?
CRS is alive and well!!!!!

My list of peeps I like to meet is still going!!! Here's a couple more before I hit the road ...again!!!
1. dumblonde,because she is a fighter, a survivor (if you would) , and that is sexy to me!
2. Aftershox, because...I would let her tie me up anytime!!!! (Oooops, no sex ...dang!!!)
Plus she is a good sport!!!! Gotta love that!!!!
3. Mamma,...because she has one Sexy Ass!!! Plus she is a sweetie!
4. Fill in your name...if you were left out!!!
I've gotta get gone!!! Later taters!

Oct 27 @ 11:15PM  
My 1st set of 10 peeps would be...
1. Ms. Bunny
2. Ms. Skwirl
3. Ms. Sunshine
4. Ms. Pink
5. Ms. Sugar
6. Somnium
7. Tassie
8. Ynot
9. Night of Old
10. WoW

My 2nd set of 10 peeps would be...
1. Ewe_Wish
2. OHT
3. Aftershox
4. Ms. Comet
5. Sawduster
6. LadyBootScooter
7. DarkKnightWalking
8. Flavorbuster
9. Luna
10. RJ

My 3rd set of 10 peeps would be...
1. Shadowmale
2. AspiringWriter
3. Lisa46
4. Themama
5. Girlcountry
6. Looking 4 Ever
7. Sunshinegal
8. Hog
9. Casually Looking
10. Softie

Here's a green cookie for a very fun blog Mr. Toadman.

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