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posted 10/24/2010 6:46:47 PM |
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My very own "Marley" here. What an irony...he's a lab mix..a yellow lab mix. I remember watching the movie, Marley and Me, and thinking how so much like Marley Buddy can be. Although....thankfully Buddy doesn't howl during thunderstorms. In reality, Tazz is the one who will bark at them.

This one shouldn't be too long as I've talked about my brats.....err.....monsters....err.....oh ok! Dogs! Buddy was the puppy who would hide behind the couch and bark when people came to look at the puppies. When the first family came and looked, he didn't do that. He was like the rest of the litter....ran up to the gate, little tail wagging so hard I though he would take off! He was actually one of two puppies the kids were trying to decide on. They decided on Buddy's brother..that one had a little white spot under his chin, like a little beard. I remember Buddy watching the kids walking out the door with his brother, and looking perplexed. Well...the next family that came and looked, I noticed Buddy didn't run up to the gate this time....he hung as far back as possible, barking. The family thought it was cute..."look at that puppy..he's trying to be tough". So it went for that first week of running the ad in the paper...people came and looked, and Buddy barked. When the first ad ran out...there was still 4 puppies...Buddy, Princess, and 2 others...I had already planned on keeping Tazz. So...I ran another ad...and about this time, the puppies had figured out how to climb the gate, so it was getting to be quite the challenge keeping them all in one area.

And the calls was really was an older woman, she wanted a puppy..didn't care if it was male or female. I asked her if she was aware these puppies weren't free, that I was selling them. She asked how much, I told her, then she said to wait a minute she had to see if she had the money. She came back, said she had the money, and I asked her when she was coming out to look at the puppies....and she floored me with, "I don't have a car, just bring me one." WTF????? I told her I wasn't "delivering" a puppy, that she needed to find someone to bring her out to look at them and she can choose her own. She never did come out. Oh well. Anyway, for the rest of the ad....people would come to look at the puppies, and Buddy would run behind the couch and bark. The remaining puppies were always there to greet any who came in. Eventually, I was down to Tazz, Buddy, and Princess...and out of patience with running ads. Some people can be really stupid. The ad specifically said, "Shepherd/Lab mix puppies" and I had people asking if any were Pit Bull, Rottweiler, St. Bernard, and one even asked if they had Yorkie in them. So came to be...I kept Buddy and Princess along with Tazz.

Soon I discovered what a brat Buddy can be. He was my chewer. I learned real fast not to leave shoes in his reach. And, between him and Tazz.....I've gone through 4, count them, 4 comforters for my bed! Tazz and Buddy liked to chew on the corners of the damned things. I once told them I'm not paying $60 for a damned chew toy! And, I once caught Buddy starting to chew on the leg of my bed frame...I had a very stern talk with him about that idea....and let me tell ya.....convincing a 4 month old mischievous puppy to not chew on something is quite the feat. I finally settled for some extremely red hot tobasco sauce spread on it. I knew when he started to chew cause I heard a puppy start yipping. I got him some water...and he drank that down and wanted more. the desired result...he doesn't even THINK about chewing on the bed frame anymore. And yes, after I made sure he was alright, and babied him....I had a few chuckles when I'd see him look at that bed frame like it was evil.

One day I got the bright idea to get a bag of those rawhide bones for the dogs........not one of my better ideas. The other 4 dogs...they had the right idea...something to chew on....leisurely....not Buddy. Nope, the fool ATE the one I gave him, and then tried to take his father's new chew toy. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! Yeah, that was not fun to break up.


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Oct 24 @ 6:55PM  
No one got hurt btw. Just loud, and rearranged my living room a little bit. So..Buddy figures Daddy won't try to take Tazz's..she's smaller. There is a reason I called her Tazz...when she was little...she'd play like a little tasmanian devil...hence the name Tazz. And also..he was one of my favorite Looney Toons characters. Well, he tried to sneak up to take hers...and I saw it, Tazz watching out of the corner of her eye....and she went still....and I grabbed Buddy back before his sis lit into him. Oh, and toys...yeah...Buddy didn't like sharing toys. If he saw Princess or Tazz playing with a toy...he HAD to have it...regardless if he was already playing with another toy. Tazz..she didn't give an inch...Princess...doesn't really like confrontation, so she would walk away and find another toy.

Oh...and vacuuming, OMG!!!! Sasha, Princess, Tazz...they see the vacuum, and they hide.....Buddy and Diefenbacher see it...and "it's on!". They think they have to "destroy the monster". I used to have a Dirt Devil upright, one that used vacuum bags...until those two vacuum slayers tore a hole in it. Now I have a Bissell bagless vacuum and they haven't been able to destroy that one...and not for lack of trying either. that both are a little older...they're not in such a hurry to "slay" it. And one of my other "not so bright' ideas.....I didn't want the dogs to be jumping on the bed while I was mowing the I figured, I'd just leave the gate closed, and let them run around the backyard while I'm mowing the lawn. Nope...bad idea. The females, they ran under the deck....the two males...another "monster to destroy". That idea didn't last long...first time those two clowns went for the mower, I shut it off and put the dogs in the house. I'd rather deal with remaking the bed than a vet's visit to stitch up to "mighty dummies". And shutting the door...won't work. I have what is called a "pocket door"...and these dogs know how to open them.

And of course...I seem to have mentioned the "Buddy hanging out of the bedroom window incident". For those who missed that one....I was mowing the lawn, had my gate open so as to go from back yard to front yard without the hassle of shutting off the mower, opening the gate, and restarting it. Well, one time I look at my bedroom window, I can see Tazz on the bed. I continue on...look at the window again...and OMFG there is Buddy hanging halfway out my damned window!!!!!!!!

Oct 24 @ 6:59PM  
(oops!! hit post on accident!!!! )

So......shut off mower, shove Buddy back into the house...go inside to shut all windows...and back outside to finish the lawn. Buddy also likes looking out the kitchen window and barking when he sees me getting home from's cute...I can see him looking out the window and I can tell he's wagging his tail hard. And of course, he's barking, which has the other dogs barking. And, Buddy has this idea that cushions do NOT belong on the couch. He will lay on the couch, on his back, and scoot around until he knocks the cushions on the floor and then he lays on them.

Well....that's Buddy's story for tonight. Since he's a young dog...I'm sure he's going to give me more to write about in the future so stayed tune.

Oct 24 @ 7:19PM  
nice piece of symbolic code work, liked it, got it. hi ho hi ho hi ho its off to
skid zero we go. why? cost of pet food.. spinach for you and i, dogs eat and live like kings...

Oct 24 @ 7:35PM  
Nice little story about your doggies sugar, i really enjoyed it, i know what the little devils are like, i only have one right now and she's a handful

Oct 24 @ 7:42PM  
Yorkie in them

.. um... yeah!!

Your doggies and their antics!!!

I found myself feeling sorry for Buddy when that family didn't take him and then he was reluctant to be seen again and go through another disappointment.... that kinda broke my heart for him!! But he's in the best place he can be!! With you and his sibs!! Good for you Dawn!!

I wish you had a picture of him hanging out the window!! That would be a riot to see!!!

Thanks for the blog tonight sugar!!

Oct 24 @ 7:46PM  
Good read...!!! Thx for the Post!!!

Oct 24 @ 9:43PM  

Wonderful story. I love Dogs. But I also love Cats. Hell I love all Animals.

Oct 25 @ 3:29PM  
I feel ya on the comforters issue.. sigh.. I'm on number 3 and I only have two dogs. They don't chew it up.. but they get a bit rough playing.

Oct 25 @ 3:46PM  
Good story, Dawn!

Oct 28 @ 8:24AM  
Kudos Sugar. I loved your story as usual...and it's so nice to hear more about Buddy. That dog is a hoot...cuz he's always up to something.

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