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posted 10/19/2010 1:40:41 PM |
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tagged: pets

Poncho...son of King, my sister's dog. He was an amazing dog from the beginning. Here's why.

King brought home his latest "conquest". She was the oddest looking dog I had ever seen...yes Bruce, I would say probably more odd than your own Deidre. She was this grayish color, with a long snout, she had a dip in her back, almost like a sway back, and her front paws had a look like she may have had Doberman or Rottweiler in her. And she was afraid of people, would run when she saw anyone. After weeks of gentle talking, leaving food out for her, and sitting calmly while she ate...she finally got up the nerve to come a little closer....but yet still out of range of being touched. The crowning achievement to where she finally would trust us and let us pet her....a slice of pizza. Seriously. Dad had ordered some Little Ceasers one night, and my sister's and I were sitting on the front porch and King and "Poochie" (we had to call her something. ) were begging. Of course, King was right there with his chin on my knee..and Poochie was close, but, like I said...not too close. Well, I got this bright idea. I tossed King his piece...and noticed Poochie come a couple of steps closer...anticipating her share. I told King "stay", and I extended a piece of pizza towards Poochie. She looked a little "baffled" cause I usually would toss her "treats" to her...but this time, I held firm. It had been a couple of weeks now, I figured she should know that no one was going to hurt her. Not only that...but we had noticed she had a choker collar on her that was puppy size..and we could tell it was extremely tight on her neck and wanted to get it off of her. So...after a "stand off" of a couple of minutes....Poochie cautiously approached, sniffed her pizza, and gently took it out of my hand. We did this for a few days where I would hand her her food/treats...and eventually, she got to where she would let us pet her. My youngest sister was the one who finally got that collar off of her...and that dog was HAPPY to have it off! She rolled on the grass, ran around, and she amazed us all when she jumped on my sister and washed her face with smooches! After that....we couldn't get that dog to leave us alone...she was loving the hugs, petting, and smooches back.

Well, of course after a while, we noticed she was pregnant..and yeah, Dad wasn't too happy. We still had the dog house I had gotten for King, who, btw, refused to be an outdoor dog and won. But Poochie made herself right at home with that dog house. She didn't want to be indoors, so we let her have the dog house. About this time, I remember Saginaw enacting a strict leash we had bought a properly fitted collar for Poochie and chained her to the dog house. She didn't mind it at all. She knew when we were outside we would let her off it and let her hang with us. She was actually a very well behaved dog. The day came when I was walking out to the car to get it started for work, and I heard the all too familiar sound of puppies. This was Poochies first I wasn't too sure how she would react to anyone approaching her puppies....but I soon found out she was fine with it...she saw me, and I could hear her tail thumping in the dog house and she "smiled". So I approached calmly, and she let me look inside. She had 12 puppies in the coop with her. Some looked like German Shepherds, some had a Husky look to them, and one in particular had Doberman markings, and was tiny, the runt. And since this was in the Fall...Dad decided Poochie and pups needed to come he set up an area for her in the utility room. At first Poochie would not come Dad brought the puppies in...and after a few minutes of them crying for their mamma, Poochie came in. That was the closest that dog ever came to coming indoors. She would nurse her pups, and demand to be let outside long enough to take care of business...have a romp, and then demand to be back in with her litter. During one of her romps, Dad noticed the runt seemed sickly, had that green gunk in the eyes, and could hear a little wheezing when he was breathing. So, he would keep an eye on this pup, and we noticed that Poochie would encourage the pup to feed, she would paw at him to bring him close enough to find a teat. I remember when their little eyes opened for the first was so cute! But, then again, aren't all puppies cute! Then they got use of their legs, and started getting curious about their surroundings.


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Oct 19 @ 1:57PM  
And, eventually, Poochie started the process of weaning....except for the runt...she always took care of him. About this time, Dad noticed that the runt, while his mamma was taking care of him...he still seemed wheezy, and, my one sister, had been "complaining" that she wanted a dog of her own since I had King, and our youngest sister had her own dog. Dad got an idea...he told my sister that since the puppies had to go in the paper...and he knew no one would take the runt, he made a deal with her. She nurses it, gets him healthy..and she can keep him. And that is how Poncho came into the family.

My sister poured a lot of love into Poncho. That sickly little runt got better, and became what I call a "roly poly" puppy. And he had the little "mask" that gave him such a devilish look...and yes, he was a trouble maker! He LOVED to play! Loved his toys, his frisbee being his favorite. And like I would with King, my sister would take Poncho everywhere with her, and take walks with him out in the fields where she could let him run and explore. For a tiny, sickly, runt, Poncho grew up to be bigger than King. That is what love can do for a dog. I remember when Poncho was just 4 months old, he had followed me when I went to our neighbors house (the ones I got King from) and he did pretty good. Then he followed me back home, and about 6, maybe 7, yards away from my parents yard, he sat his little butt down in the middle of the road and CRIED because he didn't want to walk the rest of the way. Yes, I picked him up, and I was laughing about it. It was just too cute.

Poncho became known as the "hellion"....he loved to play rough. There was one time Mom was sitting on her bed, reading one of her many romance novels, and Poncho hopped on the bed with one of his toys. He wanted Mom to throw it for him, she wanted to read. She hid his toy under a pillow, so Poncho figured it was wrestling time. My sister and I heard the commotion, and were on our way to "bail" Mom out..and when we came into the room, there was Poncho, at the foot of the bed, looking at us with his head tilted, and Mom looking just a tad ticked off.. ..ok, she was downright pissed at this time! She told my sister, "take this HELLION out of here!!!!"...and Poncho swung around to look at her, and she said, "oh no..please don't" and Poncho went into the playful puppy stance, where they put their but up in the air before they pounce...and yep, he started playing again. My sister grabbed her playful pooch and took him outside so he could run off some of that energy.

Poncho LOVED Christmas because my sister always got him one or two presents to open. Christmas mornings with Poncho were fun. He stayed out of the gifts and waited for his to be either handed to him or thrown to him, and then he would have a blast tearing them open and he would toss them in the air to catch them. Then he would literally prance around the house with one of his new toys in his mouth, showing it off. Poncho also loved romping around the yard in the spring and summer. I remember being in the house studying for an exam..and all was quiet. King was on the couch by me sleeping, Raggs was on top of the tv sleeping, (she fell off once which had me laughing...and she twitched her tail at me equivalent of a person giving the finger ), and I heard my sister start screaming Poncho's name.


Oct 19 @ 2:08PM  
I went outside to see what was going on....and my sister was dragging Poncho back to the yard from the field which was close to the highway. I thought he had gotten too close to the highway and she had freaked out. Nope...wasn't that. What had happened was Poncho was running around in the yard, when suddenly he stopped, put his nose in the air and started to follow a scent. Turned out it was this guy walking up the highway whose scent Poncho had picked up. I didn't see the guy..but my sister said he was a rather large fellow. And, Poncho shot off across the field towards the guy. With my sister right behind him screaming, calling her dog. That had to have been a site to see. Apparently, the guy turned around, saw the dog and my sister chasing the dog, then turned back around to continue his walk. And, Poncho ran up behind him, and nipped him in the ass. My sister grabbed her dog, apologized, and dragged him home. All he got was hollered sister never struck Poncho. Besides, being yelled at worked on him...he didn't like it when she was mad at him. He would pout..then kind of slink up to her, his way of "apologizing" to her was to put his chin on her knee and give her the sad puppy eyes. Worked on her every time.

She had Poncho for about 16 years. Towards the end, his front legs "locked" up...couldn't bend them for he was dependent on my sister and other family members to get him outside so he could do his thing. It took my sister a few weeks to realize the dog was suffering. Poor Poncho...he would bark when he needed to be rolled over, or needed food or water, or to be taken outside. She finally faced up to the fact that she had to let him go. She was devastated. She took it hard. But, she finally realized that in keeping Poncho alive because she wasn't ready to let go was hurting him...and she did what was right for Poncho. She now has 2 dogs, Tara (Sasha's mamma) and Ben, (Sasha's brother).....and Ben is a whole different story.

Oct 19 @ 2:15PM is a kudo for you and all your pups, your sisters pups, your Mom and Dad's pups, and their relatives of the pups that you and your family have or had in the past! They are the luckiest bunch of pups that ever lived because you have and your family has a great way of loving all the pups!

Oct 19 @ 4:47PM  
Loved the story, Dawn


Oct 19 @ 7:21PM  
This was a great story!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! I love reading about your granimals!!

Oct 20 @ 12:10AM  
Kudos! As usual...another great story.
I really love your doggie stories Sugar. And just think..if they weren't such'd have nothing fun and furry to write about.

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