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do you think?

posted 10/24/2010 1:57:40 AM |
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Let's see, what nerves can I stomp on tonight. I don't like liberals, ultra conservatives are a pain, religious fanatics make me puke, and people that don't think for them selves need to be in mental institutions. Which by my way of thinking covers a good 90% of the United States population.
We as a nation have lost the ability to THINK. WE COVER OURSLEVES WITH ALL KINDS OF BULL THAT REALLY MEAN NOTHING.. Yes our freedoms are important, which ever ones you choose to elaborate on. But at what point do those freedoms become the inroad for our down fall?

I don't mean this to be something that our resident idiot puts out, but something to make you, as an individual think. Our freedoms are being stripped away on a daily basis. Look around you, and look back a few years, what is gone forever. We now have to have passports to go between the US and Mexico, or Canada, just a small one it seems, but look beyond that. We are being forced to pay for something many of us can't afford. OBAMACARE.

Our lives are being monitored in the name of ”NATIONAL SECURITY”, we are paying taxes to support those that have never paid a dimes worth in their lives, the irs, which is NOT part of our government, but is a hired agency, can take everything we have worked out whole lives for, and the list goes on and on.

Mind you , I’m not a politically active person, I could almost care less which party is in power, and believe they are all crooks. But, as a nation, people DO NOT THINK WHAT IS BEST FOR THIS COUNTRY.

So, stop and THINK. DON'T just ACCEPT what the politicians tells you , or your doctors, or anyone else. Re-learn how to THINK. There IS NO ONE ANSWER THAT IS RIGHT FOR EVERYONE. Find the answer that is best for the whole.

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Oct 24 @ 2:22AM  
I have always thought for myself and pretty much say what I think and it always gets me in trouble with someone. Probably why more people do not do it.

Oct 24 @ 5:34AM  
I had a think about that ...
and came to the conclusion you may just be right

Oct 24 @ 8:03AM  
Couldn't say it any better, duster!!

Oct 24 @ 8:06AM  
i dont remember where i read this but the quote was something like this

any man that has the moral ethics to win a presidental election is not fit to hold the job,...

i am not ashamed to admit this (as i would have been a few years ago), but while still registered, i am no longer a voter...i grew tired of trying to select the lesser of two evils...

some might say, if you dont vote, dont complain (as i would have a few years ago) but i will certainly complain if i chose to...I pay payroll taxes, state taxes, libary taxes, city taxes, school taxes, water taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and problay a few more that i cant think of right now.....oh yeah, my most important one...liquor taxes

I have seen more mud slinging on my tv the past few weeks that i ever have on a soap opera.

Oct 24 @ 10:06AM  
Don't listen to what politicians say... watch what they do, to understand their true intentions!!


Oct 24 @ 10:11AM  
I don't see them doing anything good for our country, and yes I think. I think it stinks!

Oct 24 @ 11:48AM  
WELL SAID! [QUOTE][/QUOTE] Well thats becuz people DO actually take the words of the politicians and the media as truth.....and look where it's gotten us!

Oct 24 @ 11:50AM  
WELL SAID! We as a nation have lost the ability to THINK. Well thats becuz people DO actually take the words of the politicians and the media as truth.....and look where it's gotten us!

Oct 25 @ 4:12PM  
ultra conservatives are a pain
Me a pain? Yes, I am a ultra conservative, but I also try to respect other peoples right to have their opinion as well, even though I may not agree with them, but only if they are respective of mine.

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do you think?