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His cock is to big...

posted 10/17/2010 7:31:40 PM |
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Decided to go toy shopping today. Went to the Castle Superstore I wanted to get a we vibe. Sadly they were out of them.
So Rob and I walk around browsing when I say I wanna find a big ol dildo that makes his cock look small. This is a very big store with alot of adult toys. After taking two laps around I decided that Rob is just to darn big. not that I am complaining but here we are in a giant toy store and I couldnt find one dildo that looked really bigger than him. A few were slightly larger but nothing that was impressive and worth spending money on.
I know my man is very well endowed but I didnt think a toy store wouldnt carry something larger. Guess I am really spoiled after all
Just curious ladies in your experience is 9" really that rare?
Now to the internet to find a giant dlido

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His cock is to big...
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Oct 17 @ 7:46PM  
Ohh Hell... piece of cake- all ya gotta do is find the nearest deli for one those different sized plastic vacuum packed sausages! Problem solved!!!


Oct 17 @ 7:54PM  
Yah, I would say 9" is kind of rare. Iit really is girth and shape of the mushroom head that matters more than how far a guy can bang against your cervix.

The inflatable dildos are kinda fun. I bought a Large and and XL and frankly the large is too big to consider. I gave the XL away to a friend... LOL.

They are also not as pricey as the solid rubber ones...

where I got my inflatable dildos

Oct 17 @ 8:26PM  
not meaning any disrespect or anything, cos peeps here hopefully know me better than that, but it always left me wondering if women wanted/needed huge cocks, doesn't that say something about the size of them.

* runs off and hides behind ynot before they start throwing missiles ....

Oct 17 @ 10:56PM  
See... that is why guys my size come in handy.... easier to find a dildo that is way bigger...

Oct 17 @ 11:32PM  
Just curious ladies in your experience is 9" really that rare?

Not among Native American men.

Oct 17 @ 11:45PM  
Not among men I've dated/ married/ lived he the first big one you've been with?? Just curious!???

Oct 17 @ 11:47PM  
@ LBS....ya think she never got a good size one b4 this ???

*sits n waits to see how this develops*

now..what was the question??? 9'' rare??? umm ...*looks in his pants* ..guess depends WHERE you're looking ..

Oct 18 @ 1:48AM  
...when ya have the real thing..why???????????? would ya be looking for another option?

Oct 18 @ 2:12AM  
...ok...I get it...ya want 2 holes to be filled at the same time!...I like big cock cause there is more to paly with...ever tried blowing or jacking a teenie weenie?why bother. I could pick my teeth with one though!

Oct 18 @ 2:20AM  
bunny and ynot

Yes it was to fill both holes...I dont care how talented a guy is he dont have two

Oct 18 @ 2:43AM took me a minute to figure out why you were shoppin!...boy do I need a vacation from not getting laid..... is causing some serious brain fats..but unfortunarely...I love the larger cock...and the one I had died..and I aint talkin about my dildo...

Oct 18 @ 7:16AM  
our ole mate Revlove Doc always used to tell us ; I like a lady with small hands cos they make my cock look big

Oct 18 @ 3:32PM just crack me up....

Well ya'll know my luck....bad enough that I always got small to average but then they were so accustom to doing the job themselves that they couldn't keep it hard without using their hand while sticking it in...then their hand is in the way..

I have one guy...still pops in a couple times a year and OMG!!! Nine inches 'n thick! Once he quit drinkin' whiskey during the evening, then he could get that baby standin' tall. He'd bend me over the back of the couch and my heart would be racing with fear.

Yep, fear. I'm so tight and even with baby oil I had to trust him to be slow and easy. But after the initial pain of stretching I loved his riding me hard, hard, hard! And a couple of slaps on my ass just topped it off,

See....I still remember some things when they're worth remembering...

Now, as for size.....TASSIE...listen up. I am tight and average dicks work just fine... but...for me...I like 'em big...9 inches is the max though...prefer 7-8. I could be wrong but I think most women's errogenous zone is just inside their vagina and it's not the DEPTH that a big cock can reach but the maximum STROKING of that errogenous spot and of course thickness just adds to the pleasure.

Yes, some women have big, sloppy pussys just as some men have 3 inch dicks.

As for having a dick in my ass? Let's just t'wouldn't be a safe thing for a guy to do if he cherishes his health...that is an exit only! I would not hesitate to deck a guy that did that...even if he says "OOPS".

Oct 18 @ 3:45PM  
...all I know is when a guy with a teenie weenie is stroking it in me...he can't stay in. My entrance is tight, and so is my canal.... I have always been that way. The larger cock can fuck me hard and fast and not keep poppin out when the motion gets fast. It is unfortunate, but I still love the larger cock....but hey..everyone has their own preference

Oct 18 @ 5:08PM  
But after the initial pain of stretching I loved his riding me hard, hard, hard! And a couple of slaps on my ass just topped it off
thats what I am talking about...hurts sooo good

Oct 18 @ 5:10PM  
he can't stay in. My entrance is tight
I have a simular problem. My muscles down there are very strong and I can push out a average guy without trying. Heck a good cough or sneeze and Rob gets shot out

Oct 18 @ 6:48PM  
Now this is a fun blog!!!

I must say I too am one for bigger cock.....I'm tight going in too and I love feelin every thick inch of my man!

I met a guy a while back who had a little pecker and as sorry as I am to say-it was a HUGE disappointment. Just like Bunny was sayin.....he can't stay in......On the flip side....never had one that was TOO big.....hmmm.....

So...everyone has their preference...and their favorite "types" and I just have to say....

Oct 18 @ 8:05PM  
Lot of women like big dick, some like to be fucked hard and want it all the way in. It's amazing how much they can take, a pussy so tight it can squeeze a little finger and then take a long thick cock.

Oct 18 @ 8:54PM  
never had one that was TOO big.....hmmm.....
only seen one that scared me...I was 18 and it was bigger than my arm

Oct 19 @ 12:23AM  
They all scare me.... I run from them....

Oct 19 @ 1:28AM  
...yo longhorn...a woman can pop a baby out of a puss...why couldn't she take nine or ten inches....

Oct 15 @ 8:31PM  
wow I guess I am really lucky cause my man is way over 9" and my orgasms are so huge I almost have blackouts and have three or four more when he is done as i just lay there. and then i simmer all night. not to mention he lasts way longer than a small one. and we went to the lions den adult super store and they have dildos up to 18" long and upto 12" around if you really wanna damage your holes i stayed with what i am finally getting used to

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His cock is to big...