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Traveling and Moving with Blackie!

posted 10/17/2010 3:08:19 PM |
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tagged: pets

What an experience this is!
We left home at 6am......I had talked to the vet about our trip earlier in the week...and she suggested some I gottem and gave Blackie one when we started....,which Helped out big time!.....
He had the whole back seat to lay down on.....and the meds helped him sleep that was cool.
The only problem was...whenever I stopped...he would get in the front seat....and rearrange everything that was in the passenger seat... Have you ever tried to move a groggy big doggie? OMG that should have been on the funniest videos! 4 plus times! lmao!
But all in all he did great....he never got sick.....and wasn't a pain...He was a good Boy! I'm so proud of him....!
For anyone that don't know blackie...hes a doberman/lab mix!! Hes a tall boy....If he is standing in the back seat of my truck.....I can't see out of the back window.... We went for a ride this am....with out meds...and he did great...except for standing most of the time..., but that was No Problem., and he did not get sick!
Living somewhere different is big for both of us...but I'm sure its harder on Him than it is me!
Ya see...He is a Guard Dog! By Nature!
Living in a Hotel....we have other ppl in the Building...that close doors, talk,walk and some others have Pets also.......
So Yeah this will take some getting use too, for him.
I really feel for him..., I thought my Life was changing....but this is a whole new world for him. He will adjust.....hell he already is!
Gotta love a good/smart Dog!
Have you ever stayed in a Hotel with a Pet before?
How was the experience?
What was the biggest problem with moving with your Pet?
Sorry for the typo's....I'm still getting use to this touch pad! lmfao!

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Oct 17 @ 3:26PM  
hmmmmm....puppies in the motel...they let dogs stay where I work, (I work at a Hotel) but they have to be under 2o or 25 lbs...but I have seen some chunky munkeys prancin around through the lobby that look more like 40 lbs! Also, there is a man with a seeing eye dog that is a lab and he is at least 65lbs or more...but he is there for a reason.
anywhoooo...when I was married and Fiona was alive (my first little long haired doxie) we would take her everywhere. Now my rott Pidge was a bit more challenging, and I always got her the relaxing meds you are talking about.
Hugs to you and your pup! I am excited for you and your new adventure sounds like it has gotten off to a great start!

Oct 17 @ 3:27PM  
Almost every time I moved it was with pets. Let's just say they make the experience interesting. I remember my daughter's 10 hamsters getting loose on moving day one time. A mama and all her babies. We had to put out little containers of hamster food and round them up when they came to get the food. Then there was moving Snake. Yes I had a python named Snake. He was about 6ft long and scared the crap out of the movers when he let himself out of his cage. Have never seen grown men move that fast in my life. Then there was Pee Wee aka Satan, Demon Spawn, Lucifer my Maine Coon cat who decided he did not want to move and stood in the door snarling at anyone who tried to take out a piece of furniture. Then it came time to put him in his carrier but was not having any of that and rode to the new house perched on my shoulder letting everyone know he was not a happy cat right then. Then there was my little dog Misty who thought she was running the move one time. Every time they sat something down she would have to walk around and inspect the item and bark at everyone. Then there was the cat Mary who liked to hunt. She wanted to bring her fresh kill (a squirrel) along with her so we had to wait for her to finish it because she was not leaving it behind. If I moved now I would have to move 7 aquariums and about 40 fish as well.

Glad your move with Blackie went well. Good luck in the new job.

Oct 17 @ 4:25PM  
Wishing you and Blackie the best of luck

Oct 17 @ 5:47PM  
I moved from Mobile, AL to Jackson, MI in the late 80s and had my Golden Retriever with me! I never had a problem with her on the road! She sat in HER seat (passenger) and would curl up and lay down in it when tired! That was her first long trip! She used to duck when going under an overpass until she realized they weren't going to hit her!

If she needed to take a leak, she would stare at me, until I pulled off the road to let her out! And she wouldn't get out of the driver's side- oh no, no , no.... it was out the passenger side or not at all! Apparently, she understood she might get hit going out the driver's side- never mind the fact, I was standing there!

She was just an excellent travel buddy- no drugs needed and yes, I parked in front of the hotel room, opened the door and quickly let her in the room- knowing she wasn't going to bark and give it away! I would feed her a little later, then walk her out late at night to empty her tanks, then back in for the night!


Oct 17 @ 6:15PM  
All 5 of my dogs LOVE a ride in the van. Spoiled brats. Sounds like Blackie is going to be just fine. I wouldn't even dream of staying at a hotel with my pack....omg! They bark at the smallest noises here at the house! If I had them at a hotel, I think the front desk would charge me for every guest they lose. (which is why I will never stay at a hotel with my dogs! )

And yes, I have moved with pets. When I moved in with Mick, I had King, Apache, and my bird, Kitana. King loved car rides, Apache could care less, and Kitana...he loves car rides too....although him knowing how to do that flirty, wolf whistle, can be a little embarrassing at the gas station. Damned bird did that whistle when I was putting gas in my car and the guy on the other pump thought it was me . He laughed when he heard it come from inside the car and realized it was a bird. Oh yeah, Kitana can also whistle "Pop Goes The Weasel"....(thanks Mom!!).

But, other than a flirty bird, I haven't had much problems when moving with my pets.

Oct 17 @ 7:12PM  
I show dogs so all my pups are very used to traveling. Though 2 of my 4 dogs dont really like it they just tolerate it.
My old man Parker the 11 yr old whippet loves to travel but hates moving. He knows what packing boxes means and throws a temper tantrum every time. All the sudden he doesnt listen anymore and it lasts till a few days after the move.
Hotels and dogs is always fun. My friend and I took 13 dogs to a Motel 6. One of the few places that would allow that The worst part was they all wanted to sleep in my bed. There is nowhere near enough room on a full size bed for that.

Oct 17 @ 9:24PM're certainly having an interesting adventure aren't you Mr. Toadman?

I've traveled with a dog (Brittany Spaniel) I know how to handle this type of situation. I was extremely lucky though...because my little lady was a real trooper...and did fine as long as she was allowed to ride shotgun.

I hope you and Blackie continue to have a fun adventures.

Oct 17 @ 11:08PM  
Stopping by just to wish you and Blackie the best of luck to your new surroundings.. .

Oct 18 @ 5:40AM  
Thanks for the comments...It off to work I go!!!!!!!

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Traveling and Moving with Blackie!