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Why ask for more?

posted 1/12/2007 8:18:37 AM |
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I have read on here that men are "visual creatures", I can understand that. I have posted 11 beautiful pictures and I still get the losers who ask for more! Do they think I do this for fun? That I own an entire naked portfolio?? Be happy for what you do have damn it....stop being selfish and greedy and what I can't stand the most, is the guys who ask for more pix and they don't have one of their own up or have nothing of the same caliber to exchange.....I'm gonna start charging a quarter a picture, I am gonna set up a portfolio, a personal web site to a myriad of pictures of me and to get to them, you have to send a payment to me thru PayPal.....I'm seriously considering this...... Damn it, I'd be sittin' on a pretty penny by now!!

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Jan 12 @ 8:29AM  
I think you'd make a million in no time as you are gorgeous. I doubt if you have the time to cater to their whims and if you did you shouldn't have to.
Yes men are visual creatures and in truth we are a lot closer to women in thinking than we would like to admit too!

Jan 12 @ 8:32AM  
I've got a paypal account and will gladly pay

Jan 12 @ 8:36AM  
ahhh the selfish perverse mind of some men...hey i've looked n liked all your pix BUT i don't come here to get my rocks off on nude pix either...i like the blogs (good one btw ) and my pals in the sure the're some very tantilizing pix here..and you got a few yourself ......but some men need Raw skin.....and yup pic of their own to share?? sry..from me to you for those DOUCHBAGS you have to deal with ...come play in da' forums...i'll serve ya coffee....

Jan 12 @ 8:42AM  
ynot, would you like to join the cellar? sunshine is going to be the featured attraction.

Jan 12 @ 10:23AM  
Ynots right. You should definitely come to the forums. Everyones really nice. No perverts that Im aware of and its a lot of fun. I know the type of guys your on about though and take it from me they'll never be happy. They'll always want more than your prepared to give. You should tell em all to get lost.

Jan 12 @ 2:01PM  
Hey! Your Right! Do It! PayPal works great for me! I use it formany things!

Jan 12 @ 3:18PM  
Would you like a business partner ?!!!

Jan 12 @ 5:13PM  
actually you aren't that cute so take it with a grain of salt,,,guys are horndogs,,,period

Jan 12 @ 5:18PM  
I am beautiful.....and I know I am!!!
I'd take a look in the mirror before talking next time Mr. Jim!!!
And plenty of others on here disagree with you big time!!!

Jan 12 @ 5:43PM  
hey Sunshine jim9562 is just one more of those low life douchbags Cauhelpme n others write about who don't get laid here so they take out their pent up frustrations on others.....just iggnore him or toss some troll food his way...that will make him happy or atleast shut his fuckin pie hole

Jan 12 @ 5:48PM  
youre very cute and im sure the lil fuckwad is jerkin his little cherkin to your pictures as we blog.....BAHAHAHAHA,.....

Jan 12 @ 8:03PM  
you have 11 beautiful pictures I don't need to see any more I would rather see you in person

Jan 12 @ 9:50PM  
Hey sunshine, doesn't jim9562 look a little like that serial killer: John Watne Gacy?

Jan 12 @ 11:50PM  
Man, the trolls have come out this week. Gotta smash them to nothing! I had two trolls this week already, and it seems to be getting worse. Sunshine79, you're very attractive, and you know that already. What I have learned is that trolls are jealous type people, they don't want to see good people happy and having fun in their blogs and comments on here.

Jan 14 @ 5:59AM  
all i did was express an honest opinion,,,i don't know about you ,,but to me the most attractive thing about a woman is humility,,,,not knowing or thinking you are beautiful is much more of a turn on then thinking that you are,,it's all in the attitude,,,,,walking around thinking you are all that is just not that attractive,,,this is just my opinion,,,,obviously some of the gentlemen on here disagree and have jumped to your defense in the hopes that you will find one of them more attractive,,,,,such an obvious ploy to win favor,,,,,as transparent as glass,,,,,,but ce la vie and i stand by what i said,,,,,,,,sexy,,,is not knowing you are sexy...jmo

Jan 14 @ 12:15PM  
Insecure men are threatened by confidant women.

Jan 14 @ 3:28PM  
Yeah why not everyone else is make some cash

Jan 15 @ 11:00AM  
Insecure men are threatened by confidant women.

i guess you didn't read all i had to say or you just didn't understand it,,,it's not a confidence issue,,,it's a matter of humility,,,being confident is great ,,as long as it doesn't get to the point of arrogance ,,,,, being confident with yourself and how you look is awesome,,,,,climbing to the top of a building and shouting it out so everyone can hear you is not so great,,,,quiet confidence loud obnoxious confidence just my opinion

Jan 26 @ 6:05AM  
Lots of guys (if anthing like me) just like masturbating while looking at womens hot pics (like yours). Its just what a lot of us men do best. If you show some hot stuff, of course we wanna see more. keep up the nice blogs hon.

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